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  • LoginRadius provides defective software and its support team threatens its customers

    LoginRadius is perhaps the only software company that first tries to steal money from its customers, provides a defective software and then threatens its customers. Our company hired their service to develop a custom software. We waiting over 2 months and paid them thousands of dollars. At the end, what we got was a buggy software that refused to register our users to LoginRadius RaaS and caused our WordPress site to crash several times. We tried to work with their support team which was completely out of sync with our requirements. When we finally gave up after 4 months of patience, their support team sends a letter threatening us! Stay away from this company! They will charge exorbitantly for a buggy software and you keep struggling for months trying to integrate it with your website.

    Pros : Not a single positive thing about this company.

    Cons : - Their developers never read contracts and develop software programs in the most negligent manner. - Their support team is the most threatening you will ever come across. - The LoginRadius WordPress Plugin and LoginRadius RaaS are both defective and cause conflicts with your themes. We tried it with both their WordPress default TwentyFifteen theme as well as other advanced themes. It never works - For a company like LoginRadius, only money is more important and they will go to any extent to ge

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    Thorough APIs and unmatched support

    LoginRadius provides a very wide range of flexible and well-documented APIs, which were seamlessly integrated with our internal, bespoke 3rd party applications. LoginRadius' dashboard tool made it very simple to not only identify specific demographics of users, but parse out based on individual user segmentation. Their cloud storage has been exceptionally stable and we have experienced the highest uptime (which I've monitored!) and their support has exceeded everything we were promised - highly responsive. They obviously employ technically sound individuals who were willing to take the time to discuss our project in detail, make recommendations, and provide assistance around implementation. My technical team has also been very impressed with the level of service and product that's been provided.

    Pros : Very helpful and knowledgeable product people, technical support. Top notch APIs, thorough documentation.

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    Would recommend LoginRadius as a service!

    Opting to work with Login Radius greatly reduced our initial development time and costs, and the implementation process was efficient and seamless. As a result of using the Login Radius solution, we can worry less about compliance with the various social APIs, and focus more on creating beautiful websites for our clients. Working with Login Radius over the last year has been a great experience, the support and account teams have been extremely responsive to our requests and have worked with us to solve any issues we encountered along the way.

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  • In light of our experience, we will recommend LoginRadius to everyone, who would like to implement social media in his/her website without any glitch. Although there are some limitations in terms of analytics and customization in its free account, LoginRadius has a good free service, as well as paid. Moreover, we loved the whole interface of LoginRadius, as it does not cause any confusion. While we checked our premium versions of LoginRadius, they are good too, and offer advanced features as mentioned earlier. Therefore, while putting all these things in one bowl, we would recommend LoginRadius to our readers.

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  • According to our experience, LoginRadius is a must-use service for your social media marketing practices, especially if you are looking forward to promote your product or brand quite extensively. Particularly, we liked the abilities for analyzing data you have got from LoginRadius through various methods.

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  • LoginRadius, a web startup that’s positioned well on Canada’s top 100 startups of 2012 and utilizing the ever growing social media integration, has a very large potential for growth . LoginRadius enables the websites to provide member-like privileges to users without the need for them to actually register on the website and with the right marketing and awareness campaign in place, LoginRadius could surely be one of the Go-to options for social login integration services of small and big websites.

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  • LoginRadius works everywhere, independent of your website’s technology. The process of adding Social Login through LoginRadius to your website is quick and easy—they have plugins for WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and osCommerce, as well as SDKs for PHP, .NET, and Java websites. And for everything else, they have detailed technical documentation to assist you in developing your own add-on or SDK. You can get Social Login in mere minutes by installing one of their add-ons!

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