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Passpack's online password manager offers users 100% data privacy. Passpack is the leader in web-based password management for workgroups. Professionals and small businesses worldwide use Passpack daily to protect their personal and company logins.

Passpack supports password management and secure messaging. The service is web-based (SaaS) with an optional desktop application for backups and offline access.

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  • No subscription
  • 100 passwords
  • 1 shared user
  • 0 groups
  • 1280 notes size
  • 3 disposable logins


for 1 Month / 1 user(s)


  • Annual subscription
  • 1,000 passwords
  • 3 shared users
  • 5 groups
  • 2048 notes size
  • 30 disposable logins


for 1 Month / 1 user(s)


  • Annual subscription
  • 1,500 passwords
  • 15 shared users
  • 25 groups
  • 4096 notes size
  • 80 disposable logins


for 1 Month / 1 user(s)


  • Annual subscription
  • 2,000 passwords
  • 80 shared users
  • 100 groups
  • 4096 notes size
  • 200 disposable logins


for 1 Month / 1 user(s)


  • Annual subscription
  • 10,000 passwords
  • 1,000 shared users
  • 300 groups
  • 4096 notes size
  • 300 disposable logins
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Critic Reviews

  • 75

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    Rating based on 7 Critic Reviews

    6 Favorable reviews
    86 %
    1 Mixed reviews
    14 %
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  • An Organized, collaborative and secured Password manager that has a feature set that make it highly user friendly. It includes proven track record of password management. However, Email is only access for getting support, No way to recover your password if you lose that.

  • Passpack Pro boasts a feature set that places it among the best. It works with all popular computers, browsers and mobile devices.

  • I love Passpack and recommend it to everyone. I started using just about a year ago; I started with the free version and have since upgraded to the Pro. And can’t tell you what a relief it is not to have to remember every single password for every service. I use it extensively for all credit cards, bank accounts, online services, email, business accounts and much more. Just yesterday I signed up for an FedEx account and added it to Passpack. I would give Passpack five (5) smilies because it definitely makes my life easier.

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User Reviews

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    Maryna Bondarenko

    What do all active web users have in common? Each of them has between 8 to 20 passwords to remember every day. There are a lot of services that help to manage the passwords, and PassPack is one of them. Here you can store your login credentials and also some secure notes and links to the web pages. To access your account you need to enter two passwords — the first one is usual, the second has to be a meaningful sentence. You can then add a button to the browser toolbar and begin adding login info from different websites. The list of accounts is organized using the tags and favorites. Unfortunately, the service lacks many of the features introduced by such apps as LastPass, which has a user client. In particular, PassPack is not able to obtain information about the new password and does not have an auto-generating passwords feature. On the other hand, this solution may be ideal for those who often works from the someone else's computers, changes computers often or does not have rights to install applications on the office computer. PassPack can help not to use the insecure passwords or write them on a piece of paper.

    The service even can help to disable all the previously created browser buttons. This can help if the user logged in on someone else's computer and forgot to delete the button. The passwords that are stored in the PassPack can be shared. This feature may be handy when the co-workers use the same login on the Facebok page, when your family members need the login info for the pizza site to order one for the dinner etc. Besides passwords sharing is necessary for the freelancers working on the contractor's projects. Of one needs to set up the client's account it is possible to share credentials with the client without requiring him to have a Passpack account.

    Pros :

    • Password sharing.

    Cons :

    • Customer support is not the best one.

    • December 28, 2015
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