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  • Looking for a Social Customer Support solution?

    Lithium Social Web Use Cases and Deployment ScopeWe currently use Lithium Social Web across various areas of the Organisation from Marketing teams to our Customer Support teams for different parts of the business. Our teams in different areas using Lithium Social Web work closely and using this platform allows greater collaboration and a more seamless experience for our customers who contact us through various social streams and branded social accounts relating to different products and services.

    Pros : Case Management and conversation focused. Agents work on conversations which are grouped by author, historic interactions are available at a fingertip so context is always available. Lithium Social Web removes the hassle of tracking multiple interactions with the same user across various social platforms and presents all interactions as conversations.Ownership, agents assign a conversation to themselves when selecting it, this removes confusion. Only one agent can be assigned to a conversation a

    Cons : Analytics are improving, this is a new area for Lithium Social Web as part of the ongoing development of the product. We've seen a lot of new analytics added recently. Dashboards and more granular reporting or customisation of reporting is the only thing lacking.Mobile Analytics missing, Social is a fast moving space, some leadership and execs would love to have access to key metrics and analytics data through a smartphone while on the move to keep them on top of the latest trends and issues.Das

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    LSW-- Bottom line, it makes your team able to help more customers quickly and efficient

    Lithium Social Web Use Cases and Deployment ScopeLSW is our primary engagement platform for social customer interaction, team and individual metric reporting, and issue trending.  At this time we are the only department using the tool, however we handle social customer care issues across the entire enterprise, including residential and business class customers.  LSW enables us to monitor what are not considered traditional care properties, such as regional Twitter handles, and ensure other departments can focus on their strategies, while the online care team handles any customer impacting issues.  

    Pros : At-a-glance volume and engagement metrics help us manage our business in real time, and through tagging, can give us insight into issue drivers/locations.Offers a seamless hand off between agents on open cases-- LSW threads customer interactions, including public and private posts, into an easy to follow conversation, making it easy for the next agent to pick up where the previous left off.Custom close and "snooze" types allow us, from a reporting standpoint, to focus on different types of resol

    Cons : Lithium has been very responsive to our suggestions and needs. Many of the features we've asked for have been implemented via the new analytics tab. Even when we have the occasional hiccup with the system, Lithium's support team is quick to assist and provide a level of transparency that is greatly appreciated.

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    A very good contender in the Social platform environment for Enterprise customers

    Lithium Community Use Cases and Deployment ScopeLithium is an enterprise-grade social community platform, which is most commonly used to allow for interactions between B2B and B2C customer, prospects and partnering in either a  Support (call deflection), Marketing or Collaboration environment or context. Communities deployed by its customers are predominantly external-facing. The product is modular, so it can be expanded with additional functionality over time.  Lithium offers connectors to popular enterprise backend systems, such as Salesforce.  Additional connections or functionality can be programmed via APIs.  Most customers use professional service organizations to launch Lithium for them.

    Pros : Community - it has the robust functionality and all the bells and whistles that customers typically look forOut-of-the-box widgets - there are a number of out of the box widgets, such as "Most recent threads" or "Unanswered questions" that can be easily deployed throughout the community. Depending on where you deploy them, e.g., homepage vs. a specific board, these widgets "narrow down" their content based on the context you are in.Programmability - well documented APIs that allow you to custom

    Cons : Not a knock on the product per se - but each product in this space follows a certain philosophy. If customers don't want to learn that philosophy and thus force-feed Lithium to do something it's not designed, it becomes hard to implement and maintenance heavy. Same is true with jive and Salesforce CommunitiesDesign adaptation sometimes requires a lot of custom-programming. This is often caused by designers not fully understanding how communities work. On the other hand, esp. on homepages, in

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