About the Cloudswave Score


Capturing the essence of critical opinion in a single number can be complex. However, we strongly believe that with the cloudswave score, we were able to deliver an unbiased weighted average rating that takes into account the degree of importance of each software review source.

We constantly strive to verify the reliability and trustworthiness of our data sources in order to help you make the best software selection decision. Ratings are strictly independent from any kind of affiliation or commercial relationship with cloudswave.

How does it work ?

The Cloudswave Score is a weighted moving average. We assign more weight to some review sources than others.

  • The sources are carefully selected based on their seriousness, credibility, degree of independence, their user verification processes, and their focus on business software.
  • We do not take into account the reviews written on cloudswave.com
  • Sources are weighted according to a logarithmic domain authority score provided by Moz.
  • We crawl all the selected sources on a daily basis to gather the latest reviews and update the cloudswave score of all the listed software.
  • Sources that provide numerical ratings of their reviews weight more than "non-numerical rating" sources.
  • Reviews and ratings are considered as is. We do not intervene to filter out unpleasant reviews for example.
  • The cloudscore is a moving weighted average: Older reviews have less impact than fresh reviews.

Interpreting the cloudswave Score

Cloudswave Scores range from 0 to 100. We highlight Cloudswave Scores in three color levels (green, light orange and red) to make it more readable and recognizable. Here is the Cloudswave Scores breakdown :

General Meaning of Score Cloudswave Score
Very Favorable 81 - 100
Favorable 61 - 80
Mixed 41 - 60
Unfavorable 21 - 40
Very Unfavorable 0 - 20

A note on Non-numerical reviews

For a few sources that use non-numerical evaluations, we run their reviews through a natural language processing algorithm to extract the general sentiment, and proceed with a human assessment and/or validation of the result to convert it into a numerical value. However, these non-numerical sources are not weighted as much as numerical rating sources.

Non-numerical reviews are converted into scores according to the following scale.

Very Favorable 100
Favorable 75
Mixed 50
Unfavorable 25
Very Unfavorable 0

Cloudswave Awards

The cloudswave score is a basis for the attribution of our Cloudswave Awards, a seasonal celebration launched in 2015 to reward the best Business Software on the market throughout various categories.