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  • I really like it

    This is the best software to monitor what's being said about your company and product. I have been using Google Alerts for a long time and I should say that it misses a half of mentions you should be aware of. It monitors any mentions in real time, so you'll never miss anything.

    Pros : - Cool interfaces - Email notifications - Fear prices

    Cons : - Everything is just great

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    One of my favorite apps!

    Mention is exactly what I had been searching for. See, google alerts are only so good and they mostly show you articles that make it into the news. But as any good marketer knows, there are many conversations taking place across the web and social media. To use it, you just setup an alert similar to google alerts and then the results are populated with fresh posts/articles/comments/threads about your alert keywords. It will also send you an email with these alerts so you can stay up to date with recent posts. I find it helpful because I have a few different companies and this way I can stay on top of conversations that are happening without spending hours out of my day searching for conversations to join.

    Pros : Ease of use. Saves time. Quick setup. Always works. Has filters to remove garbage sites. They improve the software often.

    Cons : Would like more alerts for less money.

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    Better monitoring than Meltwater & Google Alerts

    Our company was using Google Alerts and Meltwater to monitor media coverage, but I still had colleagues sending me articles we were mentioned it that those services neglected to find. I asked how he was monitoring these and he told me Mention. I immediately signed up and have been very happy ever since. Their crawlers find several more pickups and coverage that Meltwater and Google Alerts combined.

    Pros : Very thorough, monitors several sites, not just editorail pubs. Also includes forums, small blogs, etc.

    Cons : The free trial dashboard isn't as intuitive as I hoped it would be, but what can you expect when it's free so no real complaints.

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  • What we like about mention is that it is priced very well considering the functionality that is provided. Typically you pay the big bucks for apps such as Mention.
    At a minimum you should be monitoring your brand name online. Mention is a cost effective and comprehensive tool that you should consider.

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  • What do you like best?

    Mention has made it very easy and simple to track conversations about our brand across the web. I am able to respond to these "mentions" in real time, be them negative or positive, and have received great feedback in both cases. Mention also allows you to flag a comment that is especially important or even send a task related to a mention to a teammate for them to respond to.

    What do you dislike?

    I have not run into any particular issues using the Mention dashboard, but do look forward to any new features that may develop. The task management aspect of it has been the last part for me to use. While the dashboard is very user-friendly, asking coworkers to become active on yet another dashboard can be daunting. However, because this has been the most thorough and integrated dashboard I have found for such a thing, I believe that I will proceed with asking coworkers to use this. I only wish that it could be integrated with a social media dashboard such as Hoot Suite for scheduling purposes. It would be so convenient to have them all in one place! Still, I have generally experienced no issues.

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    What do you like best?

    The product itself is just really well designed, it allows me to track everything that I need, whether it is a unique term, my username on a particular social network, a common hashtag or a company. It allows me to understand the mood behind each "alert" - I use it to track requests for support, people talking about interesting stuff, hot-deals on stuff to buy, basically there are a million use cases for which you would want to use the power of mention!

    What do you dislike?

    Not much to dislike, it just works as intended, they don't lie about what they can and can't do!

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    What do you like best?

    It's simple and user friendly and gives you whatever information you possible need

    What do you dislike?

    My inbox can get flooded. I had to refine the search multiple times.

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  • The search-and-alert program Mention takes the concept of Google Alerts and blends it with social media monitoring tools, resulting in one rich package for businesses.


    -Searches the Internet for keywords and notifies you of mentions.
    -Rich features.
    -Includes social media sites in search results (or not if you exclude them).
    -Sentiment feature lets you track negative, positive, neutral content.
    -Available to try without providing a credit card.


    -Can't adjust column widths.
    -Terminology and navigation slightly confusing.

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