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Social Media Analytics

Everyone knows social media is a feature of our lives that isn’t going away. In fact, there’s every indication that social media is not just here to stay, but only going to get bigger. As such, your company should probably be utilizing it to grow its customer base, cultivate leads and even find potential employees. One way it can do all this better is by employing software that gathers and organizes social media analytics.

What Are Social Media Analytics?

Social media analytics refers to the various methods for collecting data from websites like Facebook and Twitter as well as blogs. While these websites are social media platforms, the information gathered can be used for making business decisions.

As opposed to simply counting up “Likes” or retweets on a post, though, social media analytics takes things several steps further. It can search over vast amounts of data that would be too difficult for a person to organize on their own and then use the information available to design customer profiles. By doing this, a company has a much more accurate idea of whom they’re selling to. In fact, this customer profile is far more helpful than the kind built around surveys that rely on self-reporting.

This type of data also makes it possible for a company to pull off focused engagements either on a one-on-one level or one-to-many. It can also make it easier for a company to take part in social collaboration across several business functions like marketing, customer service, support, etc.

Finally, in just about every way, social media analytics allows a company to enhance the overall customer experience.

Does Your Company Need Social Media Analytics?

Just about every company on the planet would benefit from using social media analytics. Some people may insist that their industry simply doesn’t lend itself to social media very well. However, expert after expert would disagree. If you’re one of those people who thinks social media won’t work for your business needs, analytics may help change that opinion around. Once it does, you can start using platforms like Instagram, Vine, Facebook and Twitter to bring in bigger profits.

If your company is already using social media, you probably aren’t seeing the results you were hoping for if analytics aren’t helping. Without social media analytics, you’re basically taking stabs in the dark or spreading too large a net. Again, the results are doomed to be lackluster despite your ambition.

You wouldn’t say no to any other method that would allow you to get a better understanding of your clientele, so you shouldn’t turn away from social media analytics either. Aside from helping you get a clearer picture of your market, analytics can help you engage with them better too.

What to Look for in Social Media Analytics

Just like there are an ever growing number of social media platforms, the same can be said for the various ways to take advantage of analytics. The following are some important features to look for in any platform, though, before purchasing.

Platform Support

It should go without saying that most social media analytics platforms should support popular sites like Facebook and Twitter. However, not every version is going to support every social media site. Some will only focus on Twitter, for example. While it makes sense to have your company working through as many social media sites as possible, if you’re focusing solely on Pinterest right now, then obviously you want a platform that can help.

Google Analytics Support

Google Analytics may not be a social media site, but it is a great way to make the most out of numbers, especially where ecommerce is concerned. Many social media analytics platforms will allow you to connect to Google analytics and, in doing so, get an even better sense of what your statistics need.

Robust Reporting

Look for social media analytics software that will handle the bulk of your reporting needs automatically. While you’ll definitely have to do some extrapolation of your own, you shouldn’t need to set large amounts of time aside in order to make sense of large amounts of numbers. Instead, only pay for platforms that are rich in reports. Although connecting to Google Analytics is great, having plenty of your own reports to use is even better.

Trend Analysis

You don’t want a platform that only focuses on what your company is doing on social media. This fails to recognize that social media entails countless other individuals too, which will have you left in the dark when major trends surface. Instead, go with a platform that also eyes the rest of the public, so you can strike when opportunity presents itself.

Without social media, your company is missing out on a large amount of the population. However, without social media analytics, your company can’t possibly hope to make the most out of those potential customers.  


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Detailed comparison of the 10 best Social Media Analytics software