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  • Anyone else think Kissflow is buggy??

    I've tried the free trial, read the help and did a demo with the company. Does anyone else find this software buggy? I keep getting hung up, error messages, opening tickets with the helpdesk. They fix the problems but aren't giving any details and the processes now work but we didn't change anything on our end.

    Pros : fairly easy to use

    Cons : Program seems to have bugs.

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    Operational Happiness

    Hi! I did my research on multiple WMSs and KissFlow is definitely the cheapest, most scalable and generally the best one out there! Especially considering: * It is cloud-based * Its seamless integration with Google products * How easy it is to implement processes in a matter of minutes * Its scalable pricing structure * The amazing support - Generally, the KissFlow team gets back to me within a couple of minutes, and does not stop working on an issue until it's done! * Its ability to empower businesses to reduce administrative work, so they can focus on what is really relevant... Huge fan!

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  • KiSSFLOW makes it easy to manage your workflow as you use Google apps for the many benefits to your business. This lets you keep track of your workflow without learning complicated coding techniques. The newest updates to KiSSFLOW, including syncing to spreadsheets and having more user capabilities, make it that much more beneficial to business professionals and business owners.

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    As a business owner or business professional, you no doubt have been utilizing the benefits offered from Google Apps. If however, you are finding it difficult to manage your workflow due to the superior coding knowledge required to create adequate workflows and processes, KiSSFLOW will provide simple workflows predetermined that you get to pick and personalize for a more effective workflow system. With a free trial and free membership option, it doesn’t hurt to give KiSSFLOW a try and find out the many advantages to using the program.

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  • All in all, it looks a great app for smaller and medium size businesses who already use Google Apps for their company.

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  • With KiSSFlow you can utilize the full potential of Google Apps. Nowadays, we keep hearing about democratizing computing, and bringing power to the end user. I think KiSSFLOW is truly going to empower the end user with this simple service.

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