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McAfee Internet Security Mac users are not vulnerable to the same viruses and threats that have traditionally plagued PCs but the Internet has leveled the playing field. Mac users are now just as susceptible to online risks as PC users. With the rise in adoption of the Mac OS, hackers and thieves are increasingly focusing their efforts to develop attacks that will work on Macs.

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McAfee Internet Security

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  • Go online protected against cyber attacks or malicious websites
  • Freely surf, search and browse the web
  • Shop, bank, and trade online more securely
  • Keep uninvited guests from accessing your computer when you're online
  • Know that you're protected from future Internet threats
  • Freely download files and receive email attachments
  • Safely use any external drive
  • Keep your Mac family and friends safe
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Critic Reviews

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  • McAfee Internet Security 2016 has proven once again to be a poorly built, poorly managed piece of security software.

    We have to give McAfee credit for (finally) being a lightweight Internet Security suite, but that's about it.andnbsp;

    From terrible malware detection and removal scores, to an abysmal user interface, and a bad firewall, we can't recommend McAfee Internet Security to anyone this year. Again.

    Pros :

    Cons :

  • The software we have reviewed is well assembled and does a fairly good job combating malicious software and hacker attacks. Plentiful feature set and customer support are on the plus side of the utility as well. Main disadvantages of McAfee Internet Security 2015 are in the realm of usability and false positives. It significantly slowed down the system during scans, and had the second worst false positives rate in AV-Comparatives’ latest Real-World Protection Test. Nonetheless, there is hardly any room for doubt when it comes to protection and functionality supplied by this software.

  • McAfee Internet Security is a mixed bag of features and frustration. It has plenty of useful tools and its malware protection has improved, but it’s still not good enough.

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User Reviews

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    Tapan Jain

    McAfee Internet Security has various components – antivirus, firewall, antispam and parental control. It gives you complete control over scanning your computer. One can choose to scan all the files or some specific types of files. Network and USB drives can also be scanned. It also includes a proprietary two-way firewall that monitors and filters what is going in and out your system.Overall it provides a very basic level of protection against malwares.

    Pros :

    McAfee Internet Security offers a wonderful file shredding tool which makes sure that your deleted files can never be recovered from any file recovery tool. It is essential when you deal with financial or any other sensitive data which is very valuable if it falls into wrong hands. It also offers a vulnerability scanner which keeps on monitoring whether all the software installed on the computer are up to date or not. This is important as if Windows or any other software is not up to date; it becomes an easy host for malwares. There is a cleaner tool which deletes redundant and duplicate files like temporary files, recycle bin, etc. It offers parental controls which are effective in restraining the content that can be accessed on the computer. One can even control the time children can spend on the internet and block specific category of websites. It even keeps a track of how long the internet has been used and the number of times the blocked sites are attempted to be accessed.

    Cons :

    Installing McAfee Internet security is a pain. The executable file first scans the entire PC for threats before installation. Then it verifies your email id and password one entered while downloading the antivirus from McAfee website. Then rest of the executable file is downloaded from the internet. The cleaning tool does not offer any flexibility like browser history deletion tools. I mean one cannot choose what to delete and what not to. If one chooses to clean, it will even delete browser and plug-in cookies for all websites which are not marked as favorite. It keeps on flagging legitimate software as malwares which is very irritating. Whenever a quick scan is launched, it takes a toll on system resources.

    • September 22, 2015
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McAfee Internet Security

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