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About Office 365

Office 365 is a cloud collaboration service that affords a special and safe location to save, share and edit files and documents. It also helps to relate dispersed teams using shared calendars, messaging and conferencing tools. It enhances your label experience using branded emails and online websites. The business class email afforded by Office 365 provides for 50 GB of storage per user and the ability to transmit message of up to 25 MB. This allows you to send images in an email and to employ custom formatting.

You can modify your inbox controls and notifications, and edit your calendar and to-do list, to further prioritize your tasks. Talk with collaborators more efficiently with online availability statuses to prompt online chat, instant messaging tools and one.to-one, or one.to-many Voice and video calling. Office 365 affords collaboration and data sharing tools for both interior and outer purposes.

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Plans & Pricing

Office 365 Business Essentials

for 1 Month / 1 user(s)


  • Full installed Office applications 1PC or Mac
  • Tablets and phones 1 tablets and 1 phones
  • Online versions of Office
  • Offline storage
  • Online storage 1 TB each for up to 1 users
  • Skype 60 minutes/month for 1 users each

Office 365 Business

for 1 Month / 1 user(s)


  • Email not included
  • 1 TB file storage and sharing
  • Full, installed Office on PC/Mac
  • Office apps on tablets and phones

Office 365 Business Premium

for 1 Month / 1 user(s)


  • Email with 50 GB mailbox
  • 1 TB file storage and sharing
  • HD video conferencing
  • Full, installed Office on PC/Mac
  • Office apps on tablets and phones

Office 365 Business Essentials

for 1 Year / 1 user(s)


  • Full installed Office applications 1PC or Mac
  • Tablets and phones 1 tablets and 1 phones
  • Online versions of Office
  • Offline storage
  • Online storage 1 TB each for up to 1 users
  • Skype 60 minutes/month for 1 users each

Office 365 Business

for 1 Year / 1 user(s)


  • Email not included
  • 1 TB file storage and sharing
  • Full, installed Office on PC/Mac
  • Office apps on tablets and phones

Office 365 Business Premium

for 1 Year / 1 user(s)


  • Email with 50 GB mailbox
  • 1 TB file storage and sharing
  • HD video conferencing
  • Full, installed Office on PC/Mac
  • Office apps on tablets and phones

How to Get Your Office 365 Free Trial

With the launch of the brand new Office 365 for business, Microsoft has added some neat features to improve the overall customer experience and to help them get the most of their packages. Across all three plans, these features include HD video conferencing, Office apps for mobile devices, online versions of Office, increased email capacity, a corporate social network to help employees work together from various departments and locations, enhanced data security, and much more. The Office 365 free trials offered for the Business and the Business Premium plans will come in handy to test drive either software package and see how powerful they can be.

Additionally, Office 365 has been designed with cloud-based storage in mind to maximize team collaborations and document management. Sign up for the free trial as soon as possible to get access to a goldmine of options for professionals.

As I am sure you already know, office 365 comes with 3 plans ranging from $5/ user per month to $12.50 / user per month. 

Office 365 Pricing  

You have to pay attention to find the Office 365 free trial call to action, scroll down the pricing page until you find the free trial buttons. The free trials are only available for 2 versions: Office 365 Business and Office 365 Business Premium.  The trial version lasts for 30 days which will give you plenty of time to evaluate the solution.  Free trials for Office 365 Business and Office 365 Business Premium   Select the plan you wish to try, you now have to fill in a 3 steps form. Be careful to select the right country in step 1 as it can not be changed after registration. You will have to create a new account if you do want to change it later. During registration you do not need to enter your credit card. 

Step 1

Office 365 Free Trial Step 1 registration  

Step 2

Office 365 Free Trial Registration step 2  

Step 3

This last step requires a confirmation to prove you are not a Robot. A text is sent to your phone and you have to enter it to activate the account. Office 365 Free Trial last step registration   Enter your activation code and select the type of notification you wish Microsoft to send you.  Office 365 Free Trial Registration Confirmation   Be careful to save your information as you will need it to access your portal. Office 365 Account Information You can now start using the platform for 30 days before you have to proceed with the first payment. Office 365 Portal Dashboard    There you have it! The process to get the Office 365 free trial is pretty straight forward and fast. We've done it. We've tried it. We've loved it. 

Office 365 Review by Cloudswave

Office 365 is a step taken by Microsoft combining all their basic and enterprise products into a single cloud-based solution. Microsoft has not only integrated its usual office suite but also added applications like Exchange Server for email, Sharepoint for social networking and collaboration, Lync for communication, VoIP, and video conferencing and also Yammer an Enterprise social network.

There are a few variations of the service depending on the end use namely Personal, Enterprise, Small Business and Education all with different prices and features tailor-made for the segment.

Microsoft has learned from its mistakes and recognized that most users aren’t willing to give up things with which they are already comfortable. Office 365 has done just that, keeping all your favorites things the same your applications are now clouded and they now seamlessly connect and communicate with each other.

Office 365 Review 1

Here’s the new rich look of Office 365, with an elegant and crisp design.  It shows you all the information you would expect to have right on your start screen,  just log into your office 365 account and it gets auto customized just as the way you left it at your last device.

Once you log in, it shows your recent used files, your favorite templates, and it even remembers the graphic you chose. Therefore, it doesn’t matter where and when you sign in; whether in your office or at home, you get the feeling as if you were using your personal device, and you can use the customization you love.

Another feature that we have been waiting for is the default save on OneDrive rather than on a local disk, so it makes collaboration easier.

Office 365 Review 2

What’s new for email users in Office 365? Apart from the new refreshing design, a few other helpful features have been added.

  1.    Whenever you attach a document, it also gives you the option to upload it on OneDrive so everyone can edit and view the same attachment.
  2.    Office 365 sync your emails, calendars and contact information across all devices in real time.
  3.    Shared calendars can help you tell when other people in your team buy or free, making scheduling hassle free.
  4.    If you have confidential and valuable information on email now, you can wipe it remotely from another device to prevent unauthorized access.
  5.    It allows you to send emails up to 150 MB
  6.    In some plans, there are inbuilt archiving functions for legal discovery and compliance and the eDiscovery tool to analyze data for businesses.
  7.    Inbuilt Anti-malware and Anti–spam protection.
  8.    Controlling all aspects such as setting up new user emails, restore deleted accounts and creating custom scripts from the admin center is very easy.
Onedrive integration is one of the leading features of Office 365. It offers a whole horde of benefits. On subscribing for Office 365, you get 1 TB of cloud storage on OneDrive, although Microsoft has promised that unlimited Onedrive storage will be available to all Office 365 users soon. Onedrive also allows you to store files locally, so it is no more a problem to lose internet connection. You have your copies on your local disk, and whenever you come into an internet zone, it automatically syncs all your updates with OneDrive. Office 365 Review 3

Word Online

With Word online you can access your documents from anywhere and anytime, be it your mobile app, laptop or Tablet. Besides, you can open and edit any Office document directly through your mail, One Drive or your local disk. Hence, once you open a document using Word Online, it gives you option that whether you want to edit it online or in your desktop application. When using Word in online mode multiple persons can work simultaneously on the same document at the same time and you can see what he/she is updating on a real-time basis, making it a very useful collaborating tool.

Office 365 Review 4 Office 365 Review 5

Another new feature is the “tell me what you want to do” feature. In fact, when you type anything that you plan to do, it provides you with recommendations. For example, I want to insert a table, so when you type table in that text box, it starts popping out suggestions related to the word you just typed. It makes life a lot easier for word dummies and completely eradicates the act of using Google and searching across multiple links to find the right answer.

Moreover, since the editing and all the functionalities are online, you don’t have to worry about losing your data. In fact, it is updated every single moment you make changes to your document.

Furthermore, since it is based on SaaS (Software as a Service) model, whenever any feature is updated, you get your hands on it immediately. Therefore, it is the fastest possible way to be updated with the technology. Online reduces some burden from you PC as all the processing is done at the end of Microsoft Servers.

Office 365 Review 6

Additionally, there is a mobile based application available for the Office 365, which is again robust and well designed. It has all the basic functionalities and is designed to make scrolling through the document easier and fluent. One feature I especially like about the app is that you can quickly resize the image and the text around it automatically adjusts to it.

The modern workplace is centered on sharing information and collaboration between ad hoc groups and different teams. The tools used to collaborate are different in each application – In Outlook we have distribution groups, Lync has buddy lists and Team Sites in Sharepoint. The new Groups feature in Office 365 binds all these applications together. Now you can link together your Yammer group with your SharePoint Team site while communicating with a group in Outlook, thus revolutionizing the way we think about collaboration.

Office 365 Review 7

Email handling is the need of the hour. If your work involves constant communication via email, it’s most likely you have multiple folders in your inbox and so many rules. Consequently, keeping track of all of them is a big hassle. Office 365 presents a tool named clutter that redefines the way we think of our inboxes. It automatically learns how to de-clutter by moving lower priority messages into a cluttered folder. It detects each time you act on a message and gets smarter each time. It assesses the content of your messages and even how you are addressed in the message. Thus, as you use the application, it gets smarter about your preferences and applies them to your experience. These preferences are not shared with anyone else.    

Skype Integration is another highlight of Office 365. You can Skype chat with your co-workers in the same window as you are editing your document. Combined with real-time multiple user editing it’s a real treat for the virtual workspace. You can also get Skype calls to any Mobile or landline for 60 Minutes/Month.

One note Integration automatically sync all your to-do lists and reminders with the calendar application.

Office 365 also offers integration with some new applications like Sway, a new presentation tool designed by Microsoft. Bing is now integrated with Sway, and it automatically search for images on the web based on your typed words.

Office 365 Review 8

Office 365 also includes the new Power BI suite, which is full of business intelligence and self-serve data mining tools. Primarily incorporated into Excel, it can perform tasks like geovisualization and Bing Maps data. You can also publish and access reports and do natural language query tasks on data.

The latest new Excel tool Power Maps is also available in Office 365. Power Maps allows you to transform data into images and map them on a floor plan or any other image format. Powerful BI tools combined with collaborative tools make Office 365 remarkably useful in the workplace.

Office 365 Review 9

In addition to having features for the user, Office 365 offers some very intuitive administrator functions making it easy for IT admins to perform regular tasks. 365 has a comprehensive administrator panel, which arranges all the functions in a simplistic manner.

Office 365 Review 10

An administrator can also set a customized active sync device policy, it also allows the administrator to restrict or allow sync to mobile devices in case of confidential information, which cannot be allowed outside the organization.

Office 365 Review 11

Sharing a document has never been easier than Office 365. As soon as you save a document, you have multiple sharing options wherein you can share via Sharepoint, email or pdf by a single click.

Two words that describe Office 365 are integration and compatibility. Microsoft has done a good job considering the complexity and no of functions they have tried to incorporate seamlessly into a single bundle. The support for Office 365 has deteriorated over time although it is adequate at the moment and not bad.

Optimum use of tools such as SharePoint and OneNote and marred by the lack of users using these applications. Almost everyone I know is entirely comfortable with Google Drive and Evernote and are reluctant to move to SharePoint and OneNote. Thus, having no collaborators reduces the utility of these collaborative tools.

However, there are a few compatibility issues with One drive, which requires you to use two separate accounts to sign into Windows 8 and Office 365, almost as if Windows and Onedrive come from one company and Office 365 from another.

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  • Office 365 gets you the best productivity software available today, including full installations of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and more, for up to five Windows and Mac desktops. You also get a slew of mobile apps, 1TB of online storage, and real-time collaboration.

    Pros :

    Cons :

  • Office 365 is a simple and cost-effective way to get access to new features in desktop Office 2013, but Microsoft still has to prove it can offer meaningful improvements on a regular basis. Smaller companies will appreciate its reliability and interface, but there are powerful options for larger ones too.

    Pros :

    Cons :

  • Still the best productivity suite on the market - the ability to access your documents on any PC directly through the cloud is going to be a necessity for most users.

    Pros :

    Cons :

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User Reviews

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  • User review from

    Patricio Santirso

    Office 365 is a very good suite for Microsoft. The challenge over this tool is to make organizations understand that they sharing methods and collaboration has changed. It is not necessary to send emails with attachments anymore. Office365 gives you the necessary tools to make that collaboration to happen in real-time and with your files safe. Office365 has different licensing packages, depending on if you are an individual, a school or a company. I worked on Office365 migration in one of my working experiences, and the migration was very successful.

    User administration interface is pretty simple, you can handle all your licenses and users, groups and privileges in a single interface. This allows your company to save a lot of resources for doing something that used to be complex. You don't need a very skilled resource to do user administration.

    With Office365 you don't need to have Office client installed in your PC, you can access all the apps via web. In our company, for example, we had a lot of sales force users that were using web-based license (K1), they didn't need to install Office 2010 or Office 2013 on their PCs, they just used the web-based version that is very friendly and includes almost all the same options as the app. It is very important to have a good analysis of licenses that you need, you might not need to have all E (enterprise) licenses, some Kiosk licenses can reduce your costs.

    I strongly recommend you move to Office365, and don't hesitate to contact me if your organization has any question or concern. The good point of using O365 is that you are always protected by Microsoft parachute. You will always have Microsoft Representatives available to resolve any issue you have on a pretty fast fashion.

    The subscription for Office365 provisions a site for your organization. It works like an intranet, you can add subsites with specific privileges.

    Pros :

    • Collaboration.
    • Integration.

    Cons :

    • Change on users mindset has to be done by your organization.

    • September 5, 2016
  • User review from

    Steve Blackwell

    Our small business was recently looking to move away from our website provider's basic email solution and to a full-fledged corporate email provider. The competition of the major players is pretty small, it's ultimately Microsoft vs. Google if you want something that plays nicely across all OS's, devices and applications, and is packed with useful features to supplement email; like calendaring and some online storage (among many, many others). In our comparison of the two providers in early 2016, Microsoft's Office 365 Business Essentials came out as the winner. For only marginally less per month (in $CAD) than Google Apps for Business was, the Microsoft solution offered us a substantial amount of more email storage space, as well as a dedicated terabyte per-user of document storage via OneDrive. As a small business, Microsoft Office 365 simply gave us more "bang for buck" in all the areas that were most relevant to us.

    Setup was very easy, and the wizard-based approach made it really fast for us to configure the essential features, migrate all of our old email and folders from our old provider (something I was worried about doing, as we had accumulated a lot of email on the old provider and didn't want a difficult migration process), and then it guided us through DNS reconfiguration to wrap things up. For a handful of accounts, we were migrated and up and running in less than an hour! On the administrative side, Office 365 offers all the customization and security controls our organization needs, right down to being able to custom brand/custom color the skin of the interface to help our employees feel more at home.andnbsp;

    On the user side, the cloud/web, desktop, and mobile applications allow our users to easily use all the included features on the device that's most comfortable and familiar to them. We have a mix of users on different platforms and devices, and so far Office 365 has been two thumbs up from all of them!andnbsp;

    Pros :

    • Very easy setup, even for non-technical users!
    • Easy and effortless migration of email (including all email folders) from old email provider.
    • Feature packed administration panel, offering lots of customization.
    • Easy to use and customizable user interface.
    • Excellent feature set.
    • Storage (both email, and the separate OneDrive storage) seemed to be better than all the competition we compared it against.
    • Web, mobile, and desktop applications.

    Cons :

    • The OneDrive application doesn't seem to support multiple accounts. I'd like to have synced OneDrives on my computer from each of the two companies I work for, but it will only sync one, and I have to use the web portal for the other.
    • I feel like the web based meeting scheduler leaves a little to be desired compared to the old Exchange web-based meeting scheduler.
    • Trying to install Skype for Business wanted to uninstall my older Office 2013 that had been previously purchased. I don't feel Skype should be able to make the decision that Office 2013 needs to be removed from my computer! Ended up with not being able to use Skype for Business and had to install the older Lync instead.

    • June 7, 2016
  • User review from

    Laura Palumbo

    Office 365 is a service by Microsoft for creating and sharing documents, very similar to Google Docs. If you're a fresh user, you can register with a trial period of thirty days, after which, if you like the product, you can buy different packages depending on your use, with a monthly price. In the service, they include Outlook, calendar, address book, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and other classics. In addition, you have available storage space on OneDrive (you have 1 TB!), and a certain number of minutes on Skype, which I think it is about 60 minutes. The best part I like is, of course, being able to use the products even offline: this is very convenient for those people who travel a lot and do not always have the Wi-Fi line.

    Pros :

    • You don't have to download anything on your laptop or tablet or any other device, which I think it's awesome for that.
    • You have all basic Office tools.
    • All the products have a very easy interface, so if you are a new user, don't worry about that, you will be able to understand it instantly.
    • The price is very competitive. With a personal account, you pay only 7€ per month, but you can also choose different accounts, for example for your family. Obviously, if you pay for a whole year, you will save further money. Don't worry about the version: you will have the newest version of Office, of course.
    • Being cloud-based, you have all of your documents in one place, so you can have access to them from all of your devices.

    Cons :

    • I honestly don't think there are a lot of Cons for Office 365. Maybe, the only thing I can think of, is that the interface is not so much responsive. They could improve from this point of view. andnbsp;

    • June 2, 2016
  • User review from

    Steven Lewis

    Overall very happy with our subscription to Office 365. It keeps us updated with the most current Office software. They have plans for personal and any size business. We have the small business plan and it allows us to have custom emails that allow us to use our company name vs. @msn or @ outlook. For us, this is nice because it brings a sense of professionalism and validity to your company.andnbsp;

    Pros :

    • We use this on our Macs and iPads, and Phones. You are allowed plenty of downloads per user to cover their computer, mobile device and laptop or tablet. They have PC and Mac versions.
    • Using outlook company wide makes it nice to view, share and ad to peoples calendars. Outlook is a great email program for us. It allows us to manage multiple emails in one dashboard, view multiple calendars, send calendar invite and changes seamlessly.
    • What's really nice about Office 365 is that you get updates all the time and never have to worry about not having the latest version Office, Outlook and Skype for business.
    • It's great to have subscription service to keep your software up to date. And if you ever have to reinstall due to a computer malfunction you can just go in and deactivate that download and reload, no more trying to find the product key, hoping you saved that card, or locating the CD.

    Cons :

    • They recently updated all their plans and we were migrated to a new plan which is fine, but the old plan continues to send me emails telling me I need to renew.
    • Even after contacting support it still does this. Support advised us it would just drop off over time, which Im fine with, but it just gets annoying to get an email saying we are out of date when we are not.andnbsp;

    • April 27, 2016
  • anonymous


    After using Office 365, which basically is the new hot thing as you can use its Microsoft product suite from anywhere.

    The main difference here is this is a subscription base service. There are different price points where you can pay for Office 365 home which is $9.99 month or $99 per year. Also, there is 365 personal $6.99 month or $69 per year. Lastly, there is 365 University, which is a 4-year subscription. All of these plans allow for different variations of installments such as the $9.99 month one allows for 5 computers, 5 tablets, and 5 phones. That is the biggest option.

    This new cloud product suite is part of SaaS - Software as a service. Many consumers do not like it as its type of products come with subscription models like the Netflix/Spotify/etc., and you have to keep buying it every month to keep getting the product. It basically depends on what you are using the product for. If you can afford it and want the best product for productivity then yes but if you are a poor college kid and can find a cheaper alternative, then no don't go for this. However, I am a big fan of Microsoft Office products especially OneNote!!!

    Pros :

    • There are new updates more regularly.
    • Everything is in the cloud, so you don't have to worry if your laptop/computer breaks and you're freaking out over lost data.
    • 1 TB of storage which from another company by itself it costly.
    • Microsoft Office is definitely the best product suite from all productivity software that I have used, and now it's in the cloud!
    • Very trustworthy and reliable company.
    • Compatible with many different devices for ease of use

    Cons :

    • It's a subscription service, so you are always paying a monthly fee rather than a one time payment.
    • There are cheaper and free and less costly alternatives that can give you a similar outcome.
    • Not many new features from the free versions.

    • April 27, 2016
  • User review from

    Steve Blankenship

    Office 365 is the whole Microsoft Office Suite accessible from the cloud. It is simply the Microsoft Office Suite in a subscription format. It enables you accessing to all of the Office programs across different devices and open, edit, save and share documents within the cloud. There are too many 3rd party apps that can be added to Office 365 to help boost productivity and efficiency through their app store. An Office 365 subscription also allows you to download the full Office suite onto your desktop or mobile device, and the number of devices depends on the service to which you subscribe.

    Pros :

    • I really like the fact that I can edit and share documents within the cloud. If I have a file I need to access when I am not near my laptop, I can simply go to OneDrive and access from there.
    • I also have the ability to share and edit documents in real-time with others.
    • I like being able to retrieve all of my files on both my computer and my mobile devices for quick, easy access. The ability to add 3rd party apps are very useful, such as the calendar apps in which I can share my calendar with those outside of my organization.
    • This allows me to coordinate meetings better.

    Cons :

    • If you're sharing a document and you want to delete it later, it is not as easy as hitting delete.
    • I created a document in Word on OneDrive and I couldn't seem to delete it because it is being shared, even though I'm the only one sharing it. It took me about 20 minutes to finally figure out how to unlock it to delete. Also, when I log in, I can only seem to access Outlook and my calendar.
    • I'm not sure if this is because of how my organization has it set up, or if there's something I need to do on my end.

    • March 29, 2016
  • User review from

    Luca Campanelli

    Office 365 is the Microsoft solution that allows you to use a cloud environment. The cloud that provides, however, is used as a hybrid, you can then decide what to keep in the cloud and what not. The prices are not bad at all, and the standard solution is about 6 euros per month per user, but there are several possible solutions, and then the price you will see in detail what is right for you.

    Pros :

    • It allows you to easily integrate Exchange, having so accessible from different mobile devices, and the "new" product Microsoft Lync.
    • You can also use various office tools and apps to make a detailed analysis on your business data.
    • Microsoft's strength is being able to "reuse" the Office systems currently in use, and that allow a user with experience in office products to be comfortable.
    • Working on a classic document then you have the ability to share the document, thus allowing multiple access on a document in process, inviting contacts directly from your address book.
    • Office 365 has so many available membership types (annual or monthly), depending on your needs, what budget you have available and functionality does you need.
    • The interesting thing is that you can personalize your offer (as it often does Microsoft) to activate any number of users, from the single user (Which it is called Office 365 Personal and is sold at € 69.00 and is basically a subscription valid for 1 year on 1 PC and 1 device, however, has unlimited updates and 1TB of cloud space), to over 50,000.
    • You can then include the classics apps like Word or Excel, but also PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, of course etc.
    • Compatible platforms are in practice all, computers, Mac, Android, iOs etc.

    Cons :

    • As for compatibility, there are various restrictions depending on the version that you have in your company and the platform on which you want to use the product, refer to the Microsoft website for details.

    • February 22, 2016
  • User review from

    Derek Rose

    I've been using Office 365 for almost one year. When I first began using Office 365, I noticed some really positive changes to my work and work environment. Since Office 365 is cloud based, with Office 365 came the ability to share files through Sharepoint. Files that once were off-limits to co-workers or were more difficult to access have become shared, and this has made work flow more smoothly. Another feature that has made my position and my work more efficient is the use of One Drive For Business. With One Drive, I save files and then can access them from any computer, in addition to my mobile device. With work and the work environment becoming more mobile, and with more and more offices operating remotely, I have found this feature extremely helpful. So the benefits have been shared files accessed anywhere, as well as my personal files accessed anywhere.

    With Office 365, has also come Skype as a function, which has helped employees to communicate effectively. Rather than sending an email, the Skype function in Office 365 provides the ability to send instant messages to co-workers, and even to share each other’s screens for presentations. This has been especially helpful when I have been on the phone, and someone else is trying to reach me, and so a co-worker will send an instant message that the person is holding for me.

    Pros :

    • The pros of Office 365 include shared files, file storage through One Drive for Business, and the use of Skype. Gone are those days of only being able to access information and files from one computer or device.
    • With Office 365, I can save files successfully to the cloud, and then access from my mobile device, and even email a link to the file to a co-worker.
    • I have become accustomed to Office 365, and feel that there are even more features to explore.4
    • If I did not use Office 365, I would miss it because the flow of work and efficiency has become helpful.

    Cons :

    • One of the cons of Office 365 is that every now and then I will need to log back in. And since I don’t have to log in everyday, I am not as familiar with that password.
    • Not much of a con, because overall Office 365 has helped me to be more efficient and productive.

    • January 23, 2016
  • User review from

    anchal jain

    Office 365 is nothing but Microsoft Office Professional Online. This software can be used by individuals for personal purposes as well as by large-scale organizations for sharing and working on a common file by a large number of users. Due to the popularity of its desktop version, it is assumed to be the easiest and most user-friendly File sharing solution as most of the features of the software are tried and tested by majority users. It provides a free trial version for the buyers to take a better and the most rightful decision for their businesses. Needless to mention that with the reputation Microsoft holds, Office 365 is a very secure medium to use and share Documents online. This software has a complete manual for assistance, but this is helpful only in the later stage when the software is up and running as initially a non-IT professional cannot manage the software on his own.

    Pros :

    • Office 365 provides instant updates to its users for all back-end software update and do not wait for a release to set all things right in one go.
    • This helps the users to have a better and a faster interface than before almost immediately.
    • One unique thing offered with the Office 365 subscriptions is cloud storage up to 27 GB, which is huge in comparison to its competitors.
    • As stated earlier it’s the best to use as most of its features are known and used before.

    Cons :

    • I had faced a lot of issues while working on Office 365 initially.
    • It requires a good amount of professional IT support for installation and setup.
    • To add on to it the support provided by the online support team is extremely poor and at times leads to dead ends.
    • Technically I had a nightmare in setting up this software for a small business unit.

    • December 1, 2015
  • User review from

    José Abel López Gónzalez

    Office 365 is until now one of the best offers I’ve got from Microsoft in this years. Despite of the many plans, I used the Home version and it’s full of good stuff. You can use the desktop, web and mobile versions of their latest Office Versions, plus 1TB of space on OneDrive, the Microsoft’s competitor to Dropbox (even knowing they have made a partnership with Dropbox!). Also, I was able to install this on 5 computers (you know, mine, my wife’s, my brother, at work (because they had an older version than mine!) In the case of my works computer, it was a Mac OS X, so I used the proper system versions. That was cool. One small benefit is the 60 minutes of Skype, but for me it was small because I used only to talk with persons that already have Skype. I think I’ve had only used those one time, calling to an international potential provider. The apps are kept up to date and they recently improved the touch screens user interface. This means, when you are working with a tablet or smartphone (or a big computer with touch) you get bigger buttons to interact with, making it easier to make changes or use commands. In the mobile apps, with a paid subscription, you get extra features that help you work in a more advanced way, but I have to say it… never feels the same to be working on a mobile, I mean it feels kind of limited, especially the typing speed compared to when you are on a full keyboard computer. I know that there are a lot of keyboards to use with mobile, but for me the experience is better on desktop… it’s the real experience.

    Pros :

    • You pay only 9.99 monthly but get the latest versions (just like Adobe does with the Creative Cloud).
    • Full access on any device (not counting apps that are only available on PC like OneNote and Access.
    • Now they added the “real time collaboration” that I have enjoyed long time ago with Drive.

    Cons :

    • For now, nothing.

    • November 30, 2015
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Office 365

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