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The NeedMyPassword online password manager tool is a terrific tool to help you store passwords. From credit card accounts to your Twitter page, this tool can save it all. After downloading the tool, simply start browsing the internet as you normally would. After you encounter a page with a password, the tool will spring into action. It will save all the passwords you have and all you need is one master password to log into the main interface. It is also accessible from anywhere with an internet connection. However, we discovered in our online password manager reviews that this tool does not support multiple users or fill out personal forms such as addresses and telephone numbers.

Remembering all the different passwords from the multiple sites you use on a daily basis can be overwhelming.

Some sites need capital letters, others need a combination of letters and numbers. It can be enough to cause a serious headache. But if you make all your passwords too simple, keep a written record or make all the passwords the same, it is dangerous and potentially compromises your private data. Online password manager tools are essential for business and personal use.

The service is very easy to use. Start by downloading the toolbar for your internet browser. This service will work no matter which browser you like to use. From Google Chrome to Internet Explorer and Firefox, the service will work equally as well.

After you install the toolbar, go to the sites you use that need passwords, such as email accounts. When you log into these sites, the password tool will immediately detect the information you enter. The online password manager tool will detect the website you’re visiting and save all your information for that site. In order to access this tool, just remember one master password. From there, the tool will recognize and remember everything else you need.

Theonline password manager will also generate safe and secure passwords. When you create accounts or change passwords on existing passwords, the tool will automatically create a series of numbers and letters that are completely random. This handy feature makes it impossible for anyone else to guess your passwords. It also makes the password saver even more necessary because it would be impossible to remember all the random passwords.

After downloading this service, it is totally simple to use. Because it can be downloaded from anywhere, it makes it that much more convenient to use.

When you decide to use a password management tool, it is important that it be a perfectly secure service. A password saver is designed to help keep all your information secure. All the data exchanges and features we tested with this service are totally secure. The data is encrypted and safe. But, there are some features that could make the security options more intuitive.

This online password manager tool has an email address for customer support. When we tested the email support team we received responses within a day. However, there is no telephone support line.

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