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  • Communifire offers numerous tools to let users connect and communicate more easily and efficiently. Two such tools are messaging and discussion forums.

    With its various flat-rate subscription levels, Communifire is a cost-effective solution for organizations of any size.

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  • Communifire - an excellent community building tool

    Communifire Use Cases and Deployment ScopeWe use Communifire to host a community of our customers, each being served with different sets of information and support. We found Communifire with customisations for our specific requirements to be a much more cost-effective solution than a full bespoke production, and two years later we're still happy with that decision. Bryce and the team are excellent to deal with and I highly recommend the package.

    Pros : Increases engagementLots of flexibilityLots of capacity to grow

    Cons : Some UX issues that could be improvedSome architecture decisions don't make complete sense to me (though that's just one man's opinion)

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    Cream of the Crop!

    Communifire Use Cases and Deployment ScopeWe purchased Communifire to set up a community for consultants and contractors.  It's commonly known that it's not what you know but who you know that gets you places, so we wanted give our contractors every chance of success by bringing them together in a common place where they could connect.  In addition to bringing people together we wanted to give them some extra support by providing additional information on things that might be of interest to them and help them in their work.  Communifire is a great tool for this type of need.  It allows us to blog, share news and events, post jobs etc., and it even allows for small teams of people to collaborate on projects.  We looked at many platforms to meet this need but Communifire was really a standout for us.

    Pros : Communifire allows people to connect easily through instant chat and messaging. It works similarly to other social media platforms like Facebook so its not hard to learn.Communifire makes it easy to share news and events with our community and the presentation of this information looks very professional.I found Communifire quite easy to configure to our individual needs. There were a lot of options to turn things on or off. This was important to us because in some areas of our community we wa

    Cons : Communifire is continually working to improve their platform. At this stage I am happy we have enough functionality and features. I will update my comments should I think of anything later.

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    "Starting a Fire at work - Communifire Review"

    Communifire Use Cases and Deployment ScopeAt Evocca we use Communifire across our entire organization (900-1000 employees spread across almost all of Australia). We were searching for a social and engaging intranet solution that could house our corporate documents, foster a sense of community and streamline organization wide communications. Communifire provides the social elements we were looking for and provides opportunities for staff who are living at either ends of the country to still feel connected to other staff members and valued by their colleagues. The system also allowed for a our company wide announcements to be far more engaging than just 'all staff emails'.

    Pros : Allows for easy customization - This was important for our organization, we wanted to be able to cater the platform to the specific needs of our staff. Most of the system settings were easily accessible and those that required custom work, were provided in appropriate timeframes and at a reasonable price.Personalized news feeds - Being an education provider we have a very dynamic group of staff members ranging from corporate professionals to community service teaching staff. Communifire allowe

    Cons : Exporting functionality - We look forward to being able to export all and any data from the system which I believe is not currently possible.Outlook calendar synchronization - A true 2-way synch between Outlook and Communifire would allow us to make better use of the calendar function. At the moment we have it turned off to save any confusion or missed appointments from two calendars.The ability to synch with Office Online - We would love to be able to work live on documents within Communifire.

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  • Communifire streamlines your communication and work processes and integrates them in a social business platform to enhance collaboration and content management in your organization. It is ideal for business of all shapes and sizes that operate in a wide array of content and with various teams to ensure all their work are achieve on time and aligned with company goals.

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  • Communifire empowers employees by allowing them to speed up their project engagements, innovate, and contribute collaborative solutions and ideas. The tool ensures all work is performed on time and aligned to company goals.andnbsp;It is recommended for businesses of all sizes and shapes that operate in a wide array of content management, and with multiple teams.

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  • Solid product, Great Support

    We evaluated Jive, Yammer, and Sharepoint for our intranet. Then we found Communifire (and we are happy we did.) It's right up there with the top enterprise level social business software on the market. Their team is very responsive and seems like they actually care about their customers.

    Pros : The software has tons and tons of features but it's still very easy to get started. It's very intuitive. If you use facebook or twitter or wordpress you will be an expert with Communifire. It's also extremely flexible.

    Cons : They need to do more marketing. It was hard to find them.

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    Good customer support

    We have been using Communifire as our intranet. We like the product, specially the user interface and the flexibility it offers.

    Pros : Good UI, easy to use, feature rich, very friendly and prompt customer support. This product has most of the features of Jive but is much more cost effective.

    Cons : Some localization related bugs, does not have in-built conferencing solution yet.

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    Must have collaboration tool

    Its a great business collaboration platform for businesses which seeking newer ways to connect to its employees, vendors, clients and build inefficiencies. Its a focal point to address all business need over single platform. The differentiating factor for this product is its simple, yet attractive user interface, unlike its counterparts. Also, the pricing models available are simple and can easily suit various budgets.

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