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Gremln social media management software provides businesses especially those in regulated industries like financial services, healthcare, and pharmaceuticals with the tools they need to effectively, securely, and compliantly reach their social media goals.

With Gremln, businesses can efficiently manage LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter profiles, monitor social media team activities, and filter sensitive keywords to ensure a professional, compliant social media presence. Gremln’s Reporting, Analytics, and Target Pages features provide the ROI measurement needed to inform future marketing efforts and track campaign success.

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  • Gremln Use Cases and Deployment ScopeI have used Gremln for multiple companies' social media plans. For some organizations, such as conventions or smaller companies, it has been used by one person to manage multiple media sources. I personally have recommended it for company-wide use (though I'm not sure my suggestion was implemented). Because Gremln allows one or more persons to easily access, view, and manage many social media sites, it's convenient. It's also pretty easy to use, and I think the layout and tools are much more eye-pleasing and simpler to learn to use than other programs.

    Pros : Easy to learn to use.Excellent at managing multiple media sources/sites.Inexpensive for what it provides.

    Cons : Some of the tools/applications don't work, as it's still a relatively new service.Sometimes contacting support can be frustrating (IE support won't actually explain what is wrong, but just tell you it's not their problem).

  • What do you like best?

    Gremln's trackable links track every single click. As opposed to other trackable link shorteners that limit your transparency to unique clicks, Gremln gives a comprehensive view on how many times your link was shared. As a social media marketer, that is invaluable information to me.

    What do you dislike?

    Would love to see integration with G+ and Instagram!

  • I have used a variety of tools over the past few years to manage my social media accounts, and to this day there is one tool that still has some features you can’t find in any of the other tools that I use. These features are found only in Gremln. if you aren't using Gremln yet to see how it compares to other Social Media management programs then you are missing out and I encourage you to at least setup a free account.

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