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  • eSign Live

    Silanis eSign live product is a great eSign product that can be leveraged in multiple domain areas and very easy to use and provides robust customer experience and flexible architecture.

    Pros : Available on premises and cloud implementations. Includes OOTB UI and esign APIs to interact with the platform. Offeres standard REST based APIs and multi tenancy capabilities

    Cons : Needs more robust ADA capabilities, digital signature and validation of digital signature capabilities.

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    Very solid product in providing e-signature technology for our company

    eSignLive is a very solid product in providing e-signature technology for our company. The SaaS option provides us with good flexibility for multiple business processes to add basic e-signature functionality with a simple activation process. Silanis has been a responsive vendor in addressing questions and enhancement opportunities with the technology.

    Pros : Silanis is engaged with the product and their clients. It is a very interactive relationship that seems to benefit both parties. The technology provides top notch legal protection around e-signatures to meet our record keeping requirements.

    Cons : Additional flexibility for use across multiple groups and access management design

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    Feeling safer when it comes to new contracts

    As a small business with a growing list of clients located in multiple countries, I needed a secure way to make sure my clients understand and sign off on my billing procedures and scope of work. In most instances, I can't stop by for a signature. With e-SignLive all I need to do is personalize a template and hit send. Once I get it back, I hit download and it's saved to my computer. No paper. No ink. No hassle. e-SignLive has minimized the fears that someone will decide not to pay for services rendered. While late payments haven't been an issue so far, the authenticity of the signature helps me sleep easier. In addition to contracts and memos of understanding, I also use e-SignLive to sign non-disclosures for my clients and I require everyone on my virtual team to sign a NDA with me. Now all I need to do is train my health care providers to give up the fax number and sign on to e-SignLive!

    Pros : There was no learning curve on my end or with those I ask to use e-SignLive. I get signed documents back in minutes, not days.

    Cons : I don't understand why everyone isn't using the solution. It's quick, easy, secure and green!

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  • Amazing product for my business! Can't live without it!

    e-SignLive Use Cases and Deployment Scopee-SignLive is used in my company for client contracts. It solves several issues I encountered before using e-signatures. Firstly, it helps my clients sign quicker, this allowing me to close my sales phase, and enter my design phase and begin working on the project. It also allows my relatively smaller company appear professional and prepared. Being a smaller company, this helps tremendously for my brand and adds to my confidence when communicating with larger, corporate clients.

    Pros : It's user interface makes it very easy for my clients to sign the contact with ease. I've never had any usability issues.e-Sign gives the appearance of a very professional and secure project, which reflects greatly on my company.Great price point and well worth the cost. Saves me time, money and helps close the deal.

    Cons : I haven't encountered any issues as of yet. It's a straightforward process with a single user, it works great.

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    e-SignLive Streamlines Client Approval Proccesses

    e-SignLive Use Cases and Deployment ScopeSilanis e-SignLive streamlines client facing processes allowing us to securely track and manage approval of client deliverables. Now there is no more guess work on the status of our client deliverables -- we know where we stand with each of our clients, and no longer chase paper. We're always looking for solutions that make our day-to-day work lives easier -- put this one at the top of your list because it does just that.

    Pros : We needed a better way to manage client processes, and with Silanis e-SignLive we not only made things easier on ourselves internally, but enabled a happier client base as well. Now we know where we stand with each client, through every phase of every project.

    Cons : Nothing! We save time, paper, and money using Silanis e-SignLive. Our clients love having the option to sign their documents electronically -- streamlining proposal acceptance and review processes.

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    Documentation completion - Fast - Efficient and Thorough!

    e-SignLive Use Cases and Deployment ScopeI used this product for document sign off. This was used to finalize documents with both employees and consultants / contractors. It is used mainly in the Human Resources group, with some use in Finance. This product dramatically reduces the time to complete documentation so that our resources can go live as fast as possible.

    Pros : Straightforward and easy to use.Dramatically reduces time to complete documentation.Very reasonably priced, definite value added to reduce down time.

    Cons : This product has worked flawlessly for me, I can think of nothing I would have Silanis change in the current workflow.

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  • e-SignLive offers global support resources, but the software is pretty straightforward and intuitive. It keeps all your documents safe and secure on the cloud. e-SignLive offers a reliable, extensive company-based e-signature solution.

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