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PennyBackup gives you the tools to back up both your computers and network-attached storage devices to protect your files and data in the event of a computer crash, theft or other disaster. This service uses Asigra technology to secure your files with four security components, keeping your data safe from theft. You can’t access your data from a smartphone or mobile device – except a netbook – but this service is relatively inexpensive.

PennyBackup's main feature includes the ability to effectively compress your data to the smallest possible size, helping to save you more space with your plan. It can also intelligently identify and back up only the files that have been changed or added.

You can choose the frequency that PennyBackup will back up your data so you won’t slow your system down during peak hours. Additionally, you can back up data and program files. This means you can save Word documents and your Microsoft Office applications in your backup files as well. That way, if anything happens to your computer, you can still access all your files and applications through PennyBackup.

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  • PennyBackup’s service is quite simply online backup for a penny. Their software is extremely affordable and easy-to-use, and they offer a robust backup and recovery solution for consumers who don’t require servers or exceedingly large volumes of data to be backed up. For the cost of one or two cups of coffee per month, your data is safely backed up and available for quick restoration at the click of a button. Consequently and as noted previously, we recommend PennyBackup for all home and small business users.

  • Pennybackup offers its users a reliable data backup service that ensures the protection of your data. Be it your computer or some other storage device attached to your network, Pennybackup provides you with the tools that enable you to create backups of your data to protect against any unfortunate event that may result in their loss. However, a major disadvantage of this service is that it cannot be used on any mobile device or smartphone, which effectively cripples the mobility functionality in any cloud storage service.

  • How does 8.9 cents per gigabyte sound? If it sounds good, then “pay what you use” pricing plan of PennyBackup will be just what you’r looking for. The software is basic but have all the essentials. Only thing lacking is really helpful customer support.

    if you are only using Windows, and want no-frill no-non-sense online backup service that won’t cost you too much, then PennyBackup is for you.

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