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  • Bitcasa is easy, really easy. While that's a winning feature for... well, pretty much anything... that doesn't mean that it alone makes a winning cloud backup service. The lack of file versioning is a big deal and something I hope they reconsider. I've been using Bitcasa since the day it was publicly available and I see a lot I like. As a backup/sync solution, it works well. However, I usually find Bitcasa too slow to use like a real hard drive.

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  • BitCasa disappointed many customers when it stopped providing unlimited storage and the company’s reputation was heavily impacted by this decision. However, BitCasa has survived the controversy and has showed that its commitment to quality and ease of use remain strong. Compared to other providers, BitCasa is limited in terms of features and storage space, but if you are looking for simplicity and a well-designed software, they are still worth a look.

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  • Bitcasa Drive offers high-capacity storage and operates more like an external drive - making it easy to backup, restore and access everything you need.

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  • Unfortunately BitCasa is dying, they cancelled all unlimited storage plans forcing every user which had an unlimited storage account to close it. I think this company was a good idea but they never made the product work properly and their commercial aspects where always at doubt. I recommend NOT to trust BitCasa with your files at all.

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  • This is definitely a solid solution, in terms of quality and efficiency. Although there are times when the performance can be slow, the infinite drive with the unlimited data storage and the effective synchronization and sharing options certainly outweigh any disadvantage. In a nutshell, Bitcasa cloud backup offers a great package and especially for those who do not wish to save money in expense of high quality services.

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  • Don't trust them

    We bought this service to host our family photos, videos, and files thinking it would be a safe, secure place. About a month ago, they said they needed to move everyone's data to a new data center and to complete the transfer, we needed to go to their website and click a button to transfer all our files. We did that. Well, what they failed to tell us was that all the data we would upload since then would be completely lost. Essentially, we needed to download new software, continue to transfer any other files we would upload to the new data center, until they officially flipped the switch to the new data center. Any any data that never made it? Lost forever. We lost family photos, videos, and more due to their lack of information. They said they posted a blog article detailing all the "steps" that needed to take place. Unfortunately, their emails and website said nothing of "all these details" and we don't actively follow their blog. Who does? Not to mention, all of the files that were transferred (since we clicked the button right when they told us) now have completely different creation dates and timestamps for everything. All our data was changed. And over a month of memories lost. Do not use them for any data you value. Buyer beware.

    Pros : None, unless you like your data occasionally being wiped out

    Cons : Your data could be lost at any time, they change their terms of service often

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    Do not trust with your data

    This company has changed their business model twice already, punishing existing customers for using the service as it was promoted by holding their data hostage forcing the users to pay more or their data would just be deleted. Be extremely wary of what this company promises because they will change on a dime and won't ever do the right thing to make sure you as a customer are taken care of. They have no support during these times of change and completely does not respond to any criticism with no efforts to improve.

    Pros : They have an interesting interface where they make your online storage appear as a drive on your computer Getting your data onto their service is easy

    Cons : Abuses their customer base Holds data hostage Getting your data off of their service is extremely slow and painful

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  • It takes a little getting used to using Bitcasa, compared to an online backup service or an online storage service. Bitcasa seems to be a bit of both and it could be confusing to some people. If you want backup Bitcasa does a good job of it, but I think it shines more as an online storage service with the infinite drive. I particularly like the Chrome extension and the Android mobile app. If you have a slower Internet connection or are not always connected to the Internet the infinite drive might not be for you.

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  • Bitcasa is a cloud storage provider that not only supplies large amounts of storage space at an extremely competitive price, but they also give an unbeatable service. It is common for providers to offer 2GB of storage for free as a trial for their services, but Bitcasa is ready to put their money where their mouth is and offer a whopping 20GB free. They offer a rich array of features, unbeatable and cleverly designed security, as well as great customer support.

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  • For very simple, no frills online storage, Bitcasa is an excellent contender. However, for users who want to be able to do more, or for those of us who would use the service for business or team purposes, Bitcasa falls short. File upload is easy, yet the inability to edit these files without downloading first is kind of a stumble. Limiting the access of files to five devices is a smart business maneuver for the company, but not the consumer. Their plans are also far more expensive than other companies that offer far better features for a tenth of the price. With the things that Bitcasa does have to offer, however, which is a reasonably solid product, we find them worthy of our list of iReviews 2014 best online storage services.

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  • Bitcasa delivers on the promise of infinite storage, though performance is heavily dependent on connectivity and other services offer stronger collaboration and teamwork features.

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