What is Ireland famous for?

Ireland now has another reason to be famous – its datacenters. The current boom in cloud computing is causing another one in Ireland. Google, Twitter, LinkedIn and Zynga have all chosen Ireland for their European HQs. Amazon has built its European zone cloud centers in Ireland and the Irish government has signed up with many more cloud innovation majors such as Engine Yard and Pinger. Major changes are also in the offing as far as the regulatory compliance and privacy laws are concerned. The government is supporting the companies strongly and they are flocking to Ireland in response.

Dublin today has the largest concentration of data centers in Europe. This itself tends to attract highly skilled workers to the area because jobs are a plenty and lateral movement is no issue.

Environmentally, Ireland couldn’t offer more. It is cool and predictable. Microsoft’s data center in Dublin uses ‘free air‘ cooling that goes no to save costs substantially. Power in any case is no issue.

The government realizes that while data centers do not generate much employment, the tariff they generate is of great value in the troubled financial phase the country is passing through.

Expect more sops.


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