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  • If you’re looking for a tool to help you discover content about a topic—perhaps for research or ideas for your own publications—Scoop.it’s a simple way to stay informed of the most popular online content. It’s also a great place to build a community about the topics most important to you, and share links and other content in an easy-to-use yet professional way.

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  • Scoop.it Rocks.

    I have been using Scoop.it continuously since February 2011 and have watched it evolve into the great curation platform it is today. I have just been provided access to a Beta of V5 which on early examination, looks like it will take the platform to another level for serious content curators. My single Scoop.it topic (Business Improvement) has attracted 118,000 followers from the business community throughout the English speaking world. As a management consultant working primarily with small to medium businesses, I have found Scoop.it an invaluable tool for discovering, sharing and storing great content that my followers and clients can use to improve their businesses.

    Pros : Ease of use. Always being improved. Inexpensive. Great customer support. Very Stable platform. Founders active and visibly committed.

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    Great app!

    I use this app for my business as well as personally. I need pertinent content quickly, without having to muddle through all the noise. Most intriguingly, is that Scoop.it also provides me with a way to privately collect the publications that I don't want other people to see that I'm interested in. This way, I can have a way to easily share sensitive information (like competitor publications) with the rest of my team.

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    "IT" is a wonderful free social network without politics. IT is free now and always will be.

    Pros : IT is fun and free. I am sick of the politics on other social networks. The IT social network does not have this problem.

    Cons : I really look forward to improved ways to share the site with others.

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  • Wanna be the Whiz Kid in Your Field? Find it, Scoop.it, Share it!

    Scoop.it Content Director Use Cases and Deployment ScopeI first began with Scoop.it to discover and share interesting articles with other writers, authors, and aspiring authors. Daily I scour the web for news and changing trends in the self-publishing industry. As an author, I use it to help build my platform and position myself as an expert. As I progressed, I found Scoop.it very powerful in enabling me to share content--and share it quickly. If I find an article worth sharing, I can use the Scoop.it bookmarklet to grab it, write my review, set up relevant tags for SEO, share on multiple social media networks, and even publish to my blog! Content curation with Scoop.it has helped me sharpen my writing and social media skills, learn, teach, and interact with other professionals. Oh, and it's fun, too!

    Pros : Provides suggestions daily for each of your topics depending on keywords you choose. There is no guesswork about what to share.Allows sharing of your content to various social media outlets with the touch of a button. Your content gets spread quickly.Your own beautiful front page functions as your website. It shows the curator profile, and all your topics.

    Cons : Low Adoption rate by social media users. Most writers still don't understand how it can benefit their author platform.Pricing for business version can be a bit out of the league of most writers. Full version is $79/month. You can always use the free version.

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    Very good, solid tool.

    Scoop.it Content Director Use Cases and Deployment ScopeI personally use Scoop.it to curate articles on current technology uses in education.  It is not being used across a department or organization.  It addresses the countless hours of research that would be necessary to keep abreast of latest developments.

    Pros : It pulls articles from a vast array of sources based on particular keywords.The reminders of what is occurring with respect to Scoop.it via email is wonderful.Allows for following other "Scoopers."

    Cons : Can't seem to get the advertisements for products blocked from the suggestions area. Scrolling through all of them is a real time wasting activity.

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    Couldn't be happier with the product

    Scoop.it Content Director Use Cases and Deployment ScopeWe use Scoop.it to help us sift through the thousands of education-related articles that circulate on the internet every day. It helps us keep a better pulse on what our members, advocates and followers care about. Scoop.it makes sharing and re-sharing on our social platforms extremely easy. Some of our most retweeted and most shared items are from articles we found on Scoop.it

    Pros : Narrows the amount of articles to sift through every dayMakes sharing good content simpleKeeps track of analytics

    Cons : It's easy to overuse Scoop.it, it's so easy to share, you might not initially realize just how often you are sharing posts.

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