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About Web CEO

Web CEO is a set of 15 cloud-based tools for SEO, Social Media Analytics and Competitive Analysis. These tools, along with a detailed SEO Roadmap, will help you get started with your SEO/SEM activities easily and even start providing professional SEO services and earn big margins.

With the Competitor Metrics module and the Keyword Research tool, you'll analyze your competitive niche and choose the most effective keywords for your site. The SEO Analysis tool and the Technical Auditor will help you check your site for SEO issues and technical problems and then optimize your site content and structure for the search engines and Social Media.

Your link building activities will be done safely and professionally, thanks to the Backlink Checker and the Toxic Links module, Chosen Links Watch and the other Pro SEO tools within the WebCEO Platform.

You'll also get the most important Social Media Analytics data with the Web Buzz Monitoring, Social Engagement and Facebook Insights modules of Web CEO.

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Features & Specifications

Key Features


Supported languages
English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Russian, Chinese, Portuguese
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World Wide
Supported Platforms
  • Web Based
  • Mobile Web
  • Desktop Windows
  • Desktop Mac OSX
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Domain Authority 55
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Plans & Pricing


Try it Now


  • 2 Projects
  • 6 Keywords in Rank Checker
  • 4 Keywords in Social Buzz Tracker
  • 40 Analyzed Backlinks
  • 200 Crawled Pages
  • 1 Free SEO Lead / day
  • No Scheduled Report Scanning
  • Report Branding
  • No multi-user access


for 1 Month / Unlimited user(s)


  • 200 Keywords in Rank Checker
  • 25 Keywords in Social Buzz Tracker
  • 5,000 Analyzed Backlinks
  • 5,000 Crawled Pages
  • 5 Free SEO Leads / day
  • Scheduled Report Scanning
  • Report Branding
  • Unlimited Users

Agency Unlimited

for 1 Month / Unlimited user(s)


  • + scanning fees
  • Unlimited Projects
  • Unlimited Keywords in Rank Checker
  • Unlimited Keywords in Social Buzz Tracker
  • Unlimited Analyzed Backlinks
  • Unlimited Crawled Pages
  • 5 Free SEO Leads / day + Unlimited leads extra ($0.49 per lead)
  • A LeadGen Widget on Your Site
  • Scheduled Report Scanning
  • Report Branding
  • White-Label SEO tools on Your Domain
  • Unlimited Users


for 1 Month / Unlimited user(s)


  • 25 Projects
  • 500 Keywords in Rank Checker
  • 250 Keywords in Social Buzz Tracker
  • 75,000 Analyzed Backlinks
  • 125,000 Crawled Pages
  • 5 Free SEO Leads / day
  • Scheduled Report Scanning
  • Report Branding
  • Unlimited Users


for 1 Month / Unlimited user(s)


  • 50 Projects
  • 2,000 Keywords in Rank Checker
  • 1,000 Keywords in Social Buzz Tracker
  • 1,250,000 Analyzed Backlinks
  • 1,250,000 Crawled Pages
  • 15 Free SEO Leads / day
  • Scheduled Report Scanning
  • Report Branding
  • Unlimited Users

How to Get Your Web CEO Free Trial

Founded in 2000, Web CEO is a powerful internet marketing platform that offers individual users and business owners a wide range of SEO tools. The platform has more than 162,000 registered users, and the company is a white label partner for many large content management systems and hosting companies. The best part of all: users also get to take advantage of plenty social media marketing features like social media buzz tracker, comprehensive to-do lists, visitor tracking, etc. Do you plan on using Web CEO? If yes, these simple tips will help you obtain a free trial:

Step 1:

Web CEO Free Trial Step 1

Enter Web CEO's website and explore it to understand how the software application works and what features it offers. Once done, just click on “Sign up Free”, located at the center of the page (highlighted in red).

Step 2:

Web CEO Free Trial Step 2

Upon clicking on “Sign up Free”, you will see the above page. To sign up, you have four options. First is to enter your email address and password and click on “Sign Up Free”. The others include signing up with your Facebook, Google+ or Yahoo accounts. Choose the signup option that suits you the best and enter your password to create an account.

Step 3:

Web CEO Free Trial Step 3

By creating an account, you can access to the most basic features of Web CEO. However, if you want to unlock the platform’s full potential, consider purchasing a monthly subscription package. There are four plans available: Agency Unlimited, Agency Fixed, Corporate, and Startup. Choose the one that best suits your needs and requirements and enjoy using Web CEO and its useful features.

Now that you got familiar with the tips mentioned above, obtaining a free trial at Web CEO won’t be a problem.


Web CEO Review by Cloudswave

In online marketing, search engine optimization (SEO) is a vital marketing strategy that helps businesses gain better search visibility for their brand, products, or services. Proof of SEO’s importance is Google now processing at least 2 trillion searches per year from 2012’s 1.2 trillion. A recent Nielsen survey also found that most shoppers research online before making a purchase, i.e., look up product information, compare prices, or click ads to find out more.

SEO is a technical field that heavily relies on data mined from a myriad of sources. But manually gathering data for crunching and analysis isn’t the best use of your team’s time, and hence the need for SEO tools to lighten the load for marketers.

One such SEO software is WebCEO, which carries a comprehensive suite of SEO tools that both beginner and expert SEOs can use to boost their sites’ online rankings. Tools included are keyword research, internal links optimization, backlink quality check, toxic links identification and removal, among many others. WebCEO is both a desktop and web service, and this review will focus on the web version.

Setup and Implementation

add a new project

Because WebCEO resides in the cloud, there’s no software download and installation necessary. All you need is sign up for an account and you’re ready to analyze and optimize the SEO health of your websites – anytime, anywhere. To test drive the application, sign up for a free account to see if it fits your needs.

WebCEO Dashboard


When you log in to WebCEO, the dashboard shows you a snapshot of your current projects, and depending on the widgets you’ve chosen at setup (which you can also edit as you go), you get a high-level view of the SEO status of your websites.

For example:

  • Did your sites’ rankings or total backlinks go up or down since they were last scanned?
  • How many broken links need fixing?
  • How many people visited the website last week?
  • How many likes, shares, and comments have your Facebook and Google+ pages garnered over time?

For a more granular look into the data, click on the site’s name. From the drop-down menu to the right of the site’s name, select the appropriate SEO tool to, say, assess a keyword’s efficiency index or spy on a competitor’s keywords or backlink profile.

Should you need to add another website to analyze and optimize, click on the Add Project button, and the widgets you choose can be arranged any way you want, with the data filtered according to what you only need shown.

add widget

The dashboard is also where you tweak your account’s settings, upload a logo for interface and report branding, enable the WebCEO API access if you need WebCEO data streamed to an in-house or third-party application, check your billing profile and history, configure the interface’s language settings, activate the white-label domain service, and more.

The Reports menu on the right-hand side of the dashboard lets you manage consolidated PDF and CSV reports, create email alerts, and design your branded reports’ layout. The Users menu, which is to the right of the Reports menu, allows you to create groups, add users, configure user roles, and create project scan limits for certain user profiles to save on scanning costs.

Agency Tools

White-Label Domain

For agencies offering SEO services, WebCEO functions as a one-stop shop for all your clients’ SEO needs. Aside from consolidated SEO reports that you can brand accordingly, WebCEO offers a white-label platform that gives your teams and clients access to a custom domain or subdomain that hosts their web-based SEO tools.

If you’re a SaaS company seeking to avoid the added costs of developing your own SEO tools, this feature lets you provide a self-service SEO portal to your clients as a value-added service.

Sales Lead Generation

seo lead generation

Another agency feature worth noting is the customizable SEO audit button that you can place anywhere on your site. Visitors can then click on the button to request a free audit report. Use this as an opportunity to gather their contact information, offer your services, and turn them into paying customers. The SEO reports are personalized with your brand colors and logo, without any mention of WebCEO.

SEO Tools

If just one word is allowed to describe WebCEO, that would be “versatility.” Its built-in SEO tools cover a gamut of uses – from keyword analysis to competitor research, from on-page optimization to devising a backlink strategy, from social buzz monitoring to technical site audits. Once you find your way around it, you get good value for your money.

WebCEO’s tools fall under four buckets: Site Audit, Link Building, Social Metrics, and Marketing Analytics.

Site Audit

on-page optimization

When it comes to search engine marketing, keywords will never go out of style – at least not in the foreseeable future – regardless of the many different ways the search engines tweak their algorithms.

WebCEO shows you your competitor’s keywords, provides suggestions on which keywords to use for better rankings, lets you create local search parameters to track how your keywords rank in a particular geographic region, and you can perform technical website audits, such as for broken links, URL errors, server issues, page access issues, and so on. It also presents error trends in graphical format so you know, even at a glance, what’s happening over time.

Included in the Site Audit category are keyword research, internal links optimization, technical audit, SEO analysis, and sitemap generation.

Link Building

Quality backlinks improve a site’s search visibility, and WebCEO sees to it that all links pointing back to your site do not harm its integrity. The Backlink Quality Checker lets you weed out toxic links and report them to Google in a few clicks. The Backlink Competitor Spy lets you check your competitors’ backlinks and sort them according to trust flow, allowing you to then perform needed actions to ensure you have links coming from trusted pages on the internet.

For the Link Building category, tools you get conduct backlink quality checks, competitor backlink intelligence, monitoring of specific links, and content submission.

Social Metrics

While distinct in their uses and objectives, social media and SEO work well together. They form the pillars of an effective online marketing strategy. WebCEO, through its web buzz monitoring tool, lists all the blogs and online publications that talk about the keywords you’re looking for, which is the first step in finding people and partners who could write about your product or service.

It also has a Twitter buzz monitoring feature that shows you all the Twitter profiles mentioning the keywords that matter to you. Depending on how relevant they are to your industry or purpose, it helps you identify the people and entities to follow and engage with, the tweets to retweet to your audience, and so on.

The Social Metrics category includes web buzz monitoring, social engagement, and Facebook insights.

Marketing Analytics

WebCEO’s rank tracking functionality lets you monitor how your keywords rank on selected search engines and locales and devices, how your site fares against competitors, and if your ranking positions are improving compared to previous scans.

The web analytics feature pulls your site’s data from Google Analytics (you’ll have to authorize WebCEO to enable this), as well as competitor traffic ranking from Alexa and compete.com. The competitor metrics tool provides a graphical overview of your site’s position versus competitors in terms of total backlinks, average ranking, and traffic.

Marketing Analytics covers rank tracking, web analytics, Google Search Console, and competitor metrics.

Who Should Use WebCEO

WebCEO is a tool that works for businesses of various sizes in a variety of industries. It’s perfect for freelancers, SEO agencies, in-house SEO teams, and software startups.

Why WebCEO

Aside from the software being readily accessible in the cloud, WebCEO carries all the SEO tools agencies need to provide top-notch SEO services to their customers. Its tiered subscription scheme allows freelancers and startups to begin with the most cost-effective option, then scale up as their business grows. A forever free account with limited features is likewise available.

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Critic Reviews

  • 86

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    Rating based on 69 Critic Reviews

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  • What do you like best?

    WebCEO provides full white label reporting capability, even for free plans. The ability to customize the report content for each client project is excellent, and easy to use. One of my clients said that every other SEO professional has talked about SEO with "smoke and mirrors" and the reports we provide from WebCEO give clear, actionable data. Another great feature is the Keyword basket, and the ability to tag keywords. This gives us good organization tools for each project when we are doing keyword analysis.

    What do you dislike?

    The competitor analysis tools are a bit lacking. They are all passive research tools, but nothing active. For example, I would really like to be able to follow competitors and get alerts on competitor keyword actions and new SEO results for competitors, such as is possible with iSpionage.com software.
    Second complaint is that the reporting currently only goes back for a 12 month period. We have several clients who have seasonal businesses, where their traffic and keyword activity has strong peaks and valleys in certain months of the year. WebCEO has said they will probably extend this to 18 months eventually to better serve seasonal clients, but so far it's not available, which is problematic for clients with this business pattern.

    Recommendations to others considering the product

    Sign up for the free account and really test it out on a few projects. Play with all the features before committing to a paid plan.

    What business problems are you solving?

    What benefits have you realized?
    Needed this type of tool to provide clear, objective reports for our clients on how the site SEO is performing that is more understandable and detailed than Google Analytics.

  • Overall, Web CEO offer wide range of features to help rank better on search engine and get more traffic


    Keyword ranking for specific location, Automatic submission to search engines, Automatic extraction of title, metatag and keywords from the site

    Spread out knowledge base updates (currently it has to be downloaded every 2 weeks)

  • Web CEO Online is one of the leading SEO tools in the market today, offering a comprehensive suite of tools, as well as White Label Domain functionality aimed at SEO specialists and companies. Moreover, it is a wonderfully thought out and well-designed product that both newcomers and veterans alike will find it a joy to use, making their work that much more efficient.

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