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Norton Online Backup is an online data backup service that allows you to back up a maximum of five computers for an affordable price. It works with both Macs and Windows PCs, and your data is safe and secure. Unfortunately, you only have 25GB of space available, which limits what you can back up, even on a single computer. Similarly priced services offer far more online storage.

You can set up Norton Online Backup to automatically back up your data and files, including photos, music and documents daily. You can also select specific files to back up as well. You can use this online data backup service to run backups remotely as well. You can use keywords to search through your backed-up data.

Another quality feature that Norton Online Backup offers is its open file backup so you won't lose any files that happen to be open when it performs a backup. One of the most common uses of open file backup is archiving your emails.

Norton Online Backup keeps several copies of your files each time you re-save them. This is called file versioning, and it comes in handy if you accidentally save over the file you really want. Not only will you have multiple versions of your files, but even files that are deleted from your account are actually saved in the Norton archives just in case. Furthermore, Norton Online Backup’s file versioning lasts for 90 days, much longer than the typical 30-day period of other backup solutions.

Norton Online Backup includes file sharing. You can send any backed-up file to anyone via email. You don’t have to worry about sending huge files through email. Norton sends an email to the recipient, which allows them to access your file. They won’t have to download any additional programs. Not only do they only have access to the specified file or folder you send, but you can also require that they use a password for additional file security.

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  • 5 Home PCsAutomatically backs up your photos and files
  • Provides government-grade encryption for your sensitive information
  • Transfers files between computers seamlessly
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  • Although there is solid encryption involved in all the data stored by Norton online backup, the limitation of 25 GB can be proven too difficult to deal with and have everything neatly stored for your protection. Among the major advantages of Norton, we find the automatic backups and the use of up to 5 devices. Though file versioning is enabled, these files are only stored for 90 days. Overall, Norton backup online is a decent solution with restricted data space.

  • The interface for Norton Online Backup is very easy to manage. Each tool and setting is comprehensive allowing even the most beginner of computer users to manage the backups of specific files. The only real downside to using this application is the small size allotment of 25GB. While this may sound like a lot of room for some files, your collection of data can quickly add up to surpass the amount. Without the option to increase the size, this may not be a good method for those that need to safely store a lot of data. For example, an eight megapixel camera takes JPG images at roughly one and a half megs each and up. For those that take a lot of pictures with their phones, 25GB can be filled quite quickly.

  • If you already use Norton anti-virus or other Norton Internet security tools, Norton Online Backup might be the perfect online backup solution for you or your business. Norton Online Backup comes bundled with Norton 360 already so you would simply need to subscribe to the service to activate it on your computer.

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