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  • Best Note Taking Service

    Evernote Use Cases and Deployment ScopeI'm using Evernote to save my ideas instantly for future work. It's simple and powerful to use. 

    Pros : FreemiumEasy to UseAvailable for all major platforms

    Cons : Please give more space for free version usersIntegration with popular cloud storage services like Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.YouTube Embed

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    Evernote - Finest Digital Note Creator Ever Made

    Evernote Use Cases and Deployment ScopeI have been using Evernote's PC and Android applications 6 or more years. I have tremendous experience with Evernote's useful and productive features. The Googles Chrome extension is very useful for grabbing webpage notes and saving to Evernote. Tagging notes is another useful feature of Evernote, it's very simple to search in your hundreds of notes when you want a particular one. Sharing notes with your friends, family or colleagues is very simple in Evernote. Evernote provides web access to all your notes. If you want to share any with others, simply create a share link then mail it or share on social media if they not using Evernote. Attach audio, video or images with your Evernote identity and give productive information to your notes. Real time Evernote synchronization with all devices is very useful to access all your notes  anywhere, anytime. I am using Evernote for my real estate marketing tactics, creating property notes with Evernote and easily sharing with my clients. Evernote is very helpful to me all time. Evernote's Android app is very simple and easy to use.  Evernote added a chat feature recently which you can use to communicate in realtime with other Evernote collaborators.  Evernote is best at any time for all kind of users.

    Pros : Making quick and simple notes on any platform.Real time online with all devices.Sharing notes Is very simple with email, social media and web links.Very useful to tranform your notes to business presentations.Collect content from web with one click from the Google Chrome extention.Real time discussion collabration and share thoughts with others.It's finest community discussion forum giving all kinds of support to Evernote users.Evernote's direct customer support Is really effective and quick for

    Cons : Comparatively, Evernote provides very low cloud space to their basic users.Evernote's mobile apps are not equipped with real-time location sharing or store location notes.No integrated video sharing and embedded video sharing with platforms.

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    Evernote - Digital Sticky Notes

    Evernote Use Cases and Deployment ScopeEvernote is used as a tool to organize various documents and enhance collaboration across teams working on the same documents or project simultaneously. We use it to take notes from our brainstorming sessions and whiteboard discussions and then sharing and accessing the content from anywhere. All types of files like Word, Excel, pdf, PowerPoint and media files can be stored and shared from Evernote.

    Pros : The documents can be searched with keywords present in the content of the document. This even works for text/keywords in images with amazing accuracy.One can simply email the files to a designated email id and the files automatically get stored into your Evernote account. This saves a lot of hassle in first downloading the content from the email and then uploading it to Evernote.Evernote also acts as a contact management tool. One can simply scan business cards and then the contact information c

    Cons : Web application has limited features especially with respect to images. Images can not be rotated or cropped in Evernote.No option to record audio and video directly from Evernote. Recording is very helpful while conducting telephonic or face to face interviews.One can not attach tags with the specific excerpts of a document. The tags can be associated with a complete document only which is annoying as in case of a large document, I have to go through the entire document to locate the required c

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  • My knowledge hub

    I started using Evernote since 2010 and moved to Plus account earlier this year. I'm a big fan of data organization and a hardcore Evernote user. I use Evernote Chrome extension for clipping cool articles/images, use IFTTT for transferring finished tasks from Wunderlist to Evernote. Moreover, I use Clearly for keeping me focus on long-form articles.

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    Evernote organizes all my documents

    I started used Evernote as a way of tracking my ideas, helping me organize resumes for recruitment, and keeping all my notes in one place. I love the ability to sort things into notebooks and how you can save in articles with your thoughts/comments as well. Great way to stay organized!

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    Not only what you see at the beggining

    When I first started using Evernote for taking notes here and there I was just using the 10% of the possibilities of the app. Now I use it for creating lists, sharing them with friends or co-workers, note ideas, add links to read... My best tip is to use it when I'm offline traveling to create posts for blogs, think of social media topics, etc. Really useful for content creators and marketers!

    Pros : - offline use - mobile apps - check-box lists

    Cons : - at the beginning it's difficult to work with the collaboration mode - pro version should be more attractive

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  • The cons, however, are almost nitpicks for a piece of software that should be on any serious PC desktop. It's a fantastic productivity tool, whether you are organizing recipes, clipping notes from websites, or outlining notes for your next conference call -- and it's free.

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  • With Evernote 7, Evernote becomes a place I don’t just want to visit again — I want to live here. I slowly stopped using Evernote over the past year because I found it slow and painful to go through. It’s much faster than it used to be now, and it’s much more efficient to get work done in. The design has improved immeasurably and I’m excited about some of the new features, like the ability quickly take notes and have Evernote know where I’ve been.

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  • Although we wish it had handwriting recognition -- a feature many other note-taking apps have -- Evernote benefits from an excellent organizational structure and slick syncing capabilities. Although some compelling features -- such as offline access and the ability for others to edit notes -- require a paid Premium membership, Evernote for the iPad is an excellent note-taking app. It incorporates photos, audio notes and tags for easy organization and collaboration, and it keeps your life in sync with your phone, tablet and laptop.

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  • You can do a lot with the free version of Evernote, and I would only recommend upgrading to Premium if you're so committed to Evernote that it will be your one-and-only note-making app. But committing to Evernote is not a difficult decision. It's easily the best note-taking app you'll find, in part because it integrates with so many other programs and services, but also because of its thoughtful features and excellent search tools. The Evernote Web app is just one critical piece of this Editors' Choice service. If you want to get organized, Evernote deserves your attention.

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  • As a heavy user of Evernote, I see version 7.3 as the culmination of what the company started in September. The app is smoother, sync is faster, and the Home screen is better organized and provides handy customization options. I really like how the app makes it easier than ever to create new text/photo notes; Shortcuts available at the top of the screen have been a great timesaver.

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    Overall, Evernote reminders worked well with no sync issues across the Mac, iPad, and iPhone; I particularly appreciated the UI choices made on the iPad, as the Reminders sidebar and note editor make for a solid navigation experience when moving across multiple notes with reminders.but I can’t recommend switching to Evernote as your main todo app. There are several third-party todo apps on the App Store that support more advanced features. 

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  • Evernote 5 is a major refinement to an already-good client for the Evernote service. The release of the Mac client roughly coincided with new versions for iOS as well, refreshing the entire experience. Whether you are among the large majority of free users of the service, or use an Evernote Premium account, you will benefit from the new client programs.

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  • Evernote keeps me organized!

    What do you like best?

    I like that Evernote is easy to use and it syncs beautifully across all my devices! I looked at some of the video tutorials and they provided step-by-step instructions that were easy to follow and they worked! I love also that Evernote's dashboard is simple in design and uncluttered making navigating from notes to notebooks easy!

    What do you dislike?

    I wish that Evernote would be able to allow alt text on images that we save from the web. This would allow us to create a notebook of just images for a photo gallery, which is great for inspiration. But then you could click inside a specific image and it will take you to the page on that website.

    Recommendations to others considering the product

    I would strongly recommend Evernote if you have a need to be organized with your projects and being able to access them wherever you are. And the UI is nicely designed, simple and uncluttered, and easy to navigate.

    What business problems are you solving? What benefits have you realized?

    Having folders or in this case, notebooks for each project that I am working on, both personal and business. The benefit is that I can see at a glance all my projects which makes navigating to a particular notebook really easy.

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    Took awhile to warm up to it, but now I use it daily.

    What do you like best?

    I like that I can organize my notes into different notebooks and that notebooks can be shared with other users. We use it often for work, taking notes during meetings, doing research on site elements, etc. and it's nice to have all the notes accessible to everyone. I also use the chrome extension pretty often to save articles I want to read or reference later. I don't always have time when I come across them, so saving the content and making it searchable and tagged for later is great.

    What do you dislike?

    Shared notebooks, while useful, are a little underdeveloped. For instance, two people can't really work on a single note simultaneously since there's a back and forth refresh, so if you try to do that you usually just end up with a lot of versions of it sitting in your "inbox" which is a mess. You also can only add tags as the primary notebook owner, and even then it doesn't always work, so organizing notes with tags is kind of a wash on the shared notebooks.

    They also recently added a chat feature that I don't really think was necessary, I'd rather they spend some time improving multiple users editing a note than extraneous features that we already have other software for.

    Recommendations to others considering the product

    I couldn't really figure out what I would use it for for awhile. I liked it in theory, and I wanted to find it useful, but it took me quite awhile to warm up to it. Once I started using it more often, even just for things like my daily/weekly to-do lists, it became more of a staple.

    What business problems are you solving? What benefits have you realized?

    We really needed a way to keep all our notes in a shared location, so we use it for that primarily. It saves us time asking each other if they have meeting notes for this or that, and counting on one person to send everything out isn't the best since we're all busy. It's nice to know they'll be there by the time I get back to my desk and I can start working.

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    What do you like best?

    I usually have either my laptop, my tablet, or at least my phone with me at all times. Having all my notes available on any one of those devices at all times is very useful. If I ever have to jump into a surprise meeting and need access to my notes, I don't have to worry about getting another device or scrounge through a notebook. Evernote rocks.

    What do you dislike?

    Not much to dislike. I love it. Very useful.

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  • For the ultra organized of the world, Evernote is a welcome addition to the arsenal in the war against paper files and forgetfulness. I am not that kind of person. When I feel like getting things super organized, I generally just wait for the feeling to pass.Still, even for those who aren't organizing enthusiasts, Evernote can come in handy for snapping, saving, and then finding random items that appear on the screen.

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