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  • No more excuses, dear website owners. There’s an easy way to make your websites mobile-friendly, and its name is DudaMobile. Just use it :)! I’d be happy to learn about your experience with this web service – just drop a comment below this post.

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  • Overall, I liked the Duda Mobile interface and the job it did on translating my WordPress site into a mobile interface. What I didn't like was the lack of instructions. There's too much reliance on graphics. The other thing I wasn't fond of was the need to learn proprietary code, which adds to the learning curve. Still, despite the drawbacks, I liked the interface, the ease of use and the options. I recommend you take Duda Mobile for a test drive and see what it can do for you.

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  • Dudamobile represents a good way to get a mobile site off the ground cheaply and effectively. It offers a lot of control over your mobile site design, without things getting too complicated. It's especially handy for small businesses that need a simple mobile site, or bands and musicians who’d like to offer an ‘app-like’ experience of their site on a smartphone without shelling out for an app developer. It's not for big corporates though, or anybody needing very specific / sophisticated functionality from a mobile site. Overall, we're impressed, but as with any product we review, we always suggest you try it out properly using the free trial before purchasing, to ensure it meets your requirements.

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  • Overall I rate DudaMobile 10/10 until I come across any problem… which I don’t see happening anytime soon.

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  • Duda Mobile is low cost, so much so that few sites offer similar value for money. With a strong list of practical features, well designed sites and great automatic conversion options, we felt that Duda offered excellent value for money. You can try out any of the systems for free for a limited period too, which gives you the chance to better understand how everything works and whether or not this service would be best for you. This isn't to say that Duda is perfect, though. You can find more sophisticated analysis tools elsewhere and their marketing options are somewhat limited in areas. Our main concern with Duda was with their customer service, which was fine but could use some improvement. This improvement should focus primarily on their website, which could offer more samples and general guidance. That said, there are a substantial number of DudaMobile tutorials and general videos uploaded onto Vimeo, as well as a community section to explore.

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  • DudaMobile is a mobile-website builder at the top of its game. The construction tools are intelligent and effortless. The automatic website conversion warrants a look even if you already have a mobile website. There are stylish and thorough features to integrate images, video and social media with your business aspirations. We had some issue with the lack of a phone or live chat support feature. However, there were several avenues to prevent you from ever making a mistake as you create a mobile site. If you want to create a mobile website for your business that is professional, refined and personalized, Duda provides the best mobile-website builder.

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  • DudaMobile remains as one of the best website to mobile converters currently in the market today due to it’s capability and cost.

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