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About Hootsuite

Hootsuite is a social relationship platform that empowers users to execute social media strategies across their organizations.

The service is commonly used to manage online brands and to submit messages to the Twitter microblogging service. Companies and organizations known to use Hootsuite include Facebook, the Obama administration, the New Jersey Devils, Martha Stewart Media, SXSW, Zappos, The Gap, LockerGnome, and LHC. Hootsuite provides a browser-based dashboard that allows users to keep updated on their Twitter account. There are both full and lite versions of the service. Hootsuite uses the URL shortener ow.ly to shorten URLs submitted to its service.

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Features & Specifications

Key Features

  • Update multiple networks in one step
  • Manage multiple contributors
  • Optimize delivery


Supported languages
English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Japanese, Portuguese
Serviceable Area
Australia,  Canada,  China,  India,  United Kingdom,  United States
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Ratings Summary

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Domain Authority 90
Alexa Rank 716
Facebook 92
Twitter 100
Google+ 100
Integration 100
Platforms 79
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Merchant insight

Hootsuite is the most widely used platform for managing social media, loved by over 10 million people around the globe and trusted by more than 800 of the Fortune 1000. With Hootsuite, brands harness the power of social. Our platform brings together your social networks and integrates with hundreds of business applications in one place. We help you build relationships with customers, stay connected to the needs of the market, and grow your revenue. We’re your core platform for managing social media, helping you support and drive your business with an ecosystem that plugs directly into your existing—and future—needs.

Brands trust Hootsuite as their centralized hub for all things social: managing social media campaigns, marketing and advertising; engaging audiences; scheduling and publishing messages; and analyzing results. Hootsuite offers a complete set of offerings for every need, whether you’re an individual, small business or large organization. People all around the world are using Hootsuite to get more out of social, and we’re here to make them as successful as possible, regardless of how big or small their goals are.

No matter your challenge, from connecting with local customers to out-innovating the competition to keeping up with corporate complexity and regulations, Hootsuite helps brands of all sizes and any industry around the globe to build and sustain relationships with their audiences and drive their social media goals. Hootsuite offers the largest ecosystem of external tools and services and a straightforward web and mobile platform to manage all social media activities wherever you go. And only Hootsuite offers the broadest enterprise integrations so that social directly plugs into the business.

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Plans & Pricing


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  • Social Profiles: Up to 3
  • Enhanced Analytics Reports: Basic
  • Message Scheduling: Basic
  • Team Members: None
  • App Integrations: Basic
  • RSS: Up to 2
  • HootSuite University: Optional


for 1 Month / 1 user(s)


  • Social Profiles: 50 included, up to 100
  • Enhanced Analytics Reports: 1 included, up to 10
  • Message Scheduling: Advanced
  • Team Members: 1 included, up to 9
  • App Integrations: Basic
  • RSS: Unlimited
  • HootSuite University: Optional
  • Security: Included
  • Vanity/Custom URL's: Optional
  • Message Archiving: 100 included, up to 100,000
  • Enhanced Technical Support: Optional


for 1 Year / 1 user(s)


  • Social Profiles: 50 included, up to 100
  • Enhanced Analytics Reports: 1 included, up to 10
  • Message Scheduling: Advanced
  • Team Members: 1 included, up to 9
  • App Integrations: Basic
  • RSS: Unlimited
  • HootSuite University: Optional
  • Security: Included
  • Vanity/Custom URL's: Optional
  • Message Archiving: 100 included, up to 100,000
  • Enhanced Technical Support: Optional



  • Social Profiles: Unlimited
  • Enhanced Analytics Reports: Unlimited
  • Message Scheduling: Advanced
  • Team Members: Up to 500,000
  • App Integrations: Unlimited
  • RSS: Unlimited
  • HootSuite University: Included
  • Security: Advanced
  • Vanity/Custom URL's: Unlimited
  • Message Archiving: Unlimited
  • Enhanced Technical Support
  • Professional Services
  • Dedicated Account Rep
  • Compliance Integrations
  • Geo-targeting

How to Get Your Hootsuite Free Trial

Founded in 2008 by Ryan Holmes and the Invoke Media team, Hootsuite is a private organization that offers social media management services around the world for a variety of social media platforms. It takes the form of a dashboard that can be integrated with your Mixi, TrendSpottr, WordPress, MySpace, Foursquare, Google+, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter profiles.  

Hootsuite’s app directory also offers integrations for YouTube, Vimeo, Tumblr, Storify, MailChimp, and Instagram. The business is based in Vancouver and has over 10 million users in more than 175 countries. Do you plan on using Hootsuite for managing your social media networks too? If so, follow these four simple steps to get a free trial:

Step 1:

Hootsuite Free Trial Process Step 1

Visit the Hootsuite website and take a look at the features provided to gain information on how to use the platform. Once done, there are two ways you can join the website: use your Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ account to sign up for free (preferred for personal use) or get the 30-day free trial by signing up for the Pro package. For the first, just enter your username and password and for the latter click on the ‘See Business Plans’ highlighted in Green.

Step 2:

Hootsuite Free Trial Process Step 2

After clicking on the ‘See Business Plans’, you will be displayed the following page. Read the small description provided to learn about the service. Then click on the ‘Learn More’ option to move on for the signing up process.  

Step 3:

Hootsuite Free Trial Process Step 3

The Pro plan is for small businesses and can provide all the features needed to promote various products and services. If suitable, click on the ‘Start Your 30-Day Free Trial’ option.

Step 4:

Hootsuite Free Trial Process Step 4

After clicking on the ‘Start Your 30-Day Free Trial’, the ‘Sign Up’ page will be displayed. To create an account, you will go through three steps: entering your email address, full name and password to create a Pro account, selecting your plan or billing cycle, and then entering billing information. Once filled out, click on the ‘Start My Free Trial’.

You can follow the tips mentioned above and get a free trial for Hootsuite.


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Critic Reviews

  • 83

    Cloudswave Score for Hootsuite

    Rating based on 215 Critic Reviews

    35 Favorable reviews
    92 %
    3 Mixed reviews
    8 %
    0 unfavorable reviews
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  • Hootsuite is a social relationship software platform that empowers businesses to execute amazing social media strategies and activities across their organizations. Its vision is to revolutionize today’s communications. Its mission is to empower its customers to transform their messages into meaningful relationships.

    Pros :

    Cons :

  • I've been using it since they actually launched the app. I've had a pro account for 6 months. I strongly recommend it for managing +5 social media accounts.

    Pros : - Scheduling posts - Variety of Social Media included - Search feature

    Cons : - invoicing system usually charges you extra fees if you're not aware of invoicing cycles (but they solve it via support) - instagram feature was a hype launch but it's not as great as I expected - collaboration feature

  • Hootsuite Enterprise Use Cases and Deployment ScopeAt Spectrum Health, we are currently using Hootsuite Enterprise within the System Communications and Marketing department. It is primarily used by the Social Media team; however, the Social Media team is in charge of managing others within the department who are using the tool. This addresses security, consistency, and ease of use.

    Pros : Customer Service: Hootsuite Enterprise customer support goes above and beyond. When we are interested in updates, have questions, or want to customize the tool, the team at Hootsuite is always fast and accommodating.Updates: Hootsuite Enterprise is consistently listening to its customers and clients and updating the tool. These updates are timely and trustworthy.Ease of Use: The Hootsuite Enterprise tool is 100% user friendly. It works with your business to do what works best for your needs.

    Cons : The Hootsuite mobile app would be much easier to use if the interface included a stream for favorites, new followers, and retweets.In order to allow for better cross-department planning, a draft feature that is open as public (public to team members) would be a great addition.

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User Reviews

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  • User review from

    Jessica Pyne

    I use Hootsuite to sort through all the different users I follow on Twitter, as well as monitor hashtags and searches on relevant topics I want to keep track of. It's a great way to find and share Tweets and content, although some of the other content-sharing platforms might be slightly more user-friendly for sharing external links. Hootsuite's strengths really come in its search capabilities, and having a clear view of content and interactions across boards. You can use Hootsuite with various social networks, but I've only ever used it on Twitter, so I'll just be talking about that integration here.

    Pros :

    • The way Hootsuite is arranged in tabs and boards makes it easy to organize. You can see all aspects of your interactions in one place, as well as the different searches, hashtags, and lists you follow. If you follow a lot of users on Twitter, it can be difficult to keep up with everything. Hootsuite allows you to organize your Twitter feed into manageable groups.
    • You can also interact with tweets - retweet, like, respond, etc. - directly from the interface, which makes maintaining a social presence quick and easy.
    • You can manage multiple accounts (from various social media platforms), and can share and schedule your own content from the interface too. Hootsuite also has an URL shortener you can use to shorten links, and then track clicks on this link through the Analytics page.

    Cons :

    • While you can schedule tweets from the platform, it's a slower progress than other platforms if you want to share a link to e.g. a blog post. You can't just add the Tweet to a list to be sent out at a pre-specified time, but you have to select the time automatically.
    • Hootsuite's strengths are really in the listening, rather than the content sharing.andnbsp;

    • August 7, 2016
  • User review from

    Matthew Veil

    I use it for my personal business and for clients I manage. Bang for the buck I can't complain at all. I can use the app on my phone when I am traveling for work or traveling for fun. Because it's easy to work with and a great price I consult start-up businesses on how to use it because it's so helpful.

    Pros :

    • Low investment cost.
    • You can schedule as many or as few of posts that you like in advance saving you time in daily, weekly and monthly posting.
    • Hootsuite covers all the major social platforms where as others for a similar price did not.
    • They notify you if an API needs to be updated through a social network, sometimes due to password changes or social platform code changes.
    • It's easy to train small businesses on. It even gives you the twitter character limit which is nice.

    Cons :

    • None really, expect 30 minutes to an hour of practicing it to get used to the system. No big deal.

    • June 11, 2016
  • User review from

    Darrick Smith

    Hootsuite is one of my most recommended programs for anyone looking to integrate all of their social media's on one platform. It is very powerful at what it does and allows you to easily control your output to each media (twitter, facebook, etc.) at the same time, making it very easy for you to schedule when and how your content is sent out. I use it to run my social media campaigns, track

    I use it to run my social media campaigns, track analytics between each of the media's and to mass post to each of them without having to go to them individually. This is a time saver! There is literally no better way to control your social media than this program. I love it because it can be used for free, and you can control so many accounts with it. You can add other people if you have admins who need to do something on your social media. One of the major highlights of Hootsuite is being able to have up several different twitter feeds, something I use to watch what's going on in certain keywords at a given time to decide how I will do my next posting.

    The software is fairly easy to use, they have a built-in tutorial and video to teach you how to use it on the most basic level so it will be easy for most people to integrate it into their daily use. I use Hootsuite to track 3 different twitter accounts as well as my personal Facebook page, so it's nice having it all in one place and not having to have open multiple tabs. Definitely recommended.

    Pros :

    • Easily schedule tweets and post across several social medias with ease
    • Very easy to use.
    • Clean interface.
    • Keep track of analytics and engagements across several social medias.
    • Designed for Businesses with teams.
    • Free to use.
    • Updates Fast.
    • Set up campaigns.
    • Keep track of social profiles contacts.

    Cons :

    • Can't post to instagram
    • Requires monthly payments if you want more advanced features.

    • May 17, 2016
  • User review from

    Sara Luisa Hincapie

    I use Hootsuite every day mainly to schedule posts and keep a better grasp on mentions, retweets, and favorites. I use the web version, but I understand there is also a desktop version and a mobile/tablet app. I am going to review the free Hootsuite account because it's been the one I'm using, but I have previously used the Hootsuite Pro version as well.

    Anandnbsp;Overview of the product:

    First of all, the platform is getting better each passing year. I have used it for almost 4 years now, and the changes, and new integrations have been awesome. Hootsuite is very good for small enterprises and agencies.

    Hootsuite is very good for small enterprises and agencies. There is a free version, and if you need more account integrations, you pay a small amount. It's worth the money.

    The best thing by far is scheduling. That has been really helpful to post at odd hours and over the weekends. It can also save you a lot of time

    Having everything on the same platform makes it easy to respond timely and keep track of mentions, likes, and retweets.

    Something I really like is the community they have built around the product. Hootsuite University is a great digital marketing resource, and the blog is amazingly insightful. They have become thought leaders in what they do, and the articles are very informative.

    Pros :

    What I like:

    • Has almost all social media channel integrations: The most important ones, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram among others.
    • Seamlessly track mentions, retweets, likes, etc.: All in the same window using tabs for each account.
    • Easy to use: Although the interface is not pretty the user experience is great.
    • Complete free version: No need for pay for the paid version if you have a small number of accounts.
    • The product keeps innovating: They roll out new features now and then. They keep current with the social media integrations.

    Cons :

    What I don't like:

    • Terrible Instagram Integration: The schedule is just too complicated.
    • Analytics dashboard not very good: I do not use it because it's unreliable and incomplete.
    • The built-in URL shortener (They should consider bit.ly integration)

    • May 16, 2016
  • User review from

    James McQuillin

    I had heard all about HootSuite during my marketing studies in my undergrad but never had the chance or need to use it. Once starting work in the online marketing industry and also starting my own business, this quickly became a necessity.andnbsp; For work, the company I work for manages 15 websites so the paid version of HootSuite was a must given 3-5 social networks for every single brand / website.

    For my own personal business, I was able to get away with the free version for monitoring since it is just one brand and I use Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.andnbsp; I had hoped for more management and campaign abilities but I see this was a beta feature HootSuite appeared to be dabbling in and had an extra price tag associated. However, I knew that HootSuite was more for monitoring than management so I was not exactly disappointed.

    Pros :

    • I loved being able to set up multiple tabs for each website / brand as well as multiple cards within each tab for different social networks and social searches.
    • Twitter's search was probably the most beneficial in terms of monitoring.andnbsp;
    • Facebook capabilities were more limited in simply monitoring my own page and feed.
    • With Twitter, I could actually search phrases, keywords, my brand name, etc. Looking more into this, I learned this was a limitation of Facebook more so than a limitation of HootSuite's platform.
    • Facebook has an insane amount of data but individuals and business owners do not get the pleasure of accessing all of it, or at least not as much as a business owner would ideally like.andnbsp;

    Cons :

    • With 15 websites, as much as it was convenient to have everything under one hood, in one basket, etc.... it definitely felt like a big clutter and a little overwhelming.
    • I tried to prioritize and keep fewer cards, but ultimately I still had 15 tabs!andnbsp; For my personal business, things were much cleaner and I didn't really even need tabs as I only needed three platforms for my technology teaching business.
    • I also came across some weird issues with Twitter searches where keywords revolving around certain types of business software were showing results of non-English tweets with pornographic images.andnbsp;
    • I like to think this as well was something to do with Twitter and not HootSuite but I honestly do not know.

    • May 11, 2016
  • User review from

    Steven Lewis

    HootSuite was a great fit for our needs. It is affordable, and able to be expanded as you grow. We liked HootSuite because of the abilities to assign teams to certain social media accounts or certain clients we are managing their social media for. You can see what other team members are posting, where and when which helps you plan when to post your content to avoid stacking content and not allowing it sometimes to reach your customers feeds.andnbsp;

    Pros :

    • HootSuit allows direct uploading of YouTube videos.
    • It allows Facebook video uploading as well.
    • You are able to create teams and assign those teams to certain groups of social media accounts.
    • It has a built-in link shortener. This is really handy to post longer links and make them shorter to give your messages a cleaner appearance. Longer links to me sometimes look "spammy" in tweets and Facebook posts.
    • You can schedule posts far into the future. We currently have some posts scheduled 6-8 months out as they are reoccurring promotions or events.
    • You can view all the scheduled posts on your dashboard.
    • The dashboard is very clean and easy to navigate.
    • You can select what social media feeds, and what type of content from those feeds you want to see on your dashboard. For example, you want to view the clients Twitter account but also want to see tweets where they are mentioned. You can set up two different feeds on your dashboard to accomplish that.
    • It allows you to attach image to the messages.
    • It tells you how many characters you have left to use on each social media you have selected to post your content to.
    • You can select as many or only one platform to post your message to.
    • You can create draughts and go back to use them later.
    • It would alert you if a message did not post to a platform so you can go back and correct or repost.
    • It has a good reporting system to track what you are doing.
    • It will auto schedule for you if you do not want to schedule posts yourself.
    • It also has an auto content finder if you need extra content for your feeds.

    Cons :

    • It allows you to select an Instagram account to schedule posts to, but to actually post you also have to have HootSuite on your mobile device and it will alert you there that an Instagram post is ready to send. So it isn't really automatic on Instagram.

    • April 27, 2016
  • User review from

    Javier J. Hernandez Garcia

    All opinions are personal and don't reflect the ones of my employers, past, present or future. I have been using Hootsuite for several years now. I have tried other similar tools like Buffer, but I have ended up going back to Hootsuite after trying different options.

    The main reason why I stayed with Hootsuite is because their dashboard. Their dashboard is so simple and easy to use that really makes it stand head and shoulder above the competition. I've only used the free version, and I haven't really need to do anything else so far.

    Pros :

    • As a journalist who is very active on Social Media, especially on Twitter, I was really looking for a tool like Hootsuite. I needed to have a tool that first would help me organize my social media interactions and second will help to schedule tweets to be sent when I am not on the computer.
    • Hootsuite does just that. Scheduling tweets are easier to do on Hootsuite, you can check them all in your dashboard just to double check that they are going at the right time and without any typos. One thing that I love about Hootsuite is that you can change the time to be set to the UK for example and then pick whatever UK time you want your tweets to be sent. That way you don't have to calculate the time difference from where you are where you want to send your tweets if you are aiming for a specific country.
    • The other feature that I love about Hootsuite is that you can save searches on your dashboard. That way you can see, for example, every tweet and everyone who is tweeting about a certain topic. So you can follow and get followers that share your same interest etc.

    Cons :

    • The biggest con that I have regarding Hootsuite is that there aren't any analytics on the free version. So you can't really see how your Social Media events are doing.
    • The nonfree version is really expensive and probably out of reach for individual users. Also, sometimes things don't work as well when you use their app version.

    • April 18, 2016
  • User review from

    Andrea Kowalski

    I believe Hootsuite was the first piece of user-friendly software that gave marketers a break from the daily slog of updating social media accounts. I've found it incredibly helpful to keep clients' SoMe presence relevant and top-of-mind.

    Personally, I pull in Facebook accounts and pages, Twitter, and LinkedIn. You can also pull in Instagram and others. Once you have all of your accounts linked, you can organize them the way that you like (into Streams) and then take action.

    Pros :

    • I love some of the new features, like collaboration and video. For collaborations, you can invite members of your team to work with you in the application. And now you can upload videos to Hootsuite to post for you. Another great bonus of using Hootsuite is the convenience of logging into just one application to manage multiple apps. Just one password and one dashboard.
    • One feature that works great for process is Publisher, where you can set up proposed posts/tweets/updates and request approval from others on your team, or from your client.
    • The analytics feature has become more robust recently, with 30 or so branded reports available, in case you need to convince your leadership team that it's worthwhile to invest time in social media. :)andnbsp;
    • There is a new section that I'm excited to try called Campaigns. It allows you to set up sweeps, contests, and galleries. It would be great if this feature proved to work well and provide one-stop shopping -- in the past I had to do a separate app for Facebook sweeps.andnbsp;

    Cons :

    • When you first log on to Hootsuite, the set up takes a good hour or so between verifying your account ownerships and setting up your streams. It's also not the most intuitive interface for beginners, so you'll need time to poke around and figure things out.

    • April 7, 2016
  • User review from

    Robert Belton

    HootSuite made our social media efforts at my organization grow to levels they previously had never attained. We were able to program a time for our marketing support staff to get an entire month's marketing plan inputted into the software, and it will fully automate per your instructions and wishes, therefore, removing the hassle of someone having to be a dedicated resource and constantly remember to sign in and post on multiple social media platforms.

    Pros :

    • Very fluid and easy to follow software. It allows even those who are not familiar with the in's and out's of social media to build up a campaign or concentrated effort to expand your presence on social media in a way that is not unusual or cumbersome at all.
    • The analytics provided by the software are extremely useful in helping to build a knowledge of peak posting times, and the best course of action for interacting with your client base for maximum exposure. This alone pays for the subscription or contract fee annually.

    Cons :

    • The only complaint I had about HootSuite was the lack of insight into analytics for Facebook likes, shares, and comments. You can see how many of them are on an individual post, but to date, there is no way to determine if this was "organic" traffic or traffic which was driven by marketing efforts. This would be helpful in determining ROI and keeping track of what is working for social media efforts and what is not.
    • There has also been a resounding issue with their customer service, and more so their billing department felt by many of the users on this site, where it seems as if the billing department is unwilling and downright neglectful in assisting customers who have any complaints and request to cancel their service. These requests to cancel or obtain a refund are often ignored entirely, and the question or concern left unresolved as well.

    • March 4, 2016
  • User review from

    Anant Jain

    One of a perfect platform or a dashboard for managing all the activities over a social media network is what hoot suite is aimed at.it enables the users to manage their social networks by scheduling their posts and messages apart from it engage and involve more and more number of people or to cater a larger and a wider audience for their business or organisation. Apart from managing all the social media networking details, Hootsuite also provides one the details of the return over their investment of time and money made over any particular activity and a particular social platform. Connecting with the software is at ease, and it's very easy to connect with the dashboard. The services are available for small business to large organizations, and the service is available in different versions. Apart from providing what a business has, knowing what the customer feels about the particular service or product is of utmost importance.

    Pros :

    • It has helped to gain more productivity from my work output and has helped me in adding more or rather multiple team members to a particular work, and I could easily manage my workload within the provided specific time.
    • The ideas and strategies that are provided by the website or the service for managing various day to day tasks are simply outstanding with their efficient team of customer support that helped me throughout the growth of my business.
    • Connecting lots of services together is easier as well as the email generated by the system for the activities occurred during the past duration of the post or the message is obtained thoroughly.

    Cons :

    • The reports generated via the system needs to purchase with a subscription that is at a much higher cost for small businesses hence not economical.
    • Purchasing any kinds of reports or developing any kind of vanity URL's need to be purchased which are not economically priced.
    • Another greater issue that I faced was the problem in loading the preview and thumbnail images of people over the Facebook network. I reported about this problem to the support center but couldn’t get that sorted with the complete image or preview.

    • January 19, 2016
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