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McAfee Antivirus Plus is Essential security software so you can surf, shop, and socialize online while our anti-virus software, anti-malware, and firewall keep you safe.

People want to enjoy the benefits of connecting, surfing, and shopping online and don't want to think about security risks. At McAfee we live and breathe digital security, relentlessly working to stay several steps ahead of the bad guys. Every second of every day, we focus on one thing: keeping your digital life safe, so that you can surf, shop and socialize online with confidence.

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McAfee Antivirus Plus

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  • Stay safe from Trojans, viruses, spyware, rootkits, and more, with state-of-the-art anti-malware protection
  • Detects, quarantines, and blocks viruses and malware to prevent damage to your PC
  • Keep zero-day threats and botnets at bay—McAfee Active Protection and Global Threat Intelligence technology have you covered.
  • Identifies software in need of updating by checking the version on your PC against our database using Vulnerability Scanner
  • Deletes unnecessary cookies and temporary internet files that slow down your PC with McAfee QuickClean
  • Securely destroy sensitive files, such as tax documents, with McAfee Shredder
  • Two-Way Firewall system monitors and stops traffic in and out of your PC trying to connect to suspicious servers and known Botnets
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Critic Reviews

  • 73

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    Rating based on 11 Critic Reviews

    9 Favorable reviews
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    2 Mixed reviews
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  • A McAfee AntiVirus software license protects one Windows PC for one year and protects it very well; much better than most. Although it competes with antivirus products, it includes antiphishing, a firewall and file shredder, features that are usually part of internet security suites, rather than basic antivirus products. Unless you have more than one PC to protect, McAfee AntiVirus would not be out of place on your short list of virus protection products to consider.

  • To put it simply, McAfee AntiVirus Plus 2014 is best for a clean computer. The software falls down somewhat when it comes to removing malware and rootkits. The firewall addition to the antivirus package is a big advantage, but unless you are desperate for this feature you’ll find the higher-ranked antivirus packages better for the overall protection of your system.

  • McAfee represents a reasonable value. It provides solid protection for home computers. It includes a two-way firewall, along with several extras. The UI is touch-friendly and performance impact in minimal. Scanning times are fast. Any qualms we have are minor. it could be a bit easier to start a scan or to get to settings, but we found no issues with the software’s performance and features. We’re happy to recommend McAfee AntiVirus Plus 2014.

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User Reviews

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    Alec Bruns

    McAfee was a great program. It was my anti-virus and firewall for the longest time. It was cheap and effective. Now, while it still isn't too costly, it has a very bad reputation. Bloat and spyware have been found in its file, and while my usage of it was during the times before and after this issue was addressed, it is still a very important thing to bring up as extra software that is harmful to the user or unnecessary most be known to any who may purchase it in the future, in case McAfee tries to sneak it in again. It still does have some favorable parts to it though; however, I can't recommend this software in the slightest. There are better free and paid programs that stop viruses more effectively while also not having spyware hidden in the files.

    Pros :

    It is a firewall, and it does its job fairly well. Its hard to say whether Window's Defender of McAfee helped me more though. It is available for tablets and smart phones which is good, considering more and more information is being stolen from mobile devices as opposed to desktops. Virus protection on a mobile device is incredibly advantageous, even if said anti-virus isn't the best. It is still a defense. This goes for Apple and Android devices alike. Tech support is also free, so if a virus does infect a computer, someone can potentially help a user go through the steps of removing it. A nice little feature that comes bundled together with everything.

    Cons :

    The biggest con is the risk of spyware and bloatware on your machine because of McAfee Antivirus Plus. Many people have found that McAfee installed other software along with the firewall. This is a huge problem. How can one trust their firewall if their firewall has a bunch of extra unwanted files that can pose a risk to one's computer or just fill up hard drive space with useless programs. The firewall itself isn't that best either. While using it, McAfee has given me false positives in the past while also letting virus get past its own defense. Luckily, Windows caught it before my system could get infected.

    • September 21, 2015
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