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About Sprinklr

Sprinklr affords a full social software program that assists enterprises to control customer experience at each interaction. The platform provides end-to-end social functionality spanning paid media, controlled media, and gained media for big company customers.

The product was granted the 2014 North American Frost and Sullivan Award for New Product Innovation Leadership by Frost and Sullivan.

Sprinklr's social media management platform is created for enterprise deployment and integration. It makes social media a center function for every one of your company lines, comprising Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, PR, Events, and Crisis Management.

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Features & Specifications

Key Features

  • Social Engagement
  • Social Campaign Management
  • Social Listening Insights
  • Social Apps
  • Social CRM
  • Mobile Suite
  • Social Publishing
  • Command Center: Device Independent Display Infrastructure


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English, Chinese, Portuguese
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World Wide
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  • Desktop Linux
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  • Sprinklr Use Cases and Deployment ScopeSprinklr is used for complete social media management - from content, to listening, to reporting. Sprinklr is used by 20 marketing professionals and has streamlined our social media marketing efforts across multiple divisions.

    Pros : Sprinklr allows for multiple users to apply select targeting to streamline social media marketing efforts across different locationsSprinklr has amazing customer service and is always there when you have questionsAlmost everything is customizable to can be configured to meet the needs of your business

    Cons : Sprinklr is a huge, huge tool that can do an abundance of different things making it feel overwhelming at timesSprinklr offers a large variety of training classes, however, they are rather pricey

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    Jonathan Hatch, MBA

    Sprinklr really does do it all! Looking for a solution for Enterprise Social Media Management? Check out Sprinklr! From day one I was impressed by their staff and their ability to actively listen to our needs and concerns. We always wanted a one-stop-shop for Social Media management, listening, and analytics and Sprinklr checks each of those boxes. It's not perfect, by far, but it's definitely a great start. The company is constantly improving their services and is rapidly acquiring other companies that will help them enhance their products. After onboarding with Sprinklr, they continued to help us with anything we needed help with, always addressing our concerns in a timely manner. There are so many things about Sprinklr that simply make the job easier!

    Pros :

    • Sprinklr is a one stop shop for social media management, social listening, and analytics all in one place.
    • Excellent and knowledgeable support from the whole team.
    • The analytics are beautiful and in depth, perfect for justifying ROI.
    • Their account reps will knock your socks off, and there on boarding and continued support staff will always be there for you. I love the asset manager.
    • You can store all your docs, photos, and videos within Sprinklr.
    • Great for using more than once or repurposing in the future!

    Cons :

    • A bit pricey, so it's better suited for larger enterprises. In-depth learning curve.
    • Even though it's nicer than other platforms like Radian6, it will still take you a good amount of time to know your way around.
    • Tagging posts can be a bit tedious, as can be the automation rules that you would need to setup if you don't want to manually tag everything.
    • Missing some simple functionalities like link shortening prior to a post going live.
    • It can shorten a link, but not until the post goes out, meaning you lose valuable character space when composing a tweet.
    • Also, you cannot add your personal accounts without them being accessible by the whole team. HootSuite lets you.

    • November 17, 2015
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