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  • There is a reason why Mozy has one of the largest client bases in the backup industry. With EMC Corporation behind them, Mozy is constantly looking to tweak their already stellar service. The ease of use, plethora of features and numerous plan options make it a wise choice for both household and business users.

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  • Mozy has continued to improve upon its backup client, and the changes make a great product even better. The work it's been doing on its remote file access is also praiseworthy. How does it come out in a contest vs Carbonite? Mozy's storage caps may seem like a disadvantage, but the 50 GB should be enough for most users. Plus, while Mozy does limit you on the total backup amount, they don't limit you on total amount of data you send every month the way that Carbonite does.

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  • Great for small business, but needs improvement to play with the big boys.

    Mozy Use Cases and Deployment ScopeMozy is being used throughout several clients at my company and has been extremely reliable. The software is as set and forget as is comes. We have even come to prefer restoring files from the Mozy cloud over our local backups due to its easy to use interface and faster overall restore times. Great product for small businesses that can easily grow along with you.

    Pros : Great easy to use interfaceQuick backup times (only changes are backed up)Quick and easy restoresStrong customer service

    Cons : The only area that I see which needs improvement is Mozy's backup capabilities. Great for file backups and restores but needs more such as exchange backup support, and other database related products.

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    Mozy makes reliable daily backups tough.

    Mozy Use Cases and Deployment ScopeMozy is being used to back up our subsidiary's servers.  When researching for a cloud hosted backup solution Mozy was able to check off the most on our must have list.  Mozy was intended to replace the use of a real enterprise backup solution and be a low cost solution for backing up a few servers.  For this requirement, they have done well.

    Pros : The Mozy client is simple to install and configure.They have a set it and forget it approach. There isn't much to do once it is installed.It deduplicates the data before sending it to the cloud. Saving time and bandwidth.Mozy keeps a copy of the backups around for 90 days. Which is sufficient for the type of company and servers we are backing up.They do have Microsoft Exchange and SQL add-ins that allow you to backup those databases.They have an onsite mode where you can write to local storag

    Cons : The administrative interface is clunky and hard to use.There are too many micro management configuration options to be set in the administrative interface.We've had many instances of servers failing to back up once in a day. Most of the errors we run into are on Mozy's datacenter side of things.Mozy doesn't notify it's customers when there is work being done in the datacenters. Therefore leading to backups erroring out and multiple support calls.

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  • Store files with different sizes and shapes on Mozy. This company also uses various applications which allow you to view your files on mobile devices and tablets remotely. As a result, you can work on your computer no matter where you might be. Overall, Mozy is a reputable online backup service that provides top notch online storage for your files."

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  • Mozy strikes a good balance between being easy to use and providing power users with the options they want to customize their backup. The addition of local backup and online storage and sync with Stash make Mozy an excellent option for home users. The only downside of using Mozy is their storage plan sizes 50GB and 125GB storage plans are simply not large enough for many home users. You can purchase additional storage space but $2.00/20GB/month additional storage can get expensive quickly compared to other services that do offer unlimited storage. If you are not needing additional storage Mozy is still an excellent choice to keep your files backed up and synced.

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  • Is Mozy an effective approach to backup? It really depends on what you feel needs to be backed up. As with other cloud-based backup solutions, Mozy fits in as part of an overall backup strategy that includes media-based backup as well. Storing mission-critical files in multiple locations makes sense to me, and Mozy allows you to get these stored and retrieved to and from the cloud easily, if not particularly rapidly. I also like Stash, which segregates frequently accessed files so they can be remotely accessed from mobile devices with an Internet connection.

    But Mozy also suffers from the very same thing that makes it attractive. It needs to be connected to the Internet to function. How well Mozy performs depends, in large part, on the performance of your Internet service.

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  • I’ve awarded Mozy Home 3.5 out of five possible stars. It’s a dependable product with no apparent bugs, and if you have only a small amount of critical data, you can take full advantage of the basic service without cost. Mozy Home is also reasonably fast, but where it comes up short is in its resource utilization, which is one of the primary reasons we can’t recommend it.

    If you’re a user who backs up large volumes frequently, then it’s only really practical to schedule Mozy Home for overnight backup due to how resource hungry it is.

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  • While it supports Mac and Windows, we would have liked to have seen an option for Linux. This is especially necessary for an increasing number of companies that have the OS running a number of servers within their organisations. The web console offers excellent levels of control and configuration that will suit most companies. The service is one of the best and easiest of safety nets out there and with the pay-as-you-go subscriptions, companies can test the service without making a significant financial commitment.

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  • We’ve have been happy with Mozy’s overall performance: speed and reliability are top-notch. Also, it is fairly easy to use if you are just starting out while not limiting you if you feel the need to customize your backups further. We find it hard to believe that Mozy doesn’t have an unlimited plan, as this is clearly on vogue these days because it is so comfortable. If you are looking to backup 100GB or less you’ll get a solid backup solution for your computer files.

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  • In all, Mozy is a well thought out and robust online backup service. It offers more features and flexibility than Carbonite, equalling it for ease of use. Also, as we were going to press, it announced the addition of new, free synchronisation services (which we haven’t tested), which add to its appeal. Unless you need minute-by-minute continuous backup, then, it’s our cloud-based backup service of choice.

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