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RoboForm has been the most popular and trusted password manager since 1999 with millions of active users around the world. The software allows you to store your logins (usernames and passwords), then save them, bookmark-style, so you can go back and access them at any time with just one click using your Master Password.

Keeping yourself secure online has never been easier with RoboForm?s Password Generator function, which lets you generate unique secure passwords for each site that you login to. Plus, RoboForm goes wherever you go, using one license for all of your Macs, PCs, Mobile Devices & Tablets.  Promotion is for new users only.

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  • Life With Only One Password
  • Automatically Remembers Your Other Passwords
  • Easy, One-click Logins
  • Industry Leading Security
  • Instantly Fill Long Forms
  • Cross-Browser Support
  • RoboForm is Everywhere
  • Convenient Start Page
  • Keep Your Passwords In Sync
  • Complete Data Flexibility
  • Generate Strong Passwords
  • Login to Multiple Sites at Once
  • Around The Clock Support
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Critic Reviews

  • 75

    Cloudswave Score for RoboForm

    Rating based on 16 Critic Reviews

    16 Favorable reviews
    89 %
    1 Mixed reviews
    6 %
    1 unfavorable reviews
    6 %
  • Pros:

    Running Form/password software business for over a decade. Excellent form-filler. Store bookmarks

  • RoboForm Desktop 7 has hardly changed in the last four years, while the password-manager market has evolved. It's still quite effective, but lacks some features we've come to expect.

  • All in all, RoboForm is a great time saving tool which eliminates the need to perform a repetitive task.

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User Reviews

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    Maryna Bondarenko

    RoboForm supports all major browsers and devices. You can choose a cloud service Roboform Everywhere to sync across all devices or to store data locally. However, in the latter case, you will not be able to access the data from other computers and mobile devices. Also, there is a portable version RoboForm2Go, which can be installed on a flash drive. Roboform for Android runs in its own browser by default. It also supports integration with Chrome, Firefox, and Dolphin. It is possible to handle multi-step logins with the "Matching Logins" feature, automatically save new login information while logging in to websites, view and edit stored logins, bookmarks, identities, and safe notes. The auto logoff and manual logoff features are supported. The built-in search feature simplifies the login search. It is easy to import logins from LastPass, Dashlane,1Password and other popular password managers. Roboform is not only for web logins and passwords storing. Using the app, it is possible to create a secret tab on a web page with a private comment. Roboform is also useful when you need some place for storing the private info, e.g. software keys, SIM cards pins, etc. The app can also help with the desktop software authorization (for example Skype). Just add the login-password pairs, specify the program, and Roboform will fill in the forms there. There is one unique feature in RoboForm, which allows any user to login on multiple sites. Very handy if you use several services at once. In the enterprise version of RoboForm, you can configure group policy, integration with Active Directory, restore the master password and share the account with other users. Automatic accounts creation for user groups and time-limited accounts is also supported.

    Pros :

    • Cloud data sync.
    • Multiple platforms support.
    • Matching.
    • Logins feature to handle multi-step logins.

    Cons :

    • You can't attach scanned images to the documents.

    • December 22, 2015
  • User review from

    angelina olsin

    Roboform is a great plugin for any browser, I have started using it 3 months back, and it is a very handy tool. It saves from writing the same personal information over and over. It's so annoying. Here is where I use Roboform. It completes the annoying forms for me, it fills repetitive information like an address. And passwords and usernames. It saved me a lot of time filling those. Not only that RoboForm saves the entire information entered in it, it generates strong, unique passwords with the built-in Password Generator. And we can easily access the list of passwords and usernames just by one master password, which by any cost one cannot forget else he might lose all the information it can't be recovered. And it is accessible from anywhere. Love this, I am impressed by the job RoboForm do, it is therefore highly recommended to anyone who want their password secure and encrypted.

    Pros :

    • It is always reliable, secure, intuitive on other devices as it is mobile optimized and inexpensive.

    Cons :

    • None, it's great. Actually just don't forget the major password and all set then.

    • November 22, 2015
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