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  • Best tool for Cloud Storage

    We use Livedrive to help back up our information in the Cloud, gives us easy access to all the Knowledge-base we need on a daily basis and helps us manage easily all the information we need in the office or when out and about. Great tool for managing other clients and the data they want stored in the Cloud. It worked perfectly fine on both Mac and Windows and if you're in an office with a lot of computers LAN transfers eases and speeds up the backup from one computer to another.

    Pros : The business dashboard is very simple, makes user management an easy task.

    Cons : You may have some types of files that for some reason don't seem to backup well. This is an issue that was reported to us by graphic designers who work with not so common type of files. However, when I brought this up to Livedrive's attention they helped us find a solution.

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  • LiveDrive comes with a lot of great features and it’s offered at a budget-friendly price. However we feel skeptical to recommend them. There have been complaints on their support quality being inconsistent. Some of the features are not working properly too.

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  • Considering how much storage it gives you, Livedrive is excellent value. It's up there with the best in terms of features, and our only slight concern is the high price you'll pay to back up NAS devices and the dated look of the mobile applications, as well as the high price you have to pay to add synchronisation functions.

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  • I would definitely recommend LiveDrive.

    LiveDrive is a good product. They do not push you to signup with them.

    During my free trial, I remember I only receive two emails from them. One is a welcome email and the other is to inform that my first file upload has been successful.LiveDrive offer fair and great price compare to the features and benefits. If you are at budget, you can choose the basic plan which gives you equally the quality of services and product.

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  • Whether you are a home user looking to protect your data or are looking for a cloud storage solution for your business, we highly recommend checking out LiveDrive's cloud storage solution. Free trial accounts are available on all of the packages so you can try before you buy.

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  • We admit that we were drawn by the extensive arrays of features from LiveDrive. However, after testing their software and reaching out to existing customers to know more about their customer service, we find it it’s not worth your money and valuable data. However, if you would like to start a small cloud backup service without having to invest in your own infrastructure and technology, then LiveDrive’s Reseller account will be for you. But if anything for customer service is necessary, you are on your own. Basically. There are many more cloud backup companies with much better customer service and pricing.

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  • With unlimited backup in every package, Livedrive is an ideal online backup solution for anyone who wants to backup heavy files such as music or videos, as well as standard computer files. Likewise, the ability to restore files for up to 30 days makes Livedrive ideal for anyone who has the need to access past files or may want to review a prior version of a document or other file type. The service is easy to install and to run and it runs seamlessly in the background of every computer, working efficiently while allowing the computer user to do the same.

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  • Keeping your files safe with LiveDrive is fairly simple. The backup system can be set to run automatically to collect files from your devices and store the replicated files on the cloud. Installation is also a snap. The LiveDrive product line also offers a flexibility that other cloud storage services do not. With unlimited storage and extremely competitive pricing, it is easy to see that LiveDrive is the perfect choice for business and personal cloud storage needs.

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  • The biggest selling point of Livedrive is that it can do a little bit of everything. For users that need a simple backup plan, the basic Livedrive account provides unlimited storage space for a single computer. Other plans can be used to store files online and sync files between computers. Livedrive also provides numerous other features such as mobile apps, file sharing and FTP support.

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  • Although the true prices are higher than advertised, Livedrive offers a whopping 2TB of cloud storage space, great mobile apps, and unlimited online backups.

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