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Kaspersky Pure adds more protection for your financial transactions. Whenever you log onto an online shopping, banking or payment website, Kaspersky’s new Safe Money technology offers automatic protection. It checks the website’s URL against a list of secure sites, verifies the site’s security certificate and also scans your PC’s operating system to check for any related vulnerabilities. Safe Money also automatically suggests that the site is opened in the special Safe Money mode to help further protect your personal data against theft.

Kaspersky Pure helps to protect you from identity thefts. When you open a bank or payment website or enter a password on a website – Kaspersky’s Secure Keyboard technology automatically prevents keyloggers from accessing the personal data that you type on your keyboard. Furthermore, Kaspersky’s improved Virtual Keyboard technology lets you input confidential data without even using a keyboard so your information is safe from capture by ‘screen scrapers’, keyloggers and more.

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English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Arabic, Hebrew, Portuguese, Polish
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Domain Authority 42
Alexa Rank 55188
Google+ 100

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  • Safe Money – adds more protection for financial transactions
  • Secure Keyboardandimproved Virtual Keyboard – help protect your identity
  • Automatic Exploit Prevention – defends against the exploitation of vulnerabilities
  • Password Manager* now includes Password Sync
  • Online backup – makes data backup even more convenient
  • Secure vaults – protect your most precious data
  • PC Cleanup tools – add security and help you preserve PC performance
  • Home Network Control – simplifies management tasks across multiple PCs
  • Parental Control – helps to keep your children safe online
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Critic Reviews

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  • Overall, Kaspersky Total Security is a comprehensive solution for all users who are worried about the numerous web threats one might stumble across - the Safe Money component can help them enter their bank details and make sure they do not get stolen, whereas the Password Manager can come in handy for storing all credentials in a safe place.

  • The price of Kaspersky PURE 3.0 Total Security makes it a competitive product for a full IS suite with all the trimmings and its AV-Test results put it in a very strong position. It's good to see anti-malware and backup apps combined in a wash-and-go product like this, though the interface would benefit from a more equable distribution of its function links.

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  • Kaspersky PURE 3.0 Total Security has one of the best AV engines available, and its AV-Test results are exemplary.

    In terms of features, it’s an odd mixture, with useful parental controls and a secure banking browser, but there are some gaps here, such as its low online storage allowance and lack of PC tune-up facilities. It’s also strictly single platform, although Mac and Android packages are available separately

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