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JustCloud provides an easy layout for you to install and immediately get started with online storage service. The web-based control panel, desktop client and mobile applications all work in harmony, with drag-and-drop syncing that gives you access to all of your files on multiple devices. The desktop client and web storage applications provide easy-to-read options and information so you know exactly what you have backed up, when, on what devices and how much data storage you have left. JustCloud takes all the questions out of online backup and guides you through the process with intuitive application design.

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Justcloud Review by Cloudswave

Despite the fact that JustCloud is not the new player on the cloud storage market, probably you haven’t heard about it yet. Founded in 2010, this service offers online backup services at a competitive price. There are file sharing options, modern mobile apps and the files could be accessed from any device.

Why you should backup files online?

Each user has its own answer to this question. Some find that it’s convenient to store in the cloud important files that are used rarely. Movies, music, photos, old projects files are among them.
Many users upload data to the cloud because it is easy to share such files with the friends, post links to files on social networks, and so on.
Cloud storage is a convenient way of storing the collections of software that do not require installation (portable versions).
Besides, cloud services are extremely handy for teams working on programming, website development, copywriting, photo processing etc. because all project files could be saved in one place. So every team member can easily get access to any of them when needed.

Using JustCloud for data backup

You shouldn’t pay anything to start using JustCloud. After the quick registration (which doesn’t even require e-mail confirmation) the user is offered to download the desktop client. Software for Windows, Mac and Linux is offered. You can also get the free mobile apps for Android, iOS, Windows 8, Kindle Fire and Blackberry.

The software installation is simple. First, you need to check what data to backup. JustCloud can automatically check the common folders for photos, videos, documents, music, downloads, and desktop items. However there is an option to choose the backup folders by hand. When the folders are checked the client immediately starts the copying process. He speed is quite fast and the user may watch the progress.


The options of the desktop client are limited though. There is no integrated file manager, and if you want to see the backed folders you are redirected to the JustCloud webpage. There is an option to restore the files from the backup in the desktop app, but the features are limited. It is only possible to check some files that are stored in the cloud and choose the local folder for copying. No renaming, moving, deleting or any other file operations are available. You also need to open web browser for file sharing.

Backup options

There is an option to schedule the backups in the JustCloud client settings. The software can search for the new and changed files daily or according to the user’s schedule (e.g. twice a week or every Sunday). It is possible to set the start backup date and to enable automatic backup pausing at certain period of time. There is also an option to backup files manually. However the possibility of hourly backup is a paid option.


JustCloud also supports incremental backup. This option lets to upload only the changed parts of the files. This is useful when the user has limited bandwidth. The other handy backup option is the Volume Shadow Copy service utilizing. Due to this it is possible to backup files that are already in use or locked. But keep in mind that this option usually increases the memory usage and decreases the backup speed.

Backing up individual files

While JustCloud generally works with folders it is possible to choose files for backup. First of all this is Drag & Drop tab in the desktop app. Just drag the files here and they will be copied to the cloud. The second way of setting up the backup of files is to use the restrictions. Just go to the settings and add the file extensions that will not backed up automatically. Here it is also possible to set the maximum file size for backup. Free users can backup files up to 1 Gb (actually there is no more free space, so if you will backup such a big file it will be the only one in your backup).


There are some ways to increase the available disk space for free. The user can have 100 Mb for each referral and also for the each post about JustCloud on social media sites. You can also get additional 50 Mb for testing the additional features (such as file sharing, downloading the mobile apps etc.). Finally you will get extra 1 GB monthly just for using JustCloud.

How is JustCloud different from the others?

All popular cloud storage services (e.g. Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive) have one thing in common: they sync your files between the devices and provide access to them from any device. So when you read about “Professional cloud storage that will automatically backup all your documents, photos, music, videos and more to the cloud so you are never without files again” you certainly think that JustCloud is one of these services. You think that here you will get some amount of space, then upload your files and that they will be synced automatically. But here is the trick.
Files backed with JustCloud are NOT synced files. Here you have separate space for backup (1 GB for the free account) and for the sync folder. Actually JustCloud refers to the file backup services, but not to the syncing ones. The main purpose of it is transferring the user’s files in the cloud. The files then could be retrieved and saved on the local computer. You get the sync option also, but the sync folder space is limited to ridiculous 15 Mb. Thus this feature is practically useless.


How to order JustCloud with maximum discount?

Do you know these marketing ploys, when they set the higher price, then cross it out and write the new one? Here you are! JustCloud’s plans for home users start from $8.95 a month for the 75 GB of space. But actually anyone can get this just for $2.61. What do you need to get a discount? Just don’t buy immediately.
One of the ways to save is to login into your account and then click the Upgrade link. You will see the page with the buying options. Try to close the page and the popup window will appear offering to receive a 20% discount. Click on the link in this window and try to close the page with tariffs again. You will be offered a 35% discount. Repeat these steps and you will get the final 70% discount (or the actual price, as we can assume). You will then be able to buy any of premium plans from your account using this discount.


There are some other ways of getting the 70% discount (actually only blind will not find the way to get it). For example, each new user gets a “secret” message with the discount link in it. There is also a “secret link” with this info at the bottom of the JustCloud site.
JustCloud has three paid personal and two business plans. They differ in amount of disk space and functionality. The price varies depending on the period of payment: one month, six months, year or 2 years.
Pro Plan offers 75 GB of disk space for $2.61 a month (the price reduces to $1.86 if the user pays for 2 years). Premium Plan users get 250 GB for $2.98 a month ($2.23 if the user pays for 2 years). Ultimate Plan users can backup up to 1 TB of data. The monthly payment is $3.73 for a month if you pay for 2 years, then the cost of one month will be just $2.98.
It is worth noting that some options are not included in this price. For example the recycle bin feature that lets the access to the deleted files during the 30 days from the data of deletion has to be bought additionally. The other extra features include automatic backup of video files, network drive support, hourly backup, the bigger sync folder etc.
Business plans include the additional set of features. Say, there is administrative control panel which can be configured for each user, access rights configuration for each user (files downloading, uploading, editing), the module for collaboration between cloud storage users, the separate disk quota for every user, import of user list to the JustCloud from the CSV file, exporting contacts from MS Outlook, e-mail backup, documents managing.
There are two business plans offered: the Business one offers 100 GB of space and up to 5 connected users, Enterprise plan lets to use JustCloud in a team of 20 with the space limit of 500 GB.


JustCloud is one of the dozens cloud storage services that offer storing your files in the cloud. It is not easy to compete at this populous field, so the great marketing efforts are needed to overtake the more famous players. But JustCloud creators certainly know much about the customer acquisition.
The gigabytes are sold here like the products in large discount stores. JustCloud’s target audience is home users, who are typically not techsavvy. Only such users can’t notice that the service functionality is very poor. Besides, with JustCloud there is a need to pay extra for many features that are typically offered in a box.
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  • JustCloud offers unlimited online backup and file sync for little money. It’ll get the job done perfectly for people who just want their data securely backed up. If you want to have more features be prepared to pay extra, though. It is both easy to use and restored our test files without any hiccups.

  • I had to admit that I cannot find a better deal elsewhere but JustCloud.

    Anyway, the reason of my high recommendation toward JustCloud is not only because of the pricing but the whole package that I’m getting. Furthermore, I’m only paying fraction of the cost for it.

  • If you simply have a personal computer and a mobile device, then JustCloud will work just fine for you and you can easily select the amount of storage space you need from the account options listed. The control panel is user friendly and you can simply set it and forget it. However, for business or commercial applications, a more robust backup plan is recommended.

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