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Google Analytics is a service offered by Google that generates detailed statistics about the visitors to a website. The product is targeted towards marketers rather than webmasters and technologists.

Google Analytics can track visitors from all referrers, including search engines, display advertising, pay-per-click networks, email marketing and even digital collateral such as links within PDF documents. Integrated with AdWords, users can optimize online campaigns by tracking landing page quality and conversions.

Goals might include sales, lead generation, viewing a specific page, or downloading a particular file. These can also be monetized. By using Google Analytics, marketers can determine which ads are performing, and which are not, providing the information to optimize or cull campaigns.

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  • Analysis tools
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  • Mobile analytics
  • Social analytics
  • Conversion analytics
  • Advertising analytics
  • Alerts & Intelligence
  • Cross-device data
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Critic Reviews

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  • Google Analytics is a tool that I use daily - checking in first thing in the morning to see the status of a number of website. I find it very useful when drilling down to understand whether traffic/conversions has increased or indeed fallen, allowing me to further investigate possible causes using a number of dimensions. Analytics is completely free (although I believe you can pay for the premium version), so it's a no-brainer. Several users can be added to any one account, with various levels of access to ensure your users only have access to what they need ton use. I would also recommend adding filters to your properties in order to filter out spam visits as well as IP filters to prevent traffic from your business from skewing the results.

    Pros : Easy to use lots of support documents to help set up & manage your account It's free! Can be associated with your Search Console account to pull in additional data Lots of ways to track website performance across a number of dimensions & metrics

    Cons : You can no longer access all information regarding the keywords that user searched for when they visited your website

  • Google Analytics Use Cases and Deployment ScopeUsed mainly by marketing, but some aspects used by our web tech team. We evaluate our email sends, our CPC programs, our social media, and our display campaigns...along with website performance in general.

    Pros : Great for tagging linksGood for monitoring traffic flow through websiteGood for tracking goals, events and conversions

    Cons : Ecommerce tracking presents some challengesNot easy to track to our Pinterest and Facebook sites"Not provided" is a horrible change!

  • Google Analytics is a free service and is arguably one of the most powerful tools you'll ever use in order to develop your website. It links with all of your other Google account information allowing you to access everything from a single connection. The charts are appealing and the information is greatly accurate. Since bots can appear seemingly random, it's a welcome change to not have to include those inorganic numbers if you are trying to gauge your site's popularity.

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User Reviews

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    Enmanuel Durán Salas

    I've been a developer for a long time, and with the time I've realized that there are two things as important as the platform you make and these are the marketing and the people. When I first started using Google analytics I was just looking for a tool that could help me understand the traffic on my projects and where it came from, but it's more than that. Google analytics has provided me a way to understand my users, it helps me understand why some users stay connected and others just leave the platform, you can start to see patterns and observe behaviors, this is for me an indispensable resource, because what is the point of having a site if nobody knows about it?

    Pros :

    Google analytics is great for so many reasons:

    • Traffic data: Thanks to google analytics we can analize the traffic on our websites, we can see important things like amount of new visitors and returning ones. also you can see details like which are the countries with more impact in your site, the numbers of sessions per day and average time per session so you can see what pages are having more impact in the users and start watching patterns.
    • Multiple sites support: One of the things that I like most about analytics is the fact of managing multiple sites, you can add as much sites as you like and start watching them.
    • Real time: My favorite feature about google analytics is the real time, you can watch online active users in your site with a slight delay, it shows you the main source of traffic, keywords and more helpful data.
    • Integration: Integrating Google Analytics in your projects is really easy, you just have to insert a piece of code in your project and that's it, also you can integrate this with services like youtube, if you have a channel it's really helpful to keep an eye on your viewers.

    Cons :

    • In my case I don't have any complains about google analytics (for now), I think It's a really good tool to optimize your site and also it's free so it's great.

    • June 29, 2016
  • User review from

    Bek Ergashev

    I have a love/hate relation with Google Analytics. First of all, I love it for the same reason that any other web marketer would: it provides the absolute, most accurate analytics when it comes to your website. It will show you how many visits you had, who the visitor was, which client (desktop, mobile) and browser they used to access your website, as well as who sent them to you in the first place. BUT, it's not intuitive at all. For something that Google created, I've always been disappointed that it wasn't as intuitive or "pretty" as it could be; they created Gmail and Google (the search engine after all). What's more intuitive than Gmail and Google?

    Pros :

    You will know almost everything about your website data for free. In addition to who visited your site, you can find out where they visited from, who sent them to your website, how long they spend on your site, and which pages they accessed. All of this data is absolutely crucial when your website is designed to generate leads, like most websites I've worked on have been. This gives you insight into your potential customer and what content they're interested in as well as which demographic they are.

    Some of my favorite pros:

    • You can add your analytics code onto any of your landing pages to get traffic data.
    • You can calculate the ROI of web marketing efforts by tracking goal completions.
    • The Behavior Flow feature is completely underrated. It will show you the path that your website visitors took when browsing your website. This can be incredibly helpful if you're thinking about redesigning your website.
    • Referral traffic: For lead gen and SEO, it's crucial to know where your referral traffic is coming from so you can maximize on these sources.

    Cons :

    • As I mentioned before, my biggest and really only gripe with Google Analytics is that it's not intuitive at all.
    • If you're new to it or if you've been away from it for a while, it's so easy to get lost or spend an hour trying to pull a piece of data that was under your nose the whole time.

    • June 28, 2016
  • User review from

    Aquia Francisco

    I am a user of Google Analytics, it allows me to monitor traffic on my DIY and lifestyle blog. Features such as real-time monitoring are cool because you get to see the activity of viewers in real time which I can appreciate. Although Squarespace (my blogging platform) has built-in analytics, it's always nice to have a supplemental data reference. Google Analytics provides much more detail and shows me how my blog traffic and content is progressing in a big-picture type of way. That said, my overall impression is that I really love and appreciate the product and all of the information that is available at my fingertips. It truly helps shape my content and the way I deliver it.

    Pros :

    • There are a lot of pros. I love that on the initial dashboard, they provide an overview so you can see exactly how your traffic is progressing over a monthly, daily or hourly basis.
    • Page views, average sessions, audience size, etc. gives me a snapshot of what's happening and what type of content is most appealing for my audience
    • I also love how granular the information gets.
    • You can even break down your audience by gender, location, interest, age, etc. which is helpful in producing media kits and pitching my blog for brand collaborations, partnerships, sponsorships, etc.
    • I also like that you're able to export reports, so if I chose, I could collect reports month-over-month to see how the site has grown.

    Cons :

    • While I can't think of too many cons considering this is a platform that gives me all of this data for free, I can say that the information could be a little more intuitive.
    • Or, at least have an explanation or breakdown on what the data means big picture and maybe even offer suggestions for how to improve. Other than that, there aren't too many cons that I have.andnbsp;

    • June 17, 2016
  • User review from

    Matthew Veil

    Google Analytics is the gold standard for any and all other tracking tools. It can also be connected with so many other tools because of how much information it can provide. Without much help, you can understand the basics and collaborate with a team of marketers and web developers. It is one of the main reports I use for clients. This is one piece online that if you are not using as a business you have to, not should, have to.

    Pros :

    • Even a novice can integrate it with a website.
    • I personally like being able to use it for Google Webmaster tool integration and other plugins I use on WordPress.
    • Along with that, I've used it in Moz, my CRM, and other online software I use for my daily business.

    Cons :

    • It's not for novices. Basic data can be interpreted by beginners, but you need to learn the different elements involved and how it can be used for other tools you use for tracking and marketing.

    • June 11, 2016
  • User review from

    Michael Al-Megdad

    Google Analytics is the first item any new company should add to their website. Not only is Google Analytics free it provides invaluable marketing data on how individuals get to your site, what pages they go to and even where/how these individuals are converting (via Google Goals).

    Google has always made powerful software and they've been generous in giving a lot of it away for free. Google Analytics was originally a paid software solution from a company called Urchin. If memory serves, they were charging a $1,000 a month ... Google bought them, integrated them into their platform and made it free. Can't beat that!

    Pros :

    • All this data is free! There is nothing quite like getting something incredibly valuable for no cost!
    • The installation of Google Analytics is also quite easy. Simply add their asynchronous tracking code to your site and Google will start collecting data. Any website designer or even aandnbsp; person with limited knowledge of HTML can easily add it to their site.
    • For those that would like to learn more about Google Analytics, there is a free educational site provided by Google (https://analyticsacademy.withgoogle.com/) ... If you have the time, you can become an expert from their classes and free up funds that would be otherwise spent on a consultant.

    Cons :

    • Google Analytics intimidates a lot of marketers. Its features are powerful and numerous and for those just starting off with marketing or just launching a business may get lost in the details. My advice for this don't let Google Analytics overwhelm you ... stick with the basics like how people are getting to your site, seeing the most popular content, etc. and grow with the platform over time.
    • For those experimenting with Adwords, Google Analytics seamlessly syncs up with your campaigns. While Google Analytics has been amazing for us, our Adwords campaigns have not been successful compared to other paid media channels.

    • May 27, 2016
  • User review from

    Matthew Pfeiffer

    Overall I have been very pleased with 10 years of using Google Analytics for all of our website tracking needs.

    Pros :

    • Integration with many 3rd party systems. Super easy to use. Does a great job tracking and proving ROI for marketing campaigns, especially when combined with using Google Adwords.
    • Automated sending of reports via email in different formats is easy to set up, and very helpful when having to maintain 100 websites and needing to communicate results on a monthly basis with a large number of recipients.
    • We also use Google Analytics for tracking overall usage within our Apple iPhone and Android apps.
    • Gives us a bunch of insight into which parts of our apps are being used the most so that we can focus efforts there in future development.
    • One of the most obvious huge PROs for Google Analytics is that for the entire time I have used them, we have never paid one cent for the service, and have never outgrown the free tier.

    Cons :

    • One big CON for us, since we manage so many websites, is that once you create a property within a specific Grouping, you can't move that property around. This has been hard for us since we have so many different website properties, and over 10 years, we have certainly needed to "re-organize" those properties into different groupings.
    • So, at this point, it feels very scattered, and harder to find the property at all within their interface.
    • Currently, the only solution to this is to delete the property and create it again within the grouping you wanted to move it to in the first place.
    • The major downside to this is that you effectively lose 100% of the data in the account that you deleted.
    • So, this is not a workaround that I recommend, nor one that we have tried using.

    • May 24, 2016
  • User review from

    Sara Luisa Hincapie

    I've been using Google Analytics for years, and I feel the product has stalled. Before, it didn't have the competition it has now and the competition is much better. I rather use Mixpanel than this suite because of the easiness and accuracy of the latter, but then again it's a free tool that can help small business take control of their online data and make data-driven decisions.andnbsp;

    The user experience is good, It's easy to understand even if you aren't seasoned, marketers.Very easy to set up, just paste the code and let it roll. The data will come instantly.andnbsp; Demographics is also a big part of the Google Analytics suite, you can find a lot of things about people that visit your site such as operating system, device, language and country among others.

    Pros : What I like the most:

    • Customizable goals you can set up, but they are a tad inaccurate. Also, you can customize some reports and even get the blueprints from other users. There are great user reports that you can use in your own enterprise.
    • The integration with Adwords is amazing because you can measure the bounce rate and goals from your campaign.
    • You can also track youtube video views and clicks.
    • You can apply many filters and comparisons to get a better understanding of your data.
    • The education resources are very good. Google is a content powerhouse and it does not disappoint in this matter .

    Cons :

    Things I don't like:

    • Not very accurate with referring domains and direct traffic.
    • There are very complex visualizations on the data like the funnels and the tree.
    • Stuck in time, not rolling out new features.
    • A lot of source and medium metrics appear as direct traffic.
    • SEO metrics are lacking, the keywords are not very accurate.

    • May 16, 2016
  • User review from

    James McQuillin

    When I started my very first business, registered an LLC, developed an idea and business model, etc... I knew I would soon need a website. Without prior web design or web development experience, I had hoped to find an easy solution to do this myself. andnbsp;More importantly, with a marketing degree, I knew the vast importance of knowing WHO visits my website and try to capture as much information as possible.

    Google Analytics connects to my domain and allows me to do exactly this. At this self-taught stage, I know I am missing out on some powerful features Google Analytics offers. In time, I plan to use their Analytics Academy to fill in my knowledge gaps and make sure I am maximizing my time and efforts for my business.

    Pros :

    • I can view daily traffic as well as live traffic.
    • I can see demographic information as well as what device, operating system, and browser the visitor was using when they accessed my site.
    • I can see how long the average user stays on the site before leaving (bouncing) within a set time.
    • I can create custom reports based on what is most relevant to my business or most important to what I want to track. andnbsp;
    • The fact that Analytics Academy is offered for free is a great resource for anybody to learn more, enhance their knowledge, or master the platform.

    Cons :

    • Occasionally, I have felt some confusion bouncing between Google My Business, Google Analytics, Google AdWords, and Google's webmaster tools.andnbsp; As a beginner in this space, it is all new to me and a little overwhelming initially.
    • However, I am fairly tech-intuitive and was able to manage. I do not consider any difficulties with Google Analytics to be a true con, however, because as I mentioned, there is an Analytics Academy that is offered completely free.andnbsp;
    • I would suggest anyone who is not 100% comfortable with Google Analytics set aside time (as I intend to) to thoroughly go through this program.

    • May 10, 2016
  • User review from

    Alec Bruns

    Google Analytics is an analytic service to help users track information on their website. This includes many demographics such as region, age, returning users, etc. It is a very nice service and can be used for simple or advanced reports depending on what you wish to do with it and what you are looking to find for your website.andnbsp;

    Pros :

    • Important information about any user who visits your page is readily available which is by far a very big plus.
    • With it, there is a large range of reports and stats that can be drawn from Google Analytic.
    • Very basic reports can be made for your site such as just a traffic analysis-what day and time is the site visited the most. But, you can get into much more complicated tasks and reports for more complicated ideas that you may want to see about your site.
    • Because it is made by Google, any bugs you may come across are fixed very quickly, and it is updated often with improvements to give the best user experience.
    • There is also a pro version that offers, even more, benefits and abilities to manage and report on your website.
    • If you get lost, there is always a tutorial online to help walk you through the software to get the most out of it.

    Cons :

    • Google analytic can be very overwhelming at first. There is a lot of info and tabs to look through.
    • Using it and getting what you want out of it can take time and some may not want to do that.
    • The fact that there is no official tutorial published by Google is slightly concerning considering how complicated the software is and how much can be done with it.
    • In addition, the price of the pro edition is incredibly expensive and basically only open to large business with money to spend on end analytics.

    • April 30, 2016
  • User review from

    Alejandra López

    I discovered Google Analytics when I made a Redbubble account and started uploading my work. I wanted to keep track of how many visitors my page had, saw my content, know which of those contents was the most popular.. overall statistics about my page and how to manage it.

    I found this platform to be very user-friendly and tried it with my portfolio, it was the best decision I've made. I can now see how many people come to my site, what they do when they're there, how much time they spend on a tab and which of my posts are more popular.

    Pros :

    • It gives you important information about the types of costumers who visit your page, so managing your content is easier and more effective.
    • The range of reports and statistics are amazing. It makes basic reports, but it also allows you to dig deeper and make advanced analysis of your data results.
    • Even if you don't really know how to use it, there are several videos online and across the tool to help and teach you how to use it.
    • It is a software made by Google, so it is constantly updating and getting new features.
    • There is also a mobile app analytic, but I've never tried it.
    • It is also free software, so my advice is to go ahead and give it a try!

    Cons :

    • At first glance it looks like a complex platform, it can be a little overwhelming, there should be a video guided walkthrough / tour when you first sign up.
    • Complex visualization of the data like the views flow are great, but kind of hard to customize and applying filtering actions is nearly impossible.
    • Once you understand how the page / system works you'll see it's quite simple to use, very effective, and it'll become a fun / interesting tool to use.

    • April 21, 2016
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