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Intego Internet Security for Mac protects your files and important information from getting corrupted, stolen, or otherwise compromised by nasty malware and viruses. Intego Net Barrier shields you from strangers and unknown applications trying to get into your Mac. Together they bring you and your Mac award-winning protection. Intego VirusBarrier  scans files whenever they're accessed and automatically checks for the latest updates to make sure you're protected against the newest Mac threats as well as any Windows threats. Intego VirusBarrier  not only protects you from existing Mac threats, it detects all known PC-based malware so you don't spread infected files to friends, family, or work colleagues. Use Intego Net Barrier  to switch to the best level of protection no matter where you are. We'll prevent strangers from accessing your Mac's contents that would otherwise be exposed in an unsecure setting. Want to share files with your friend at the coffee shop without worrying about the stranger in the corner? Intego NetBarrier  identifies devices that are trying to access your Mac and lets you decide what's allowed in and what gets turned away. Intego NetBarrier monitors applications using your network. Whenever a connection's opened, we'll run or block it depending on what you specify. Apps using too much bandwidth can be deactivated to improve network performance.

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Internet Security

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  • Protects against malware, viruses, worms, Trojan horses, spyware, and rootkits
  • Protects against both Mac and PC malware
  • Dual protection version for customers who use Windows and Macs
  • Scans iOS devices for malware
  • Scans external devices for malware
  • Protects against network attacks and unknown devices via a sophisticated firewall
  • Protects against suspicious applications
  • Monitors application bandwidth
  • Blocks rogue applications from accessing the network
  • Blocks applications from accessing specific domains
  • Free technical support
  • Automatic updates for the latest protection and security
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  • Intego Mac Internet Security X8 boasts strong malware detection scores and an extremely light performance impact on Macs. We also like its clean interface and unique features, such as a customizable firewall to regulate application traffic. Overall, Intego Mac Internet Security X8 is a solid program that many Mac users will find helpful, but it's not our top choice for Mac antivirus.

  • Intego Mac Internet Security X8 brings antivirus protection and a host of security and privacy tools to the Mac platform.


    -Antivirus protection.
    -Strong showing in independent lab tests.
    -Firewall protection.
    -Parental controls for Pro users.
    -Scans for Windows and Unix malware.


    -Some features limited to Pro version.
    -No browser protection.

  • What I liked the most about Intego’s Internet Security X8 is how easy to use and intuitive it is. It manages to present a lot of useful data in a very organized manner, and each setting is clearly explained as well. On the other hand, I am amazed by its performance. Intego is known for creating antiviruses that are not eating up all of OSX resources, which is one of the greatest achievements. You can find numerous benchmark results around the web that will show that Intego’s software is one of the top ranked.

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