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  • eXo Platform is an excellent open source social networking solution that is also built as a collaboration tool that users will find very smart. The platform flaunts an intuitive interface that is very “social” in design and easy to use as well. With eXo, you can comment on posts, upload and share docs, create groups, and much more.

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    Cons :

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  • eXo Platform is a top quality social networking app that is also designed as a smart collaboration tool. It offers an intuitive interface that is “social” in design and easy to use as well.

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  • Exo Community Platform

    Great product! Contains all the features we were looking for in a corporate intranet, and enables us to host internally. The exo communtiy has been incredibly helpful in troubleshooting and implementation advice.

    Pros : Ability to host internally, open source code, great community.

    Cons : Implementing SSO in the open source version is challenging.

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    Software Genial

    Es un software increible, tiene todo lo que una intranet puede tener. Con estas caracteristicas me cambiar´?¢a a la versi´?¢n empresarial. Le agregar´?¢a lo de Webex y ser´?¢a lo mas completo del mercado.

    Pros : Posibilidad de conectividad interna

    Cons : La capacidad de Webex con clientes externos

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    good social intranet &collaboration product

    eXo allows you to create your own social intranet with the essential collaboration features: chat, forum, activity stream, share documents, wiki, calendar...the perfect software if you're looking for a user-friendly all-in-1 solution for your company.

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  • If your company is looking to implement a centralized intranet or social experience, eXo Platform can deliver it on the cheap, but without an impressive array of features.

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  • Why eXo Platform Rocks!

    eXo Platform Use Cases and Deployment ScopeWithin my organization, eXo Platform is utilized across the entire company.  It addresses the issues of efficient collaboration and effective communication between employees, particularly in regards to working on and completing projects.

    Pros : I personally love the user-friendly interface. Often you find software which is difficult to learn, and not utilized as often as it should be because of this. With eXo Platform, the interface is easy to understand, and is not particularly challenging to new users and non-tech savvy individuals.It allows you to get work done, without feeling like using the platform is part of the actual work. It feels more like a natural system you would use in your leisure time to connect with friends and fam

    Cons : There aren't really any areas I have discovered within eXo Platform that have been disappointing. I believe the company has done a wonderful job creating an intuitive, user-friendly product to assist organizations' overall communication and productivity.

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    "Could eXo Platform be the new challenger for corporate intranets?"

    eXo Platform Use Cases and Deployment ScopeAlthough still very new with the eXo Platform, it looks like it can effectively address a number of issues in managing corporate communication, collaboration and sunchronisation. The social features are definitely a plus in focusing and enhancing the internal human capital. The in-house and cloud options seem to offer a flexible adoption road map too.

    Pros : The private social intranet is a great tool for concentrating internal human capital.Spaces are a good tool for internal working groups or project teams.Status and activity updates, document sharing and management tools are great for enhancing communication and collaboration among company and group members.

    Cons : As the platform appears to be packed with features and functionality it may be a bit daunting at first to get used to it.The initial adoption in a corporate setting would involve a number of questions, such as integration with other applications, data migration and security and the optimum adoption road map in order to maximise the benefit from the platform.

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    eXo Platform does the job!!

    eXo Platform Use Cases and Deployment ScopeeXo Platform is being used to connect employees from across department and geographies and provide them a single platform for communication, information sharing, document management and team building. It's helping us with disconnected groups across the organization and lets us bring them together. It is pretty intuitive and easy to use. eXo is our own "Facebook" where people can come connect and have discussions.

    Pros : Intuitive interface and ease of use and understanding.Flexible to customize with good frameworks which are easy to manage.All in one solution for collaboration and to help go email less where all communication, assets, conversations are possible through one platform.

    Cons : Web Content management could be more flexible with additional portlets which can be used to create websites.

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