User Rewards


You are entitled to points for contributing to Cloudswave: completing your profile, writing a review, buying a deal and when friends or colleagues accept your invitation to join us and purchase a deal. Your point total can be exchanged for Cloudswave Credits.

You can then use Cloudswave Credits to purchase Deals or Gifts Keep in mind that your contribution is greatly appreciated and will certainly assist others looking to buy the same business software as you.
Your point total will also make you eligible to win great prizes in contests that we will regularly organize.

You can see your point total in the upper right on your user dashboard . See below for more info on how to earn points.

How do I earn points ?

  • Completed Profile +5 points
  • Buy a Deal or Digital Gift +20 points
  • Submit Reviews With Linkedin
    • attributed review +10 points
    • unattributed review +5 points
  • Submit Reviews With Email
    • attributed review +5 points
    • unattributed review +3 points
  • Invite a Friend
    • friend buys his first deal +15 points

Cloudswave Credits

You can exchange your points for Cloudswave Credits to purchase Deals and Gifts we offer according to the following scale : 100 points = 10 $.


  • An ‘attributed’ review simply means that you let us display your information along with your review
  • If you convert your attributed reviews points to Cloudswave Credits, the display status of these reviews will be fixed.
  • If you use completed profile points for Cloudswave Credits, you will be able to modify your profile information, but not delete them.
  • To earn referral points, your friend or colleague must visit Cloudswave via the invite link you sent them, sign up as a user and buy a deal.
  • The minimum Score that you can convert into Cloudswave Credits is 100 points.