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Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Premium detects AND protects in an easy-to-use, straightforward, heavy-hitting but lightweight anti-malware application.

Malware is big and malware is bad. Your computer is constantly at risk from infection by malware including viruses, worms, trojans, rootkits, dialers and spyware. Malwarebytes specializes in fighting malware.

If viruses are mischief, malware is mayhem. Malware doesn’t just want to disrupt your network, it wants your keystrokes, logins, passwords, address book, data, credit card information, favorite t-shirt and possibly your cat.

Malware is not going away any time soon. Malware is growing, developing, constantly evolving. Malware is becoming more difficult to detect, and even harder to remove.

Only the most sophisticated anti-malware techniques can detect and remove malicious programs from your computer. Malwarebytes Anti-Malware combines powerful new technologies designed to seek out, destroy, and prevent malware.

Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit wraps four layers of security around popular browsers, preventing exploits from compromising vulnerable code. Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit Premium goes one step further, shielding your browser and other popular applications. It’s your best protection against new ransomware.

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Plans & Pricing

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

Try it Now


  • Detects and eliminates malware your antivirus will miss
  • Removes rootkits and repairs the files they damage

Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit

Try it Now


  • Shields Browsers and
  • Browses add-ons
  • Shields Java

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Premium

Single payment / 3 user(s)


  • Detects and eliminates malware your antivirus will miss
  • Removes rootkits and repairs the files they damage
  • Prevents access to and from known malicious websites
  • Detects malware automatically in real-time, before it can infect
  • Schedule automatic scans and database updates

Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit Premium

for 1 Year / 3 user(s)


  • Shields Browsers and
  • Browses add-ons
  • Shields Java
  • Shields PDF Readers and Microsoft Word, Excel, and Powerpoint
  • Shields media players
  • Ability to add/manage custom shields

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Review by Cloudswave

In today's world, the Internet can be a very dangerous place. Online Malware is everywhere, unfortunately, and even those who do their best to keep safe on the web by only visiting trusted sites can become a victim. Essentially, it is malicious software, which has the potential to gain access to your computer and to damage it. You could lose personal information, and you could lose all control over your computer. It can infect the computer through sites, email, and more, and once it is in the system, it is notoriously difficult to remove.
What would you do if you suddenly couldn't use parts of your computer, or if you discover that someone has added or removed files to your computer? It's a frightening thought, and you need to have protection against this very real possibility. One of the top options when it comes to dealing with malware is Malwarebytes, and it offers a number of benefits.

It's Easy to Use

Whether you are using the home version or a business version, one of the things you will notice is that the software is very easy to use. Once you have it in place, you can simply forget it and let it do its job. It is possible to schedule scans as well, just in case you feel that anything malicious might have slipped through the cracks. It's a good idea to run a scan with your antivirus program, along with your anti-malware program regularly. Running a scan about once a week is generally enough.
Even those who know very little about computers and setting up software will have no problem with the program. In fact, it is generally those people who know the least about computers and the Internet that will benefit the most from having this added protection on their machine.

Options for Home Use

One of the best things about Malwarebytes is that they have a free option for users who are concerned about malware. It does not offer the same level of protection as the Premium version, which we'll discuss next, but it does help to keep you safe. This free version has anti-malware and anti-spyware tools that are able to detect and remove malware that your antivirus program might miss. It also features their anti-rootkit. This removes any rootkits that have been installed in your computer and makes repairs to any damaged files. The advanced malware removal system is some of the best in the field, and it works to remove all of the malware code, not just part of it.
The Premium plan includes all of the elements of the free package, as well as quite a few other helpful features. One of the best features is malicious website blocking. This will prevent your computer from even accessing sites that could be malicious. The protection is in real time, so it can detect the malware and deal with it before it corrupts your system. The hyper scan mode will scan the system quickly and look for active threats, and you can schedule both automated scans and database updates.
One of the problems that some people have had with other anti-malware programs is that the malware will detect the software and then delete it. Malwarebytes has a solution to this with their chameleon driver. This stops the malware from being able to detect the presence of the software so it cannot delete or modify it in any way.
Software is available for home use with Mac and Windows systems so you can have protection no matter what type of machine you are using. The current cost of the software is $24.95 for a year's worth of protection. In addition, you can use the 14-day free trial to determine whether it meets your expectations. You'll find that it is easy to use, and that you might have had more problems on your computer than you initially thought. You can also see just how much it has protected you in that time. Many people, once they see how valuable the software is, decide to use it.

Options for Business Use

Even if your business has good Internet security, there is always a chance that something could still infect the computers and network. If this were to happen, it could mean bad times ahead for your company. You could lose data, lose control of the computers, and lose a substantial amount of time as you try to take care of the problem and get everything back in order. Using Malwarebytes for Business is a good solution for many companies.
This version has a very small system footprint, and it blocks malicious websites, offers three scan modes, and Windows Server support. It's compatible with many other security products, and has a full management console. This console can allow you to manage thousands of devices from just one console. It's easy to install, you can create policies for different user groups, and use the email notification system to learn about anything that could be wrong with the system and identify vulnerable points.
Because each company's needs are unique, there is not a single price point for this software. For between one and 99 seats, the cost is currently $29.95 per computer. For those who have more computers they need to protect, they will need to contact Malwarebytes to get a quote.

Is It Compatible With All Antivirus Programs?

The company works to make sure that their anti-malware programs are compatible with the latest versions of the most popular antivirus software on the market. It works with all of the following programs - Ad-Aware Antivirus, Avast! Internet Security 2014, AVG Internet Security 2014, BitDefender Total Security 2015, Comodo Internet Security Pro, ESET NOD32 Antivirus, G-Data Total Security 2015, Kaspersky Pure, McAfee Total Protection, Microsoft Security Essentials, Norton 360, Panda Global Protection 2014, Trend Micro Titanium Premium Security, Webroot Secure Anywhere Internet Security, Windows Defender, ZoneAlarm Free Firewall, and ZoneAlarm Extreme Security 2015.
Their Business version is compatible with Kapersky Small Office Security 3, McAfee Security for Business, Sophos EndUser Protection, and Symantec Endpoint Protection.
Since there are always new editions on the horizon for antivirus programs, it is a good idea that you check the latest updates to see whether Malwarebytes will be compatible with your current version of antivirus software.

Benefits of Using Malwarebytes

Do you really need to have Malwarebytes? While there are a number of different types of software available that help to protect against malware, this software has some nice benefits to using it. One of the most impressive is the chameleon technology we discussed earlier. This ensures that it can protect itself from malware that tries to disable it, meaning that you will always have protection. It works extremely fast, and it has a very small footprint. This means you do not have to worry about installing a massive program to your computer. The company says that the installation space will only require about the same as ten digital songs. Even though it is a small program, it is quite powerful.
The system has the ability to find things that your antivirus program can't find as well. Even though you might think that you have a good antivirus program, it is not dedicated to finding and removing malware. This means that it could miss some things that are affecting your computer. Malwarebytes specializes in finding malware, even the rootkits that are deeply embedded in your system. Even though some antivirus programs might be able to find the malware, they do not have the capabilities to remove it. Once again, this is where this software shines.
The Internet today is rife with fake websites designed to steal your personal information, such as credit card information, and that can install malware. This software will prevent you from accessing those sites. All of these benefits are geared toward making your online experience safer and to ensure your computer and private information are not in danger.
When you have a high quality program on your computer to fight against malware, it provides you with extra peace of mind for all of your online activities.

Should You Choose This Software?

You don't want to run the risk of having malware on your computer, so you definitely need to have an anti-malware program running. Malwarebytes, considering all of the benefits we've discussed, as well as the fact that there is a free version, helps to solidify this as one of the number one choices available. A number of other pieces of software are available on the market though, and you might want to run a comparison between all of them to see what they offer.
Malwarebytes have been in business of a number of years, and they've built a quality reputation in that time. It can get rid of dialers, Trojans, rootkits, spyware, exploits, malware, rogues, and worms. They are trusted by countless individuals and businesses to keep their computers safe, and they are well worth considering when you are in the market for an anti-malware program.
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Critic Reviews

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    Cloudswave Score for Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

    Rating based on 7 Critic Reviews

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    43 %
    3 Mixed reviews
    43 %
    1 unfavorable reviews
    14 %
  • This security software runs light and is easy to use. However, for dependable and proven ability to protect we recommend one of our higher ranked products.

    Pros :

    Cons :

  • I personally use and highly recommend that you consider purchasing Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Premium. The incredibly low price at Amazon.com certainly can’t be beat either. Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Premium does not replace an anti-virus program though. It works like a team with your anti-virus software; protecting you against malware that your anti-virus and other Internet security software misses. As I’ve said before, when it comes to Internet security an ounce of prevention is indeed better than a pound of cure.

  • Malwarebytes Anti-Malware is a very solid product. It includes some useful extras, such as context menu integration, and a locked file deletion tool called FileASSASSIN (as demoed in the video above). Even so, you do have to remember to run it if you fear an infection - if you want realtime protection, you’ll need to pay for a Malwarebytes Anti-Malware license.

    All in all, Malwarebytes Anti-Malware is a powerful, quick malware scanner that’s perfect for the casual – but savvy – user.

    Pros :

    Cons :

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User Reviews

  • 8 In total

  • User review from

    Kyle Farago

    I have been using the free on-demand scanner as well as the paid subscription for many years on my own systems as well as client's computers. This is not anti virus software, but anti-malware software which are your more common system infections equivalent to the common cold in human terms. Not deadly ( typically ) but very annoying and can really slow things down, plus you never know who else you've given it to.

    Its free version is just as powerful as the paid Pro version as it is the same software, it only lacks the active shield on the system to help prevent infections from even getting in. It's "chameleon" style programming allows it to run even in highly infected situations in the ways it can try and run itself in ways that are invisible to the infections. It scans every aspect of your system including the active memory, startup files, the system registry and the file system as a whole. Once it has finished there, it will then analyze everything it has scanned and looked for known patterns and behaviors to try and catch infections in the system that haven't been previously defined in it's library or dictionary.

    The scan is incredibly efficient and takes as long or as little time as it needs depending on File System size, infection level and other variables. The active shield protection included in the Pro Version as stated above helps prevent infections from even entering the system and will block connections to known infected servers before your system can even interact with them.

    Pros :

    • Free Version availble.
    • Paid Pro license affordable.
    • Compatible with Anti-Virus Software.
    • Constant updates to library / dictionary.
    • Deep system scan.
    • Heuristic Analysis to attempt detection of unknown infections.
    • Active Shield to prevent infections and known infected connection blocking.
    • Can permanently remove infections.
    • Anti Root-Kit included in both Free and Pro versions.

    Cons :

    • None to list at this time.

    • May 22, 2016
  • User review from

    James Matthew

    Virus and malware protection software are the kind of thing that one may forget about until something happens that shows its value. Malwarebytes Anti-Malware is especially easy to ignore, despite its usefulness; I sometimes almost miss the little box that pops up in the corner of the screen that tells me that something malicious was just blocked (a little like a very small goalie).andnbsp; That’s really a compliment because I don’t want alarms going off and flashing icons when the software works – I just want to know that I am getting what I paid for occasionally. Other software of this type that I have used gave “false positives” with legitimate things that I used; as far as I can tell, Malwarebytes has not done this.

    have been using Anti-Malware Home Premium on a home computer for about three years.andnbsp; Its value to price ratio (if there is such a thing) is about the best of any purchased software that I have used. For years before that, I lived with anti-virus software alone and believed that my PC was safe.andnbsp; Something happened (cannot remember what at this point) that convinced me that anti-virus software alone was not sufficient. A web search led me to Malwarebytes and I decided to try it.andnbsp; I am glad that I did.

    My only concern (which may be unfounded) is that it doesn’t appear to update its database as often as other software of this type. It may be that it’s doing this behind the scenes, or that it does not need to update itself that often.andnbsp; Either way, I have not worried about it too much because the software seems to be doing its job very well.

    I have used Malwarebytes with both Norton Antivirus and AVG Internet Security and have seen no compatibility issues with either one.I would highly recommend this software. It’s a small price to pay for a large amount of security.

    Pros :

    • Great security.
    • Great value.

    Cons :

    • None that I have seen.

    • April 28, 2016
  • User review from

    Flavio Soldani

    I use it with other anti-virus software to provide more comprehensive protection. This product is able to detect many malware 0- hour. There are two versions: free version and business. The free version is useful for regular checks on their systems but for a more complete protection in real time, the best solution is the business version.

    The business version offers many advanced features and a much more comprehensive protection. The paid version has more protection in real-time with advanced heuristics, web protection, programmable scans and automatic updating. It has a web security for blocking the ip considered malicious Malwarebytes has a central management console that simplifies the management of endpoint security. Using a single screen, you can update, monitor and manage clients, it is useful to have thousands of client control.

    Once it has been configured it can send e-mail notifications to administrators with a report of detected threats. Malwarebyte not requires a lot of resources, is able to run in older operating systems. It is cross-platform, It can be used in different operating systems ( mac and windows ).

    Pros :

    • It is easy to use and does not create conflicts with other applications.
    • It eliminates many malware after the first scan - The software is translated in different languages.
    • It has a constantly updated database.
    • Many problems of slowness of the system caused by malware can be resolved with a complete scan.
    • The business version Provides a reporting system, it is possible print the log. Malwarebytes allowing you to optimize the management of the IT security.
    • The quarantine function is very useful for managing suspect files, files can be moved to this section before removing them.

    Cons :

    • Standard scans are too long, you have to exclude items to reduce the time.
    • The mac version is certainly more limited and basic than windows.

    • March 16, 2016
  • User review from

    Luca Campanelli

    Malwarebytes provides Anti-Malware Home , this is a great product for research and clean of malware and spyware. Adopt a good scanning technology to detect worms, trojans, rootkits, rogue, spyware etc. It is distributed in two home versions, one free and the other (Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Premium) for a fee. Additional facilities include solutions for companies, Malwarebytes Anti-Malware for business, Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit for business, Malwarebytes Endpoint Security.

    Pros :

    • The Home is very basic, highlights few features such as scan, the update, and the parental control, you can instead have fun exploring the various settings. It includes many configurations and possible settings (although they are not all organized properly) including: AntiSpam, AntiVirus, Firewall and so on.
    • The antivirus can be configured with different levels of protection for each level you can set what kind of action to take if it detects a threat, in the advanced settings, you can also change their scanning types, entering in detail you can decide how to operate the scan.
    • The real-time protection is really effective, especially when combined with firewalling functions. You can also set privacy settings, trusted applications (such as a whitelist), like many other antiviruses you can manage the quarantine, and set different settings depending on the browser you want to use.
    • It can also provide a virtual keyboard used by the screen.
      -In the Tools section, you will also have a complete overview of the consumption of resources such as CPU, disk, RAM, network indicators, and counters threats.
    • To recap, I think so is a good choice, the only advice I can give is that it is definitely more suitable for experienced users rather than novice users with antivirus software, and users who have never used firewall or computer security software.

    Cons :

    • Based on the performance tests, in comparison with senior antivirus on the market, it is not among the lightest, I have to say though that I have not found great delays, it is also true that the various computer on which I installed were very performing.
    • The interface of the last version is very beautiful in terms of design but is not very user-friendly when used by a novice user.

    • February 27, 2016
  • User review from

    Marko Miettinen

    Malwarebytes is a lightweight anti almost everything but a virus. It scans for malware/spyware, rootkits, PUP/PUM and has real-time protection with Advanced Heuristic Engine (Shuriken) and also malicious website detection which works with all the major browsers and filters out the bad data and also warns about pages that are malicious. Malwarebytes is very easy to install and use but has some advanced features like exclusions, access policies, scheduling, etc. I would recommend Malwarebytes as one in all very good compact package with antivirus on top with it (I use Windows Defender W10) There is free and paid version, but the free version works just fine for everything there are no anti-malware things removed. Only things like auto-update, and other minor things. But you should check out if you need those extra features since some of them are pretty handy, and the price is not bad.

    Scanning is done manually by selecting normal Threat Scan, Custom Scan where you can define where and what you want to scan and customization of PUP's (Potentially Unwanted Software) and Hyper Scan which is what it sounds. Also, you can schedule any of these scans to take place at the time of your choosing.

    Malwarebytes also protects itself by having a self-protection module and starting before any other windows components which adds one more protection layer to you.

    While the program itself is pretty lightweight and is nicely threaded so multicore users will see performance rise the scan speed itself is pretty slow. But hopefully, updates will remedy this in the future.

    Malwarebytes also provides a version for businesses which has many more options geared toward business use like Malwarebytes Management Console, Active Directory integration, Multiple client management (up to thousands from a single console), Comprehensive policies for different user groups and synchronization, Virtual deployment simulator and Email notifications.

    Pros :

    • Malwarebytes is unequivocal and simple to use, much more so than many of the other more complex applications in our antispyware lineup - Anti-Rootkit - Malicious Website Detection - Lightweight - Cheap to upgrade.
    • It also provides product for business use.

    Cons :

    • Slows down computer during active scans but uses multithreading very nice.
    • Slow scan speed (this has been improving steadily with updates though).
    • Technical support is provided via email only (fast response times though).

    • December 8, 2015
  • User review from

    Alec Bruns

    Malwarebytes is a free anti-virus software that provides everything any paid one will give you. It has state of the art scans that accomplish all goals. I have been using it for a decent amount of time now and have yet to have a virus get into my system. It caught some suspicious files several times in the past, and overall makes me as a consumer feel much safer.

    Pros :

    • The user Interface is very nice and works like a charm. It has a high-tech field and displays all relevant information.
    • Furthermore, Malwarebytes's UI is sleek and easy to use like never before.
    • Installing it was incredibly easy. It did not include any hidden bloatware installs to clog up my system like other free software may try to do. The install was very quick as well.
    • While using it, I noticed it using very little resources.
    • Malwarebytes is amazing with how little impact it has on the computer as a whole.
    • I can run in it background while I go about my other work and activities without having to worry about reduced functionality in anything I am doing.
    • Malwarebytes works with other security software to get a full defense against anything that may harm my computer.
    • I have seen no clashing of programming or with firewall/anti-virus while Malwarebytes and another security software is running simultaneously.

    Cons :

    • Sadly, Malwarebytes does not feature a quick scan or scheduled scanner feature. This does limit its usefulness for quick scans and periodic updates on the overall security of your system.
    • As such, it should be used with other security programs for maximum security.
    • I have also noticed it does not scan the websites themselves. This is a major loss as some websites are able to inject dangerous code via cookies, sessions, or otherwise and as such web security programs are needed alongside with Malwarebytes for full security in all regards.

    • November 25, 2015
  • User review from

    Leonardo Andrés David Zerón

    Malwarebytes is one of the best free anti-malware solutions available. A personal computer that combines the free versions of Avira Antivirus and Malwarebytes Anti-malware will have excellent protection against virtually all viruses, malware, adware, rootkits, etc. Besides, the two software solutions don’t interfere with each other. Malwarebytes Anti-Malware is very effective in detecting and eliminating unwanted bugs, and it tends to get along well with other security programs. Besides, it has a small system footprint and a relatively fast scanning process even in the free version. It can run in the background without a severe impact on system performance. If there is one drawback to this software, it is that the free version doesn’t have real-time protection, so it must be complemented with another solution (Avira Antivirus is greatly recommended as a complement). Also, the free version doesn’t update automatically, so occasional manual checks are required to keep the malware database up to date. The paid version of Malwarebytes costs $24.95 per year, so it is affordable. Besides, it enhances Malwarebytes with web protection features, real-time protection, malware immunity and quick scan capabilities.

    Pros :

    • Malwarebytes is a solid and reliable antimalware solution, which doesn’t interfere with the operation of complementary security software such as antivirus or firewalls.
    • The impact on system resources is light, even while scanning.
    • There is a free version available which eliminates malware, adware and rootkits.
    • The paid version is affordable, it offers excellent web protection features, and it prevents the software itself from being shut down by malware that targets it specifically.

    Cons :

    • The free version lacks real-time protection, quick scan mode and automatic database updates. It must be opened, updated and run manually for every scan.
    • A complementary software is required to achieve 100% full protection for your PC. Malwarebytes carries out its function very effectively, but it is a reactive measure, not a proactive one.

    • October 28, 2015
  • User review from

    Sean Caruana

    I have been a Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Premium user for around a year. I have always been a faithful Microsoft Security Essentials user (and with the introduction of Windows 8 and 10, this is included within the OS by default). There have however been occasions where Microsoft's anti-malware product does not detect malware while running a scan through Malwarebytes successfully detected and removed the respective viruses. This, in my opinion, is a good enough reason to give it a try. There is nothing wrong with combining Malwarebytes with Microsoft's default anti-malware software.

    Pros : - Has detected and removed malware which Microsoft's anti-malware software did not detect, on many occasions. - Scans are non-intrusive and very effective.

    Cons : - The software has some stability issues. - Has a number of features which can be classified as bloatware, as they are not actually as useful as competing products, or features included natively in Windows. - The free version leaves a lot to be desired, so the Premium version is a must.

    • September 14, 2015
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Alternatives to Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

FAQs for Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

Most people know that having antivirus software on their computer is essential in today's dangerous online world. However, they may not all be aware that they should also have software to protect against malware. This malware is software that installs itself on your computer and can do a number of terrible things. It can take over your computer, and people can steal information, and more. Using a quality piece of protection software, such as Malwarebytes can help to keep your computer safe. The following are some of the most common questions and answers about the software.

Do I Need Anti-Malware Software If I Have an Antivirus Program?

While the antivirus program you have installed on your computer might be able to find and eliminate some of the malware on your system, there is always the chance that it could miss some things. In addition, not all of the antivirus programs out there offer anti-malware. Having a dedicated program, such as Malwarebytes can help to increase your level of safety.

Is It Compatible With My Antivirus Program?

Another common question is whether it will work with the antivirus program you have installed. Malwarebytes - both the free and the premium version - tests for compatibility with all of the latest products from the largest antivirus companies including Norton 360, Microsoft Security Essentials, and Kapersky Pure. It works with most of the large programs, but you should make sure you check their site to see the full compatibility list.

Is the Free Version Enough?

The free version for Malwarebytes actually offers a substantial amount of protection. However, it doesn't have all of the same features as the Premium plan, which offers great protection and control over the system. For those who want the most protection, upgrading is a good idea.

Can't Malware Disable These Programs?

In the case of lesser software, it is true that the malware could actually disable or delete the anti-malware software, defeating the purpose of having it in the first place. However, Malwarebytes has proprietary technology that hides it from these programs so they can't disable it.
Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

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