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LastPass is a password manager that makes web browsing easier and more secure. It helps reducing help-desk support calls, a shared password repository for easy access and updates, increasing data security with unique, strong passwords, eliminating time wasted on recovering forgotten user names and passwords and gives you building compliance with detailed access reports.

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Features & Specifications

Key Features

  • Multibrowser download & sync
  • Autofill login details
  • User password vault
  • Admin control panel
  • Auto-save new login data
  • Link personal/business accounts
  • Security scores
  • Configurable policies
  • Automated reporting
  • Backup documents


Supported languages
English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Arabic, Hebrew, Portuguese, Polish
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World Wide
Supported Platforms
  • Web Based
  • Mobile Web
  • Desktop Windows
  • Desktop Mac OSX
  • Desktop Linux
  • Mobile App IOS
  • Mobile App Android
Support Options
  • Online Support
  • Phone Support
  • Video Tutorials

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  • One Master Password
  • Automatic From Filling
  • One Click Login
  • Secure Your Data
  • Synchronize Across Browser
  • Store Secure Note

LastPass Premium

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  • Share wWith Friends
  • Import Your Data
  • Export Your Data
  • Backup And Passwords
  • Generate Secure Passwords
  • Universal Access
  • Accesss From USB Keys
  • Screen Keybord
  • One Time Passwords
  • Identities
  • Phishing Protection
  • Identify Weak Passwords

LastPass Review by Cloudswave

LastPass is a service for password management, helping people to make it easier to have all of their passwords in one central location and to provide them with one master password that they can use. Password management and protection is extremely important in today's world.
Even moderate computer users tend to have quite a few passwords for all of the different sites they use regularly. These include store sites, banks, social media, and much more. Most people have close to a dozen sites that they use regularly and that require password input.
Using the same password for multiple sites is a terrible idea, as it means a hacker would only need to have a single password to have access to all of a person's accounts. This can provide them with financial information, credit card numbers, personal information, and more.
However, remembering countless password, and creating complex passwords is something that many people simply neglect. Using a tool such as LastPass can take the hassle out of this, making it faster and easier to control your passwords, update them, and increase your overall safety.
While there are many similar systems available, LastPass tends to receive favorable reviews from both critics and customers alike. It has a number of robust features to provide people with a substantial amount of control over their passwords in an easy to use interface. Let's look at everything that the system offers currently.

What Does LastPass Offer?

Even though you need to have different passwords for all of those sites, you have more important things to do than to try to remember them all. The tool simplifies this for you, and it has some nice features that help to keep you safe. lastpass3 They have high level AES 256-bit encryption and create complex passwords for your sites. LastPass also ensures that the decryption is only done locally. Any sensitive data that needs to sync with the system is encrypted and decrypted locally so the key is always in the device and only available to you.
This reduces the possibility of someone getting your information. It will also allow you to increase your online security further thanks to multifactor authentication, which will add another step to the login process. It's simple and can be effective at boosting security further.
It is quite easy to get started with the system after downloading it. It will appear as a browser add-on, which you can then click on and get started setting up the account. Once you set up the account, you can start to go through the various sites you visit that require password authentication.
When you visit, LastPass will prompt you to save the login and to create a new profile. The next time you visit, you will not have to do a thing - LastPass will log you in when you arrive and log you out when you leave. All of your data will be on one place, a centralized location that you can visit to see all of the sites you visit. You can edit them, delete them, and reorganize them as you see fit.
All of this tends to make your normal online activities, such as shopping, visiting social media sites, and more, faster and easier. The management will allow users to record important information, you can back up sensitive information and professional documents, and you can share accounts with family and friends who are also part of LastPass, if you choose.
Three different versions of the system are available, and they have different features available, as well as different prices. The free version automates filling in forms and logins, secures notes, and has a password generator, shared credentials, multifactor authentication, one time passwords, audits, and command line interface. lastpass2 The Premium version, which currently costs $12 per year for a single year (discounts are available when buying multiple years at the same time) features all of the above, as well as unlimited sync and unlimited devices, priority tech support, and more multifactor authentication options. It also allows for a single shared folder with customized permissions per user.
The Enterprise level version of the system offers everything the Free and Premium version offers, along with some other nice features that are helpful for larger companies trying to keep all of their employee passwords in order and safe.
These other features include a centralized administrator's console, active directory integration, automated account provisioning, unlimited shared folders with customized permissions, configurable security and access policies, real time reports, a single sign one for cloud apps using SAML.
It also allows the user to add, remove, and manage employees in real time. The pricing for the Enterprise level varies greatly depending on whether a company chooses to use site licensing or per user licensing.
Those companies thinking about using the Enterprise level version will be happy to know that it offers a 14-day free trial. Download and start using the system to see whether it has all of the options and features needed to handle the passwords at the company.

What Problems Does LastPass Have?

The general reception to the system has been quite good, having been deemed an Editor's Choice tool by PC Magazine. It has been featured in a number of different magazines and websites, and the reviews have been positive for the most part. However, over the past several years, there have been a few problems with the system that users should certainly be aware of before they decide to use it.
In 2011, a security researcher named Mike Cardwell discovered a security hole in the system's XSS, or cross-site scripting. Once he discovered the problem, LastPass was able to patch it very quickly. However, Cardwell and the company disagreed on the severity of the issue. He said that it showed that the system could be exploited, but when the company went over their logs, they discovered that the only person to have gotten into the system was Cardwell. They fixed the problem and made a number of other improvements to their security. lastpass1 This did not prove to be the end of their issues though. Later that same year, they found several strange instances involving their incoming and outgoing traffic. They did not see any evidence of anyone trying to break through their security, but they could not figure out what was causing the problems in the system.
Since they could not determine the source of the issues, which were quite large, they stopped using those particular servers and sent out messages to all of their users to change their master passwords. They did not have evidence that any passwords were stolen, but they wanted to ensure their users were safe.
The sudden influx of all of the users trying to change their master passwords at the same time ended up clogging their servers though, so they had to tell the customers to wait to change their password until they were notified to do so.
More recently, LastPass announced that they had found other suspicious activity occurring on the network and found that a number of areas had been compromised, including email addresses and password reminders.
They say that they were confident that the encryption methods they used for the system were enough to keep their users safe, and they went on to increase their security further.
Even though they may have had a few instances of security problems, they are relatively minor compared with what many other companies have suffered in the past couple of years.
The fact that they are proactive and are taking steps to improve their security continually should help to put to rest the minds of their users and those who have been thinking about using the system.

What's the Overall Assessment of LastPass?

LastPass actually has quite a lot going for it. Managing passwords has never been quite so simple, and when using the Premium version, the ability to sync with multiple devices helps to make it much easier to access sites no matter where you are and what you are using for accessing the Internet.
Whether choosing the free or one of the paid versions, there is plenty to love about the system. Even though it has a robust number of features and option, it tends to be very easy to get started and to use.
The few security problems that they've had in the past were minor and are certainly no reason for anyone to stay away from this software. In fact, given the number of instances of identity theft happening today, having a password manager that is encrypted and that keeps your passwords safe, and that helps to make them complex in the first case, is essential. LastPass is a quality option.
The Free version is likely all that most users will ever need, but even moving up to Premium is cost effective for those who want a little more control. If you aren't convinced, keep in mind that it won't cost a thing to try it and to see how it works. It could be just what you need to increase your online safety.
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Critic Reviews

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  • We use Lastpass as a way to generate secure passwords for all our shared utility accounts within the company. The ability to generate secure passwords and share them amongst departments without giving them access to actually view or copy the password provides a nice extra level of security on these shared accounts, and the auditing features in lastpass enterprise help us maintain individual accountability.

    Pros : Great solution for shared accounts on external services, or for companies that have not implemented single sign on solutions yet. Being able to link a personal account to a company account while still keeping them separate is a nice touch

    Cons : Getting employees within the company to use the application once it has been deployed. I've found the most effective way is to deploy it to an entire department, then update all department shared accounts with newly generated passwords.

  • This is an excellent password manager with a host of great features including browser integration and a random password generator.

  • Considering its ease of use and wide range of features, LastPass is a great password management solution for beginners and experienced operators alike; hopefully, the attractive pricing will be enough to convince even the most hesistant user to give this great way of managing your online persona a go.

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User Reviews

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  • User review from

    Ryan Killoran

    I haven't memorized a password in over a year. I sue this app to create my passwords, store my passwords, remind me to reset my passwords, change my passwords to be more secure, and to remember my passwords for me. Oh, and I use the Chrome extension to log me into sites at the click of a button. I would pay 2x what I pay now for this app. I love that I can access this app from my chrome menu bar, or from the app on my phone. Once they came out with an app, I was so happy.

    Pros :

    • iPhone app. I use the app every day. I simply log in, search for the app I want, and then copy and paste the password into the app or site I am going to use. It's like an easy handshake.
    • One-click sign in. LastPass gives the user the ability to log into any site using LastPass's login assistant. I can store multiple logins for a single site, and designate exactly which one I want to sign into simply by choosing it in the log in the assistant dropdown.
    • Chrome plugin for easy access. This might be more to Chrome's credit, but I love that I can easily access LastPass at any time simply by navigating to the top right corner of my web browser.
    • Vault. I can access my password vault simply by logging into LastPass, remember, that vault used to be stored in my memory banks - and no one was happy about that.
    • Password creation. Lastpass can assist in creating a secure password, and then immediately store that password tying it to the appropriate account.
    • Password changing. Lastpass can both remind me that the security of my password is under threat due to poor practices, and it can help me to reset/modify my password.andnbsp;

    Cons :

    • I have none.

    • September 13, 2016
  • User review from

    Flavio Soldani

    Once you enter a master password (it is recommended that it is complex) leads to management of all registered personal password. You can also authenticate to two factors even in the free version.
    It is installed on mobile devices and PCs. For example, I like to use it with google chrome, it fits perfectly, it is quickly entering passwords.
    You can also manage multiple passwords on the same site, you have the option to select which one to use, and access is automatically filled car in areas of the site.

    Another feature that I think is very useful is the generation of the password, with this program you can create strong passwords randomly. Complex characters may be the number of characters, special characters, alphanumeric characters.

    Pros :

    • There are many software that stores your personal passwords. My favorite feature is the automatic recognition of the site using the plugin the LastPass browser, It is very fast. Lastpass allows to reduce the times of insertion of the password, and all the personal data are available in a single application.
      the full version then has the ability to synchronize passwords on an unlimited number of devices, my passwords are always with me in the cloud and security through dual master password authentication.
    • Locally are not saved passwords, the database is in the cloud, unlike other software that have the password in the local database. Lastpass version offers a very professional service easy to use. The chrome plugin works perfectly.

    Cons :

    • There are very few defects in this software, perhaps the program menu are not very intuitive, the safe handling of the password can be a bit difficult to understand for a non-expert user.
    • Sometimes on some sites, mainly forum or blog can make mistakes the association of the username and password. Not a big problem, when it happens, I select it manually.

    • May 30, 2016
  • User review from

    Kyle Farago

    LastPass is the perfect password manager for individuals and businesses alike. They offer Free, Paid ( Premium ) and Business Class ( Enterprise ) licenses. The free license has most of what the typical user would need / want, the only noticeable functionality missing is the ability to use the LastPass app on mobile devices, for that you must have a Premium or Enterprise license.

    LastPass can be used with nearly every browser and on Windows, Mac OS, and even Linux. At this time there is no support for Edge browser within Windows 10, but Microsoft is supposed to be releasing a plugin sometime here in 2016.

    Once you create your vault with a Secure password ( that you really need to remember - really the only password you do need to remember ) and sign in to the plugin on your browser ( s ) with said password you will have access to all of the accounts you have saved regardless of the device. Accounts are not limited to just usernames and passwords, but form fills data and credit card entry as well which is stored securely and encrypted.

    You are able to view your saved accounts and their respective passwords ( if you are signed in to the vault ) in case you have forgotten a specific password as you can create accounts for things like PINs to physical doors or other non-connected systems. If you have the Premium or Enterprise license, you can also share account information with other LastPass users within your account for things such as NetFlix or other shared accounts.

    It also has a built in password generator that you can set it's specific parameters and will generate a random character password for use with secure sites.

    Pros :

    • Secure Password, Form Data, and Credit Card storage.
    • Free Account available.
    • Affordable paid subscriptions $12/year Premium and 24/User/Year Enterprise.
    • Multi-platform / Device support.
    • Password Generator.
    • Share certain account information.
    • High performance / Low impact.

    Cons :

    • No Edge support at present ( No fault of LastPass ).
    • Doesn't notify when not logged in very well - passwords just simply don't appear.

    • May 22, 2016
  • User review from

    Luca Campanelli

    In terms of safety, one of the most common problems at the moment are the security breaches or identity theft. Since each of us today have the majority of sensitive data to the "safe" in reserved spaces or in their email or on cloud storage, we can be sure that for access to this data we have definitely set a password. To be protected, the best best thing is to have a very high complexity criterion of passwords, do not have the same password on different platforms access, change your passwords on a regular basis and ... use a password manager.

    LastPass is a PWD manager software that can generate multiple passwords of different complexity, these passwords are managed in complete autonomy and are "grouped" under a single father password (master) of the son password.

    Pros :

    • LastPass in detail takes care of encrypting of your passwords, this allows you to have password encryption so no decipherable if not by yourselves.
    • The application is available both on personal computers (Windows and Mac) and on all mobile devices on the market (Android, iOS, Blackberry, etc.).
    • It integrates seamlessly with major browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE, etc.), and through these, you can completely manage all your passwords.
    • The interface is really intuitive and simple, and the management is really as simple as possible.
    • The most important thing to specify is that the Password "master" is NOT a password that is sent to LastPass servers, is therefore totally private this mean so that the keys used to encrypt and decrypt data don't reside on LastPass servers and are not accessible by LastPass and are therefore local.
    • You can find all the details, you can download the application directly from here, and you will also have the opportunity to move to the Premium or Enterprise version as needed.

    Cons :

    • To use LastPass, however, required an internet connection and this could cause problems if you were to perform operations without having the connection.
    • It must be said that around all the passwords you use every day are used to access Web services, so this problem is not as limiting as it seems.

    • February 24, 2016
  • User review from

    Neil Duffy

    LastPass is a great password management app. I have used a few different password management apps, and LastPass is by far the best. LastPass integrates directly into your browser to remember any and all passwords that are used. The app will suggest passwords to save for sites while you are browsing the internet naturally, rather than having to pre-program the app and populate it with your passwords before use. This makes the app much easier to use “out of the box”, and it does not take a genius to set-up.

    Pros :

    • There are pretty few Pros to the product, including: Integration into all browser types. The app can be installed on all system types and builds and works great with all the main internet browsers.
    • Mobile responsive and compatible
    • You can download the app on iOS and Android, then linked so your passwords are available on all devices.
    • The interface is really so easy to use and navigate.
    • You can easily save a new password with the click of a few buttons. You are able to save multiple passwords for the same website, a feature which is not available on all Password management apps. You can group the passwords.
    • You can add tags to passwords so that management and retrieval are much easier, for example, you can save Twitter and Facebook into a social media folder.

    Cons :

    • There are very few cons. However, some are: Sometimes the app forgets you have already saved a password and will prompt you to save again. This could lead to the same username password combination being saved multiple times.
    • The app does not look as nice as some of the other available Password management apps which have a more fun and modern look.
    • To use the app on multiple systems you require a paid account, this is not expensive however the recurring payment model is a bit much. It should be a one-off payment.

    • February 1, 2016
  • User review from

    Tommy Boucher

    You should never use the similar password on more than one service, and you should never write your passwords down. Ho! How could I remember them all? You should use a password manager. There is many services, Online or not, that may help you with your passwords. LastPass is one of the most popular, available in 3 versions; Free, Premium, and Enterprise. I’ve used the Free for a while for my personal passwords, but I’m mostly using the Enterprise version. It’s easy to create users, assign roles, and share “folders” of password. When you're working with your coworker, you should never send passwords using IM or Email. You may want to write it down on a small piece of paper, asking them to eat it after reading, but come on, we are in 2015! LastPass offers all major features, from auto filling web pages of password (or credit card information for example) to password sharing. By default, when you install LastPass on your Windows computer, “Automatically log me into LastPass when my browser starts” should not be checked. This is the key for everything, don’t let it open… come on. You will save all your password by navigating to each site one by one, no easy way to add known sites like LinkedIn or Twitter in a wizard style, but you will be able to “auto change” your password base on the address detection. LastPass supports a large list of supported sites. The Premium version offers a LastPass for Application running on Windows to fill password within Application. Never tried. I think that, to make the service more complete, they should build a Windows app that facilitate service accounts password. Will see what LogMeIn will do with it.

    Pros :

    • Multi-Platform Client-side Encryption, impossible to decrypt without your master password.

    Cons :

    • Really hard to manage service accounts.
    • Since you don’t want to use many software for different kind of passwords, it is a little confusion when you want to manage LDAP passwords.

    • December 24, 2015
  • User review from

    Sean Caruana

    There are quite a few password managers available, but LastPass is truly one of the best in many ways. First of all, since LastPass is cloud-based, it works seamlessly across browsers and devices. There are dedicated Android, Windows Phone and iOS applications in fact. This differs significantly from other password managers that only work through a browser extension or a desktop application. Therefore, no matter what device is being used (laptop, desktop, mobile or tablet), users can access their passwords.

    Similarly, another advantage of using a cloud-based password manager is that security is handled on LastPass' end, so there are very limited risks, especially when compared with password managers in the form of browser extensions or desktop applications. This risk, while not negligible, is minimised as much as possible, by simply having the passwords reside on LastPass' secure servers, with a team of security engineers making sure that they are safe. Having said all this, LastPass were, unfortunately, victims to a cyber attack a while ago. However they claim that the vulnerabilities were solved, and the hackers were unable to make use of any user passwords. This instance also indicated that their customer support needs to be worked on, as their staff were unreachable during the data breach, which was a time where their support was needed the most.

    Besides handling passwords, it can also be used to auto-fill web forms on checkout pages, contact forms, etc., including credit card information and addresses. Multifactor authentication is also present, which is expected nowadays on most software as a service applications. All of these excellent features come at a cost of around $12 per year. While it is a small amount, some other password managers are completely free. However, few of them are as secure and feature-rich as LastPass, so it is well worth the money.

    Pros :

    • Cloud-based.
    • Passwords can be accessed from anywhere.
    • LastPass can also auto-fill forms.
    • Available on mobile devices.
    • Multifactor authentication.
    • Good security since passwords are stored on servers.

    Cons :

    • LastPass is not free.
    • LastPass suffered a cyber attack a while ago.
    • During the data breach, LastPass support was not responsive.

    • December 1, 2015
  • User review from

    Maryna Bondarenko

    LastPass is the oldest and the most famous online password manager. But who said that the old one is the bad one? The service is convenient because it works on all popular platforms, and on many more or less known browsers. It also supports a high number of mobile OS. In other words, if one day I decide to change your preferable browser the passwords will go with me without any exporting and importing. In fact, I made export only once — when I started to work with LastPass. The wizard helped to retrieve the passwords from Chrome, Opera and the other browsers. Then all passwords were saved in LastPass account and since then they are available from anywhere. It's not only convenient, but it's also secure. With LastPass the passwords are not saved within browsers. So if one day my laptop will be stolen no one could login to my Gmail, Facebook etc. In addition, LastPass has some extra features. It can help to create the complex password, and to fill in the web forms while shopping online. I also frequently use the secure notes feature (to save the wi-fi passwords etc).

    Pros :

    • You need to remember just one password — to the LastPass account. So your passwords could be complex.
    • The passwords could be recovered if the devices are stolen, burned down, broken etc.
    • There are browser extensions for almost all browsers.
    • During the Heartbleed LastPass tells which sites are not better to login, because they were not patched yet.
    • The wizard can automatically delete all info about passwords from the browsers Shared Family Folder feature allows to share site links ant notes with up to 5 users.

    Cons :

    • The mobile apps are not available in free version.
    • The tech support is slow and available only by email.
    • The user creating the Shared Family folder must be Premium.

    • September 29, 2015
  • User review from

    Nick Thorsch

    I tried LastPass, but find it kind of annoying and redundant. Annoying because every, fricking, password it brings up a drop down to save it, rather than just like automatically saving it. Redundant because browsers save password and credit card info too. Sign in to Chrome and have it save all of that stuff to the cloud, for free, across systems. I just don't see the need for this. However many people have and it's become a popular tool amongst them. You can install the toolbar not only in one browser or device or OS, but across all of them. This varies between the free and paid version, which is very affordable, around $1/day. Even though it remembers all your passwords, you still need to remember your master password to use it. So my thinking is, well why not just have a master password that I use on all my sites and programs. Well sometimes they make life difficult in doing so. Some sites, like Gmail, won't let you use the same password again if you change it, I suppose for security reasons. Other sites, have different password policies, making using the same password impossible. So in this light, between different sites' policies, different devices, and different programs, Last Pass starts to make more sense to use. The catch for the free version is if you start your free subscription on a particular device, say a desktop, it only syncs amongst desktops. Mobile, mobile. Not cross-device, unless you pay for the upgrade.

    Pros :

    • Saves passwords and credit card info.
    • Only data breach got reminders, not passwords, so it's secure
    • Offers two-factor authentication as well
    • Can work across devices, browsers and programs

    Cons :

    • Can seem annoying and redundant, if you're using mostly one device and browser

    • September 26, 2015
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FAQs for LastPass

LastPass is a password manager based in the cloud that will allow users to store website passwords, as well as notes and other information in a secure location. Having complex and secure passwords is extremely important in today's world, and this tool makes it easy to create, store, and utilize the passwords.

How Does It Work?

You will download the app to your browser and complete the simple setup. Once it is installed, you can go to the password protected sites you visit frequently and LastPass will prompt you to save your logins, as well as generate new passwords. Whenever you return to the site, the app will automatically log you in and out, making surfing faster and safer than ever before.

What Are the Options?

There are three options for LastPass including a free version that is a good solution for individuals, as well as a Premium version that offers more features and options, and LastPass Enterprise for businesses.

What Is LastPass Enterprise?

This option has all of the features of the free and premium offerings, but is geared more toward larger companies and corporations that need to manage employees, have access to real-time reports, and a central admin console.

Is the Data and Information Secure?

Security is a top priority at LastPass, and to help make your information and data as safe as possible, they use 256-bit AES in the C++ and JavaScript. Your data does not actually travel over the Internet, and it is never stored on their servers. Only the encrypted data goes to their servers, helping to increase the levels of security. This is the same type of encryption the government uses.

What Is the Security Challenge Tool?

This tool will perform an audit to let you see whether you have weak or duplicate passwords. It can also provide you with alerts if one of the websites where you have a password has been breached. This lets you know that you should change your password right away. If you are having trouble coming up with your own passwords, you can even let LastPass do it for you.

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