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  • It motivates people to document and keep our knowledge base up to date!

    Great app, very easy to use. The social/commentary features work well to encourage collaborate working on document pages and also motivates people in the team to keep documents up to date.

    Pros : Feature rich, easy to use, cloud environment is fast and pages load very quickly.

    Cons : While the base service is feature rich. If you do need extra plug-ins, the pricing for market place plug-ins can get a bit out of control.

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    I really love Confluence

    I think Confluence and specially Confluence and Jira together, simply the best I have ever used. Confluence makes easy to document, to collaborate, to share information and with its many plugins amazingly customable. I just really love it!

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    by far the best enterprise wiki

    From managing internal company information to holding on to business requirements and technical design documentation, this is the de facto standard for everyone out there. Even if you are in a non-technical company, this software can add enormous value and help reduce the use of annoying things like Word documents and shared drives. Simply a fantastic solution and easy to use if you have done even the most basic of word processing at any time in your career.

    Pros : - Extremely simple - Templates make it easy to take the grunt work out of initial project setup - Can easily export to PDF - Excellent administrative capabilities for authorization and whitelisting/blacklisting users from seeting content

    Cons : - Costly, even for just a few users

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  • Confluence - document collaboration on steroids.

    Confluence Use Cases and Deployment ScopeAtlassian Confluence is being used by our entire organization.  We are using it to fill a few different types of organizational needs.  We have a knowledge base that is used by IT as well as with JIRA for our service desk users.  Various teams within the organization use it to have a centralized location for project related information as well as team specific information.  We also have a space that has been designed to keep customers in the know. 

    Pros : Centralized location for organizational info.Ease of use - non technical users are able to easily add and edit pages.Wide variety of plugins to enhance the functionality of Confluence.

    Cons : Include more functionality in base product, so that so many plugins don't have to be purchased. For example, Copy Page Tree.

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    Atlassian Confluence - An easy-to-use, powerful tool for Organizations of any size

    Confluence Use Cases and Deployment ScopeConfluence is used within our organization as a project management collaboration tool and as a method for making important documentation available to business stakeholders. As we continue establishing our agile project management methodology, Confluence (in concert with Atlassian JIRA), is quickly becoming our trusted ally. Our technical and business users both rely on it for sharing information. 

    Pros : Compared to other tools of its type, Confluence seems to have a very low barrier to entry for all types of users. Everyone from low level users to the most technical developers seem to learn the software quickly and effectively.Despite its out of the box simplicity, Confluence is quite extensible. Between Custom Macros, External Gadgets, and 3rd Party Add-ons, you can extend Confluence to meet most of your business needs, whatever they may be.Confluence's integration with Atlassian JIRA means th

    Cons : One particular problem we've experienced is the lack of an ability to collaborate on Excel documents. To do this, you must download an Excel attachment, make your changes, and then re-upload it creating a new version. Due to the overhead involved in this, we often find ourselves using SharePoint for this task. It's certainly not a deal-breaker, but it would be nice if there was an add-on which allowed in-app editing of Excel worksheets.I've observed that users who mainly work on a stack of Micro

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    Well Managed and Very User Friendly

    Confluence Use Cases and Deployment ScopeIt was used to develop a wiki for employees. This wiki was intended to help understand the importance of information security, and the do's and dont's in the organization.

    Pros : It has a very good Good GUI with lots of features particularly creating macros; it made my job easier.The Task List and its notifications helped me to synchronize my work.

    Cons : Nothing that I can think of now.

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