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Webtrends Digital Measurement Solutions enable brands to justify investments and prove marketing success across new and emerging channels. By creating a culture of measurement, actions become informed by digital intelligence, not by guesswork. 

Webtrends empowers their client's digital marketing performance by enabling them to deliver more personalized offers and customer experience across social, mobile, and web channels. Their unified digital intelligence is the backbone for driving relevance into marketing programs, optimizing conversions and improving long-term relationships with customers.

Webtrends delivers a digital measurement solution based on your goals and implements the analytics and reporting technology necessary to unify measurement across all your digital channels. Webtrends open architecture ensures that your digital insights can be leveraged by all of the other solutions in use within your digital marketing ecosystem to truly power insights to action.

Webtrends delivers visitor-centric digital intelligence back into customer records within your CRM system to enable use of multi-channel metrics in forming and improving relevance of your marketing communications.

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  • Digital Measurement
  • Multi-Channel Measurement
  • Heatmaps™
  • Webtrends Streams®
  • Website Measurement
  • SAP Integration
  • Collaboration Measurement
  • Social Measurement
  • Mobile Measurement
  • Mobile & Social Optimization


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Critic Reviews

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  • Webtrends Analytics Use Cases and Deployment ScopeOur use case is as an interactive agency. Some of our clients come to us as Webtrends customers, and we provide implementation and/or support as part of our overall web site development and maintenance practice. The Webtrends consumers at our clients' organizations tend to be in the marketing area, as the tool is used for one or more of the following: 1) assess the performance/value of the web site itself, 2) assess the performance of the marketing that brings people to the web site, or 3) for diagnostics, i.e. what parts of the content, navigation, etc seem to be causing site visitor successes or problems. The audience for the first is execs, for the second is marketers, and for the third is site managers and strategists.

    Pros : More than some of its competitors, most Webtrends' configurations (reports, dimensions, filters, content groups, measures) can be done in the admin UI, rather than in the tagging and site code. The tag itself is smart - it can sense offsite links, clicks on pdf downloads, form button clicks, and so on, which eliminates a lot of extra coding or tag modification that has to be done with other products.There are so many levers and buttons in the configuration that nearly anything can be turned int

    Cons : The big downside, the elephant in the room, is that it does not (as of right now) have on-demand segmenting, drilldowns, etc. You have to think of what you want in advance and create those reports then analyze some data. This is huge. You can, of course, re-analyze old data after creating new reports but you still have to wait. (This deficiency may become obsolete with the release of Webtrends Explore later this month (May 2014).)It has fewer mature integrations with other products and datab

  • What do you like best?

    Gorgeous dashboards, great social media metrics integration with Facebook and Radian6, Mobile tracking. Ridiculously customizable (you have access to your log files!) with the right staff and resources.

    What do you dislike?

    Still overwhelming and a bit daunting for administrators; it's so powerful that implementation can be a bear without proper staffing and support. Dashboards look pretty but not as customizable as Google Analytics.

  • WebTrends Analytics 9 is highly recommended for medium-large companies, who want an on demand SaaS environment, real-time enterprise web analytic solution for their business.You know that you get a trusted and a reliable solution that you should expect from such a premium highly customizable product. Gaining more leads, elevate your website revenue, Return-of-Investment (ROI), conversion rate, choosing Analytics 9 is one of the smartest moves that you can make to help your online business grow. The ability to choose between two solutions (8.7 software and 9 on demand versions), give you more flexible solutions for different online businesses of yours.

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User Reviews

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    Ronnie Rask

    Webtrends is a very unique way of gathering analytics for your website. It offers a very affordable professional solution to your Marketing Team for reaching the leads for the sales staff. The support is exactly what an end user needs to figure out how to use Analytics to their advantage.
    There is a community of other users to offer you solutions and challenge the way you see your marketing. It also offers you the ability to stretch who you are as a company and reinvent yourself in markets that need to know about your product.

    Pros :

    • Webtrends offers a unique way of discovering Website Analytics with an easy-to-use interface and a professional Support Staff.
    • Where other solutions offer confusing reports that are not easy to communicate to the sales staff, Webtrends gives you very clear detailed reporting that makes sense.
    • You can gain custom and calculated numbers on how your marketing is interacting with your customers.
    • It provides clear answers to the questions I receive from sales and I'm able to understand better how to serve those customers online.
    • Very extensive data reports showing quickly the success or failure of a marketing campaign.
    • Plus the ability to target specific tags and gain information from social interaction as well.
    • This has made my marketing team more effective.
    • It's also given us value to the sales staff and offered the ability to prove the cost effectiveness through reporting.
    • Training is very in depth and the user interface just makes sense.
    • Well worth the cost for a professional service to help you lead the way in your markets.
    • Amazing dashboards and great social metrics integration with all of the big Social Media platforms.

    Cons :

    • My main dislike is the lack of doing segmentation on the fly. Or at least as far as I could tell.
    • There seemed to be a bit of steep learning curve on this.
    • I could see they were implementing Beta software to fix this, but it was beyond me.

    • March 10, 2016
  • User review from

    Ashlee Anderson

    Webtrends is an amazing tool for analytics. It allows real time reporting which is very beneficial. It is overall an easy tool but allows you to deep dive into any piece of data that you might need. One of the top options out there in terms of analytic data. It allows an option that isn't Google Analytics. Since Google is a competitor to a lot of companies (due to their new products such as Hotel Ads), we usually prefer not to give them our data, however, we trust Webtrends with it. Webtrends is a reliable and easy tool that is one of the best in the market.

    Pros :

    • Webtrends allows you to integrate with other tools such as Marin Software, which you can easily use to manage PPC campaigns.
    • The UI is really easy to use and is also visually appealing.
    • After training, it is very easy to pull reports and get what you want out of the tool.
    • It also provides the ability to pull 3 months of back data which is important to using the tool right off the bat.
    • A lot of time when you start with a new tool you aren't able to use it right away because you have to pull data.
    • It also provides a wonderful customer support system,

    Cons :

    • A lot of the data pulled requires a lot of coding and usually requires a developed to implement.
    • This product only provides basic information to smaller companies if they don't know how to implement the codes. In some cases, you are required to pay a fee if you request too much support.
    • If you don't have the right team in place implementing Webtrends could cost a lot of downtimes.
    • The tool also requires training to fully understand how to use it. However, this is very similar to other products such as Google Analytics.

    • November 13, 2015
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