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Intego VirusBarrier for Mac builds a line of defense against viruses, Trojans, and other forms of malware online and offline, having the capability to do both on-demand and scheduled scanning. Overall, it's a potent antivirus, but not the most accessible.

Intego VirusBarrier takes out the difficulty of configuring and using a malware protection software -- you can just drag and drop folders you want to scan to the left side panel of the application's main interface. All the essential settings for real-time scanning and scheduled scanning are available at the bottom of the UI.

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English, French, Spanish, German, Japanese
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Intego VirusBarrier

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  • Worry-free protection from Mac and PC malware and viruses
  • 24/7 Protection with automatic scans
  • Enhances system performance while scanning with low priority scan setting
  • Easy set up and configuration for non-technical users
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Critic Reviews

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  • In terms of presentation and interface, Intego VirusBarrier scores top marks. Its functionality could be a but hot or miss though.


    • Excellent clear interface
    • Easy to use
    • Provides realtime protection


    • May sometimes lock-up system
    • May alert non-threatening items

  • In addition to the expected logs of firewall and antimalware activity, VirusBarrier 2013 offers a detailed graphical display of network traffic. One graph tracks overall traffic over time, while individual gauges show incoming and outgoing traffic of six types: Web, FTP, Mail, iChat, IP, and Other. You can also dig in to see traffic over time for any of the six traffic types.

  • To conclude, VirusBarrier is a great program. It’s well priced, feature packed and very easy to use. Unlike every other anti-virus program I’ve used, VirusBarrier never gets into your way. It never compromises your user experience. It never slows down your Mac.

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