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CoSign, the most widely used digital signature solution, offers a wide range of configurations to fit your business needs, whether they are based on the size/type of your organization, the file formats/apps you are currently using, and your technical, security and regulatory requirements.

CoSign can be used on any device to easily and securely sign documents in Word, Excel, PDF, and many other file types. The flexible CoSign digital signature engine can also be seamlessly integrated into any document-related workflow, application or service.

CoSign has three products: 

CoSign Central

CoSign Central is the ideal solution for mid- to large-sized organizations looking to fully automate their signature-dependent processes. Based on a centralized server, it is the only cross-enterprise digital signature solution that ensures trust, integrity, control and security.

CoSign Cloud

CoSign Cloud was designed from the ground up to help small departments/teams quickly make the move to more efficient paperless processes. It is the only proven SaaS solution that provides digital signature functionality that is both comprehensive and fully secure.

CoSign Add-Ons

CoSign’s add-on modules expand our customers’ digital signing options – from the web app, which enables digital signing on any device, through the connectors, which integrate with content/workflow management systems, and all the way to high availability and batch signing options.

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