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LinkedIn is a fast-growing professional networking site that allows members to create business contacts, search for jobs, and find potential clients. Individuals have the ability to create their own professional profile that can be viewed by others in their network, and also view the profiles of their own contacts.

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Linkedin Business Review by Cloudswave

LinkedIn was founded in California and launched in 2003 by Reid Hoffman.  Its Headquarter is located in the state of California (U.S). The site is present in over 200 countries all over the world with the US representing the largest number of users. According to Quantcast, the US monthly traffic was a little above 37 Million for August 2015. In the second quarter of 2015, LinkedIn reported 380 million members on its portal.

Nowadays there are many platforms where companies can advertise, be present online, try to generate leads and enable brand recognition. What distinguishes LinkedIn from others social platforms such as Facebook or Twitter? 

Twitter users are mostly professionals who are focusing on their careers and searching business products or job opportunities.  However, Facebook users spend their time looking for updates about their friends and playing games. Thus, targeting customers or business partners is much easier on LinkedIn.

Besides having so many business-centric features, LinkedIn has 3X higher visitor-to-lead conversion ratio than Facebook or Twitter.

There are 4 million Businesses having a dedicated page on LinkedIn. 57 % of the companies in the US have a LinkedIn Business page and 94% of B2B marketers in North America are using LinkedIn to distribute content.

42 % of businesses on LinkedIn have used the portal to build new relationships with individuals who may become potential customers. 

For a small business, it is crucial to have a LinkedIn page, since most of them don’t have the funds for their SEO and SEM strategies on Google. Therefore, their websites do not appear among the first three results of a Google search. LinkedIn makes your page appear in the top 3 results if someone types your company's name in the search bar.   

LinkedIn is all about professionals searching for the right product or service. It has an Advanced Search feature that enables you to target the right audience by filtering your search according to a variety of parameters ranging from location to functional area.

Besides, sponsored Inmails helps you reach your target audience by delivering a message directly to their Inboxes.

It doesn’t take a genius to interpret the statistics and realize that LinkedIn is one of the most important digital marketing portals for companies. Let’s have a look at the features.

The landing company page looks very professional and gives basic information about the company. It also provides its industry, its foundation date, the location of its Headquarters located and a link to the company's website.

LinkedIn Review Revised 1

Now that’s all very basic. Isn’t it? Here is what makes LinkedIn company page special. It shows how many employees of the company are on LinkedIn and how they are connected with you. It makes contacting a specific person of the company a cakewalk.  There is a career tab on the right side portraying the company's jobs availability. Therefore, you can search for jobs and contact employees to ask for advice. All those services are accessible from the same page.

 LinkedIn Business Review  2

You can exhibit pages related to the company, create groups around a particular topic and feature them on your company page. Creating groups gives you a different style of engaging visitors since groups can be based on a particular product or service and does not need to be related to the company. You can monitor latest trends and gain important feedback from consumers. Besides, group analytics give you a seniority level breakdown of the members of your group and also the industry and functional area to which most of the members belong. It helps you make quick participation decisions.

LinkedIn Business Review 3


LinkedIn Ads is a key support feature to LinkedIn Business where you can increase visibility and gain followers by running an ad campaign, which is not very different from promoting a page to get more likes on Facebook. The key differentiator here is that LinkedIn allows you target your ads by industry, seniority level, job titles and user with a particular skill set. Knowing your target audience is a great way to accomplish your goals with minimum expense. You can post ads on Facebook and Twitter as well linking the ads to your LinkedIn page.


LinkedIn analytics is a great social media tool that provides relevant details for tracking the progress of your company page with a user-friendly interface.

LinkedIn Business Review 4

Individual post tracking gives you information about each update, how many impressions it got, clicks and how many followers were acquired for a particular post and the percentage of engagement.

LinkedIn Business Review 5

Basic statistics about the members seniority levels, functional areas and locations are summarized on the main page, which enables you to track the demographics in your members list.


LinkedIn Business Review 6

A Growth Summary provides you with the growth percentage, new members acquired in the past week and week-on-week growth rate. It helps you understand what updates or activities drove growth the most and accordingly fine tune your strategies.

 LinkedIn Business Review 7

Additionally, graphs are available on engagement levels, and impressions that are segregated by sponsored and organic tabs. Hence, you can differentiate between genuine engagement and sponsored engagement.

LinkedIn Business Review 8

Analytics for profile views and page views are also available. The viewers are segregated into relevant categories and actions taken to improve views are taken into account and their results mapped into a graph as shown above. It also has an inbuilt analytics page that is updated real time with information about every update. Follower demographic and follower trends enable you to track the number and type of followers over a specific period. It can help you rapidly find the reasons behind an increase in a particular class of followers and whether your page is attracting the desired type of people. For example, I was looking to generate the lead for my financial services business and to attract small and medium business owners based in India. I had about 100 followers after a couple of weeks, and then, I realized they were mostly people working for banks or friends who I barely knew. Therefore, it has shown me that none of my 100 followers was what I wanted which enabled me to rethink my strategy to attract the right segment.

Lead Accelerator:

Lead Conversion from online generated leads is a long and tedious process. The ratio is only 1% for most marketers and even lower for others. Thus, LinkedIn came up with Lead Accelerator, which is a comprehensive tool to increase the conversion ratio of your leads. It’s an effective way for marketers to reach, nurture and acquire professional customers on and off the LinkedIn platform. Lead Accelerator is a very powerful Data Analysis tool. Once you sign up for this feature, it gives you insight about the Demographics and On-site behaviours of your prospects. Using this tool, you can send customised set of Inmails to different sets of prospects depending on their behaviour.

 LinkedIn Business Review 9

LinkedIn's Auto – fill feature of  makes it even easier for prospects to share their information with one click. It is available only in English, but it will be soon expanded in other languages.


LinkedIn Recruiter Package

In addition to lead generation and branding, one more important feature LinkedIn provides is recruitment. An entire recruitment package is available where you can post jobs and create a careers page specifically for you company. Their recruitment package is divided into four parts LinkedIn Recruiter, Job Slots, Career Pages and Work with us Ads. LinkedIn Recruiter is a comprehensive recruitment tool for HR managers; they can manage all their job postings and applicants using this tool and get real-time updates.

LinkedIn Business Review 10

LinkedIn Job Slots is a Job Posting Tool that helps recruiters fill out job postings and target them depending on their requirements.

 LinkedIn Business Review 11

LinkedIn works with US ads posts and ads on profiles of relevant candidates notifying them about opportunities in your organisation and keeping them updated. It is a subtle way to attract candidates without overloading them with information. An example is provided below


LinkedIn Business Review 12

LinkedIn Career Pages

It is a comprehensive page with all relevant career information about your company. It has a dynamically adapting message based on the viewer profile, which you can program accordingly. Open job opportunities and a short company culture video are displayed on the right providing all the information a candidate needs to apply on a single page and in an attractive manner.

LinkedIn Business Review 13


Thus, LinkedIn is a must in today’s digital age for your company. It is not only useful to garner the attention of the external environment but also to connect the employees internally. In fact, employees can also follow the company page and post information, which makes LinkedIn a free and easy knowledge sharing system that creates engagement within and outside the organization.

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Critic Reviews

  • 80

    Cloudswave Score for Linkedin Business

    Rating based on 24 Critic Reviews

    21 Favorable reviews
    88 %
    3 Mixed reviews
    13 %
    0 unfavorable reviews
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  • Makes it very, very easy to connect and stay in touch with colleagues and old classmates. Also a fantastic tool for staying up to date with what's happening within your industry and amongst your influencers.

    Pros : - Encourages engagement - Easy and intuitive - Free for basic use

    Cons : Slightly less functionality than available on desktop

  • Networking is LinkedIn's core competency, and their superb execution on that feature trumps shortcomings in other more traditional features you might see from other job search sites.

  • LinkedIn is the most important cross-industry professional network around, despite some gripes most people have with the interface or service. Everyone serious about their career should have an account.

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User Reviews

  • 8 In total

  • User review from

    emily josh

    This is the world’s largest professional network on the internet. Sites such as LinkedIn can assist in the advancement of career and business. LinkedIn Business app have helped me promote my business on professional platforms. It is an app which connects you to the world, it connects you to your old colleagues and helps you avail more business opportunities. Through linkedIn, I was able to attract targetted audience globally. The best part is that Ads are easy to implement, and vast opportunities are available it is on you to avail those using your skills. It not only let you target audience to your website or products but also give you a chance to grow better. Many companies all over the globe offer job opportunities in this business.

    This is how I started my business, it is due to LinkedIn that today I happen to have two very lucrative jobs, and those were given by the recruiters through LinkedIn. I am very thankful to the LinkedIn, this is the platform which gave me a brighter future. Thank you.

    Recently I upgraded my account to premium level, had several issues regarding the billing issue. I contacted the company the issue was solved within three weekdays they refunded me the whole amount. Thank you very much, LinkedIn. Will recommend the use of this app.

    Pros :

    • A business platform for workers to organize and collude.
    • A very effective and quick method of applying for jobs.
    • An excellent place to get some targetted audience.
    • A good communication application, help people stay connected.

    Cons :

    • It didn't happen to me but have heard a lot of complaints about yearly subscription price deduction from several accounts.
    • It doesn't allow people put similar status twice.
    • The app is not easy to navigate, took me two months to finally understand the application.
    • The mobile app loads a lot.

    • September 2, 2016
  • User review from

    Josephine Bogø Rahbek Mortensen

    I have been using LinkedIn Business for a couple of years now and it has helped me hugely in my work life. First of all, LinkedIn is a fantastic tool and the opportunities with LinkedIn are endless. It's fantastic what you can find and access to information is incredible.

    LinkedIn Business has been a key to me when looking for specific companies. I work in a company where we work with companies globally and across all industries. Needless to say, you cannot have an overviews of all companies. As briefs change all the time, I have found LinkedIn Business very useful for gathering new information about companies. It is a data base where I have been able to look up any company and from there been directed to their own websites.

    Another thing I find LinkedIn Business very useful for is when you are looking at specific individuals from specific industries and specific regions. The advanced search function works superb and you can really narrow down the huge database LinkedIn is and find exactly what you are looking for.

    The LinkedIn messaging tool works really well and it is fantastic that people in the LinkedIn community are willing to correspond with you via LinkedIn messages.

    I also really enjoy how you can build out your virtual network and connect with new people as well as long lost friends. But from a business perspective and growing your corporate network, this tool is superb.

    Pros :

    • Very easy to use, great visibility in to your network and potential network and access to a great database without giving too much private information.
    • Furthermore, it is a great content sharing platform which I have been using a lot lately.

    Cons :

    • A LinkedIn Business license is expensive, and if it wasn't for my company providing my license I am not sure I would have paid for it myself. But I do work in marketing and not in sales. If I was in sales, it might have been another story.

    • April 15, 2016
  • User review from

    Thomas W. Parry

    My job is Sales and in Sales, you need to look for and find prospects. LinkedIn provides a great way to locate executives and contacts that may be interested in hearing from us. Given just a company name a search of Sales Navigator results in a listing of people who are or were employed at one time with the company.

    If the contact actually listed their company email address on their profile, then a quick look will usually result in the address being visible for readers. When potential customers are located, with the ability to draw on my contacts it makes the introduction phase and fact finding so much easier. Email address look-ups and searches for contacts - key functions that when coupled with other tools can open doors for opportunities.

    Additionally, often there is considerable news about the company, and if you elect to save the company or contact as a saved contact, you will be rewarded with frequent updates on news about the company. Having a Valid Business Reason to contact or reach out to someone is so key. If you are a true Sales Professional, you better be using Navigator and when I interview you be able to talk about how you use this tool!

    Pros :

    • Internal messaging options make for a clean way of contacting folks.
    • Profiles say a ton about a person.
    • The news feed is a plus.

    Cons :

    • No email address may arise if the contact has not used a company email address or did not change it to be a current company address. In those cases, it I best to reach out via the IM to try and make contact.
    • Sometimes you may not be capable to locate the contacts or companies because of mergers and terminations, but that is not really LinkedIn's fault. That’s when Google or any good web search engine can assist.

    • March 31, 2016
  • User review from

    Greg Erway

    My job is to look for and find companies that may be candidates for our services. LinkedIn provides a great way to locate executives and contacts that may be interested in hearing from us. Given just a company name (and after googling it to get the correct company name) a search of Sales Navigator results in a listing of people who are or were employed at one time with the company. If the contact actually listed their company email address on their profile, then a quick look will usually result in the address being visible for readers.

    If no email address results, often someone in your own network might know the individual and you can then IM them in LinkedIn for more info or an introduction. When potential customers are located, with the ability to draw on my contacts it makes the introduction phase and fact finding so much easier. Email address look-ups and searches for contacts - key functions that when coupled with other tools can open doors for opportunities.

    Additionally, often there is considerable news about the company and if you elect to save the company or contact as a saved contact, you will be rewarded with frequent updates on news about the company.

    Pros :

    • Contacting sales contacts via LinkedIn is very easy via the internal messaging options.
    • The contact profiles provide a lot of information about their education, previous employers and people that influenced them.
    • A short overview of the company is normally provided, and ongoing news about the company is often available as well.

    Cons :

    • No email address may arise if the contact has not used a company email address or did not change it to be a current company address. In those cases, it I best to reach out via the IM to try and make contact.
    • Sometimes you may not be able to locate the contacts or companies because of mergers and terminations, but that is not really LinkedIn's fault. That’s when Google or any good web search engine can assist.

    • March 3, 2016
  • User review from

    Jessica Goode

    Where do I start? As a recruiter for a local software company, I use LinkedIn several hours a day at the very minimum. It is the biggest networking platform being used today, and I don't see that changing. There are obviously different versions: both free and different levels of paid versions all based on what you are looking to accomplish and what your needs are. On a business level, there are workarounds to not paying for LinkedIn, and still finding candidates and looking up candidates on the platform. Their InMail feature is one of the most important selling points for the paid versions. You have to purchase credits to send InMails, or messages, to people you have not connected with yet on LinkedIn. If you don't feel like paying for them, you can just try and connect with them, and if they accept your request, you can message them for free. LinkedIn is a virtual database of resumes for professionals in the workforce. If you are a recruiter or in HR and looking to bring on new individuals to your company, LinkedIn is the first place to search. You can use different boolean searches to find people who have the skills you are looking for, and you can customize the searches by location, years of experience, company, etc. It also serves as a job board, and many companies use it to expand their brand and create brand awareness. The price for each posting varies on your location and some other factors, but a lot of people use LinkedIn (probably one of the top 3 job sites next to Craigslist) to post and search for jobs. The UI is easy to the eyes and very easy to use. I've never had a problem navigating the site or figuring out how to do something on my own.

    Pros :

    • Good UI.
    • User-friendly.
    • Big user base.
    • Good for recruiting and hiring.
    • Good for building up your professional network.

    Cons :

    • Can be expensive.
    • Can't connect with everyone unless they accept it, or you pay for InMails.

    • December 9, 2015
  • User review from

    Ashlee Anderson

    LinkedIn is the perfect tool for any professional to connect with other professionals and companies. LinkedIn has become a primary tool for recruiting and gives access to a much larger pool of candidates than any other recruiting tool. Companies are able to find some of the top candidates based on region, skills, experience, etc. LinkedIn has become very innovative over the years, allowing companies to pay for access to more advanced tools as well as allowing users to expand their scope and find jobs that fit what they want. LinkedIn has even moved to sending related job opportunities. LinkedIn is the best tool for both users and companies to fully grasp the job market and for new career opportunities.

    Pros :

    • LinkedIn has access to millions of candidates in all different industries. Almost every professional has an account which gives recruiters and companies a wide access larger than any other site.
    • They allow companies to post jobs and then users are able to set requirements to find the best job for them.
    • Companies and recruiters are able to reach out to potential candidates without having to link with them first.
    • From there users and companies can attach files such as resumes and even take the process offline.
    • LinkedIn also has an app that allows users and companies to connect from virtually anywhere.

    Cons :

    • LinkedIn doesn't have too many cons since it is one of the leaders in recruitment.
    • To upgrade for both users and companies it can be expensive. However, all products similar to LinkedIn are expensive.
    • LinkedIn doesn't provide some of the features that Glassdoor does such as salary or reviews of the company.
    • Recommendations typically seem forced and endorsements are pretty much useless.
    • In those senses it is it hard to get a good feel for someone, but LinkedIn provides a lot more information than most of the other sites.

    • November 18, 2015
  • User review from

    Adrian Doggrell

    LinkedIn can be a pretty effective tool in certain circumstances. Additionally, there are some restrictions based on your industry. It seems like LinkedIn is especially common in technical industries. Marketing and sales also seem to be very popular among users. It's so convenient to be able to search for companies and find employees that work there. Additionally, it offers a cool way to be able to investigate a company. Who works there? What kind of people do they seem to be? Are the majority of the employees old or young? Men or women? Do they appear to be local, or is the company hiring from all over? Analyzing these types of questions can be very helpful when trying to understand the culture of a business. When I was last looking for a job, I could use this tactic to investigate each place I considered applying to. I could figure out who my potential coworkers and bosses would be. I could then research their individual profile pages to guess as to whether I would fit in well. That proved to be very handy, and I believe it helped me avoid some potentially toxic work environments. As a salesman, LinkedIn is especially useful. Not only can I search for businesses using a variety of categories and filters, but I can also research individuals themselves and figure out who to connect with. Sometimes I even make the initial connection with my leads on LinkedIn. The InMessage can be helpful, but you do have to pay for a premium subscription to be able to reach out to people outside of your network. It appears LinkedIn is now trying to move into the area of socially sharing content. They have a Pulse blogging feature that allows you share articles you have written with the community. Also, the Groups feature is very helpful for getting in touch with lots of high-level thought leaders in an industry. Again, not all industries are equally represented, but for those that are, it’s a great place to be.

    Pros :

    • Helpful.
    • Can find companies and employees with ease.

    Cons :

    • Pricey.

    • November 5, 2015
  • User review from

    Alec Bruns

    LinkedIn is perfect for anyone and any type of job. It is a job and resource finder. Whether you be an employer and potential employee, you can find a great deal of resources and people on LinkedIn. It offers a wide range of options and tools to personalize your page with everything that makes you stand out as well as find jobs and people to help you succeed. It is the professional Facebook and is a must for anyone that even thinks about having a job or wanting to find one.

    Pros :

    LinkedIn has a huge array of features. It allows you to message any other member, connect with people you know and have met to learn more about them and see what they can do to help you. It allows you to personalize your page with everything from skills and honors to Schools and courses. People can endorse your skills and you can endorse others, allowing potential employers to see if others agree with your claimed skills. It has a job finder as well. You can set your location, keywords and the like. From there it will show you all results with descriptions/qualifications for the job. Then it is a matter of applying. LinkedIn also has groups and pages which you can join and follow to become parts of discussions or just get information on certain topics. It allows for so much to keep any individual up to pace with the world around them.

    Cons :

    LinkedIn really does not have many flaws other than the fact that LinkedIn tends to run a tad slow at times. LinkedIn also does hide some features for the premium version which while not expensive still is a bit costly. I am not sure the features are worth the cost.

    • September 16, 2015
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