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  • Great App, Great Service

    Within our center, we use IdeaScale as a way to engage staff in brainstorming like discussions that they otherwise would not be able to participate in. Topics range from internal office improvements to new policy implementation and the tool has been incredibly valuable for both senior leadership and the rest of the staff! Service with the IdeaScale time has always been top notch from getting quick responses to technical questions, discussions on campaign strategy, all the way to full program discussion within the office, IdeaScale has been great to work with every step of the way.

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    Cool Product for Ideation

    Working for the Social Security Administration we use IdeaScale to engage discussion with advocacy groups in the vast Disability area. Understanding that some are hesitant to try ´?¢new things,´?¢ my team had to be diligent in our quest to use this platform for ideation. Now, after the initial angst and the anonymity feature, we run 3 to 4 concurrent campaigns a month. This product is awesome

    Pros : Export to Microsoft Excel Feature Privacy settings Assign Moderator Settings Easy to code

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    Great for crowd-sourcing input on big projects

    Our library system has used IdeaScale to source feedback from both staff and the public on renovation projects, and it's proved to be a useful and easy-to-manage system for gathering and organizing that input.

    Pros : Very easy and intuitive to use, even for non-tech-savvy users, and allows for input to be built through conversations rather than just filling in forms. Wonderful, attentive support from IdeaScale staff. Helpful, easy-to-use metrics and a very cool, customizable infographic generator.

    Cons : The number of options for community moderation can be a bit overwhelming, and the function of each isn't always clear. Attached images show up very small, and attached links or documents could be placed or shown more prominently.

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  • If you’re looking for a simpler way to collect feedback and new ideas for your business or firm, Ideascale is a great way to accomplish this. With many different membership plans to choose from, affordable pricing and a no-risk free trial, there is nothing to lose.

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  • IdeaScale is a viable service for companies who develop a product and who have a large customer base. These companies would benefit from IdeaScale since they could solicit customer feedback in a professional, customer-friendly and efficient manner. IdeaScale's ability to have the most popular ideas "bubble up to the surface" makes it a time-saver for companies who are interested in their customers' feedback or who are looking for the next round of enhancements or product lines. IdeaScale is surely cheaper than dedicated Research & Development teams or Customer Service departments and it could possibly provide better results than those internal departments could, since IdeaScale truly represents the voice of the public.

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  • Traditional online research methods haven’t been so effective in fostering a sense of community among customers. In addition, its no secret that your customers are talking about your organization all over the social web: on sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, etc. IdeaScale was built to channel these discussions to both increase engagement and provide focused, effective feedback for your organization.

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  • There are many companies that would benefit from IdeaScale and it s no wonder that the US Government is using it. And while the price is a bit high, the service provided is extremely useful. So, IdeaScale is a way of interacting with the public, and your customer base, that s well worth looking into.

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  • IdeaScale appears to be an excellent way to gauge the consumer sentiment of a large customer base. They have put in the effort to develop a robust backend to their software which enables organizations to focus solely on the concerns of their idea campaigns as opposed to the technical aspects of the software. IdeaScale's easy sign-up and setup features have attracted many large corporations including W Hotels, Microsoft and Dupont.

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