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GoDaddy has a range of services to help you quickly start a business; you can confidently grow and successfully run your ventures online and offline.

GoDaddy Domain name and Hosting let you have a fast, secure, and reliable hosting that will grow with your business.

GoDaddy Online Store helps you create a shopping cart website that offers basic features and provides integration with eBay. It supply you with over 800 templates creating 1,500 design combinations,

GoDaddy Online Store can help you design an online store yourself. You can add your logo and images. It let you also integrate your website store into it rather than create a separate site. Also, you can accept all major credit cards or payment methods like PayPal, and have the money automatically transferred to your bank accounts.

GoDaddy SSL Certificates is a secure and cost-effective way to protect private information, passwords, credit card numbers submitted to any website. Clients can buy from your website with confidence, knowing that their information are secured and protected.

Our dedicated security team will make sure that you will benefit from the highest levels of security. With GoDaddy SSL Certificates work with all browsers and devices, and they protect an unlimited number of servers.

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Features & Specifications

Key Features

  • Many templates
  • Mobile-friendly websites
  • Dead Simple Design Tools


Supported languages
English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Russian, Japanese, Hebrew, Portuguese, Polish, Swedish
Serviceable Area
World Wide
Supported Platforms
  • Web Based
  • Mobile Web
  • Desktop Windows
  • Desktop Mac OSX
  • Desktop Linux
  • Mobile App IOS
  • Mobile App Android
API availability
API is available. Protocol / Formats : XML, REST .
Access the API documentation
GoDaddy integrates with Acuity Scheduling and more than 2 other solutions. View details
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Domain Authority 96
Alexa Rank 186
Integration 24
Support options 61
Platforms 90
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Plans & Pricing


for 1 Month / 1 user(s)


  • 1 Website
  • 100 GB Storage
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • 100 Email Addresses
  • Free domain with annual plan
  • Free domain with annual plan
  • Free email. (up to 1000 addresses)
  • 1-click install of 200+ free applications. (Joomla, Drupal, etc.)
  • 1GB database storage (MySQL Linux) or 200MB database storage (Windows SQL)
  • 24/7 security monitoring and DDoS protection
  • Compatible with all major browsers
  • 1-click setup for GoDaddy registered domains
  • Flexible, easy-to-use control panel


for 1 Month / 1 user(s)


  • Unlimited Websites
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • 500 Email Addresses
  • Free domain with annual plan
  • Free email. (up to 1000 addresses)
  • 1-click install of 200+ free applications. (Joomla, Drupal, etc.)
  • 1GB database storage (MySQL Linux) or 200MB database storage (Windows SQL)
  • 24/7 security monitoring and DDoS protection
  • Compatible with all major browsers
  • 1-click setup for GoDaddy registered domains
  • Flexible, easy-to-use control panel


for 1 Month / 1 user(s)


  • Unlimited Websites
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • 1000 Email Addresses
  • Free domain with annual plan
  • 2X Processing PowerandMemory (Linux w/ cPanel only)
  • Premium DNS
  • 1-year SSL certificate to secure customer data and increase search rankings. (Restrictions Apply)
  • Free email. (up to 1000 addresses)
  • 1-click install of 200+ free applications. (Joomla, Drupal, etc.)
  • 1GB database storage (MySQL Linux) or 200MB database storage (Windows SQL)
  • 24/7 security monitoring and DDoS protection
  • Compatible with all major browsers
  • 1-click setup for GoDaddy registered domains
  • Flexible, easy-to-use control panel

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GoDaddy Review by Cloudswave

All businesses today need to have a strong presence on the web, and it does not matter how large or small your company might be. If you aren't on the web, and if you do not have a high quality site, chances are very good that you will fail. Most companies already know this. However, they may not know how to build their site or how to get it started. Some might already have a site and want to switch between web hosts. With all of the options out there, it can get confusing rather quickly. Some host options stand above the others, and GoDaddy.com is certainly one of them.

The company has been doing a very good job of expanding and branding itself over the last decade, and it can provide your company with a fantastic foundation on the web. It can work well for personal sites and business sites alike. They have a wealth of different options for those looking for a webhost but it is important to note that they are pricier than some of the other similar options on the market.

Customize the Hosting Plan

When you choose to set up a website with GoDaddy.com, you are able to customize your website to your specifications. They have both shared web hosting and dedicated web hosting options. The shared hosting options are, naturally, more affordable than those who want to use a dedicated server. They also have VPS plans available for individuals and companies that would rather use a virtual private server. This can be a good solution for those who are not ready to upgrade to a dedicated server quite yet.

Users are also able to set up a GoDaddy hosted site and create their site with the company's website building tool. This tool makes it easy to put a site together with relative ease, even for those who do not know much about building a website. It is easy to add links to social media, slideshows, forms, and more simply by dragging them and dropping them around the template to the position you desire. One of the drawbacks is the fact that, unlike some of the competition, the site builder is not free. It requires a monthly fee to be able to use it. Currently, the fee is only $1. However, keep in mind that all prices are subject to change.

What if you only want to set up a blog? GoDaddy.com makes it easy for you to set up a managed WordPress blog through them. GoDaddy offers a wealth of different themes and plugins you can use, and will back up the site each night. The CMS is already installed. It is very easy to create pages, posts, galleries and much more. This could be a nice option for both businesses who want to set up a dedicated blog for their company, as well as individuals who want to blog.

You are able to choose from different types of plans, and you can select your contract term so you can lock in better rates. We won't be talking about the pricing specifics, as these can change. However, when you choose a longer term, such as 12 months or 24 months rather than a three-month plan, you can generally save a substantial amount. It's a tactic to get users to stick with them as a web host for longer, and it works well.

Other Features and Potential Benefits

Everyone needs email, and it's natural that GoDaddy offers email accounts with all of their shared hosting plans. However, they do not offer email on their dedicated hosting plans. Users will have to buy the email separately as an addition to their dedicated hosting plan. This could be a turnoff for some users. They have a number of different tiers (with varying prices) including Email Essentials, Business Essentials, and Productivity Plus.

Users who want to have an ecommerce website, or at least a shopping cart on their site, will be able to add one through their options. The ecommerce options with GoDaddy are very flexible and expansive. The only real drawback is that it takes a bit more knowledge to set up and get going than some of the competitors' sites do. They have some drag and drop elements, which should make it relatively simple for those who have at least a basic idea of how they want to set up their site. The basic Quick Shopping Cart that you can set up has a single GB of space. It is possible to upgrade and get more space, at an additional cost. This allows you to offer more products, and is likely essential for many of the medium and large businesses out there.

Security is also highly important for your website if you hope to retain your visitors and customers. For an additional fee, GoDaddy.com offers their SiteLock service. This provides a site verification certificate, spam monitoring, malware monitoring, and app scanning. Given the dangers of the online world today, having additional security is essential, even if it does cost more. You want to make sure that your site is safe and that there is no chance of infecting or harming those who come to visit or buy from your site. One security issue could cause customers to no longer trust your website, and it can cost you a substantial amount of business.

Good customer service is always important, and GoDaddy has a good reputation in this field. They offer phone, email, and chat support so you can get answers to your problems around the clock. They respond quickly as well and seem very dedicated to keeping their customers as happy as possible.
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Critic Reviews

  • 74

    Cloudswave Score for GoDaddy

    Rating based on 10 Critic Reviews

    8 Favorable reviews
    80 %
    2 Mixed reviews
    20 %
    0 unfavorable reviews
    0 %
  • GoDaddy is an attractive Web hosting service that has incredible customer service, email that's integrated into Microsoft products, and a flexible website building tool, but a few caveats prevent it from being the king of the Web hosting hill.

  • If you want to create an award winning, industry leading website, then GoDaddy website builder isn’t the right tool for you. But if you want a relatively hassle-free, easy to use builder with a lot of design themes to pick up, and also being able to sleep better at night due to their strong support system, then GoDaddy website builder is a strong candidate for you to consider.

  • GoDaddy is undoubtedly the best domain author registrar, it offers you everything you need in order to manage your DNS settings in a very easy to use dashboard. Moreover it seems one of the most cheap DNS providers available over internet. Provides you with the best customer support, I have been with GoDaddy from more than 3 years now. And have never felt any problem in the GoDaddy service. I will always recommend GoDaddy if you are looking for best domain author registrar.

    Pros : 1. Vast number of domain extensions 2. Email service with spam filter and anti-virus 3. Get the SSL certificates in seconds 4. Best Tech support

    Cons : 1. Once you started using GoDaddy, you will never feel like leaving it.

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User Reviews

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    Jennifer L Rieff

    GoDaddy provides many resources all with the click of a mouse. Go Daddy offers many elements such as domain names, websites, web hosting, web security, online marketing, and email andamp; office. The price for a domain varies from $1/month as long as you create a website through GoDaddy; to $11.99 for a .com domain. The website offers web hosting for $3.99/month. There are also various hot deals such as the creation of your own domain, website, email and human support for $1/month. If someone was looking for all the above elements for their small business, or just starting out in their business, I would recommend GoDaddy.

    Pros :

    • There are many positives to the GoDaddy website.
    • The prices are low, which helps a small business just trying to reach different customers in a mobile way.
    • They boast about having award-winning 24/7 customer service to help. When I was researching information about GoDaddy, within minutes of searching, I had an instant messenger from GoDaddy pop up and ask if they could answer any of my questions about them.
    • I thought it was very helpful. There is an element when someone is looking to create their own website such as the website builder; an online store or you can hire an expert to create your website for you instead of venturing out on your own.

    Cons :

    • I was overwhelmed by the amount of information that is on the Go Daddy website. I didn't feel that the Go Daddy website was very user-friendly. It gave me the impression that I needed to really know what I was talking about in order to utilize the products they offer or know what I was getting into before creating my own domain, etc.
    • I would say that one needs to be tech-savvy or be familiar with the jargon that is listed and talked about on the Go Daddy website before I would think about utilizing the many elements it offers. andnbsp;
    • There are many positives to the GoDaddy website. The prices are low, which helps a small business just trying to reach different customers in a mobile way. They boast about having award-winning 24/7 customer service to help. When I was researching information about GoDaddy, within minutes of searching, I had a instant messenger from GoDaddy pop up and ask if they could answer any of my questions about them. I though it was very helpful.
    • There is an element when someone is looking to create their own website such as the website builder; an online store or you can hire an expert to create your website for you instead of venturing out on your own.

    • July 7, 2016
  • anonymous


    I have a domain hosted on GoDaddy and sometimes I run into troubles. They don't provide online customer support. You have to call them when you run into issues. The customer service is not that technically advanced. They should upgrade their technical support who can solve the issues in less amount of time.

    Pros :

    • I didn't find any advantages as such. Once I was lucky to have a technical support assist online who was able to solve my problem.
    • Godaddy provides you with a cheap plan of $6.95 per month to get you started with a yearly contract.
    • Sometimes they have deals which are for sticking to them for along time say 2years and more and then the price goes down to $4.99.
    • They provide you with unlimited bandwidth to start with and also a fully customizable high-quality WordPress site.
    • Security is fine, and it provides you security because of its restrictive policies which makes it difficult for hackers and spammers.

    Cons :

    • They should provide online technical support 24 * 7. They should hire more people which can reduce the long waiting queues.Increase their quality of support. Their marketing is worse which has led to a large number of controversies.
    • With respect to backing up your site hosting, you need to pay some extra amount. The backup will happen then once in every month or every week.
    • They have their own version of custom panel when you install the WordPress site which makes it difficult for the developers to adhere to.
    • They have issues with their technical support which is not at all attentive. They provide you with automated email messages for days without listening properly to the questions.
    • The email service is terrible, the registration emails are delayed by 5-10 mins which can literally bug the user registering on the website.
    • If you have the shared hosting plan, its slow as a result the site doesn't load fast. Apparently I found out that you cannot have the same database name even if you have a different account. Database names and tables are unique and you can't choose it if its linked to some different user account on godaddy.
    • I have seen sites with godaddy doesn't rank very high in google rankings. Your SEO score will be low which might affect your business.

    • May 11, 2016
  • User review from

    James McQuillin

    What's that?andnbsp; You need a website? GoDaddy!andnbsp; It's a household name and if you've ever even heard of the Super Bowl then you have surely seen or heard the name GoDaddy. When I determined the name for my business, I wanted to search domain availability and ensure it was available.andnbsp; After finding what I wanted and seeing the domain was available, I went straight to GoDaddy. Hmmm, seems very inexpensive... Let's do this!andnbsp; Pay Now... oh wait, add-on after add-on after add-on! Surely it is great that GoDaddy is able to offer so many choices so someone like me can truly customize the package to my needs. However, I dislike when the sales process starts with a shockingly low price which creates an expectation in the consumer mind.

    When this price then multiplies exponentially due to things that are actually needed (not unnecessary fluff sales), it is discouraging.andnbsp; I decided to at least compare some other options before making my purchase and after comparing, I ended up purchasing my domain elsewhere.

    Pros :

    • The biggest pro is that whether actual or perceived, GoDaddy is a name I trust and I feel like my site would always be in good hands in terms of online reliability and minimal downtime or problems.
    • It seems like the go-to place for buying a domain, but with the powerhouse company comes a large advertising and marketing budget which surely finds its way down to the end-user's price.
    • Though I did not end up signing up with GoDaddy, I think it's great they can essentially be a one-stop shop for all business website needs. I have heard their website builder / designer is easy to use.

    Cons :

    • It is completely okay in my mind to have 100 additional and optional services, but I think it is wildly beneficial to the consumer decision-making process that you make it clear the super low advertised prices are domain only, annually recurring, often times at higher rates, etc.andnbsp;
    • Once going through the process, I'm sure this is common knowledge and common practice in this industry.
    • However, this experience led me to at least compare other options and I ended up liking what I saw elsewhere and thus walked away from GoDaddy.

    • May 10, 2016
  • User review from

    Julie Regimbal

    Overall my experience with My GoDaddy was good throughout the two-year contract our company had with them. I had no major problems with my website or the web service that they provided, everything ran smoothly. However, the support and customer service was not the best I have had with a system. I prefer the problem or question to be fixed or answered on the first phone call. But this was not the case with GoDaddy. I would have to call multiple times and talk to different support representatives before I could get the right answer.

    Pros :

    There are a lot of great features about this system:

    • Value is amazing. As everyone probably knows already, that GoDaddy has the cheapest for everything most of the time. I signed up my web hosting through an affiliate link, and it only cost me $1 a month for the first year! You will not get anything for this price for the features.
    • Uptime - 99.9%, which is today's industry standard. I've heard some bad things about GoDaddy's uptime when I was researching and before I signed up. But from my own experience, I have not had any downtimes at all. Downtime differs from server to server. But I've not experienced any downtime in my company.

    I have not tried out their other services like SSL certificates or reseller hosting yet, but I am hoping to in the future because I would like to use as many of the systems that are offered through Go Daddy as possible. Being able to try out new aspects of the system was a good way to figure out which system worked best for our company.

    Cons :

    There were a few issues during my time using GoDaddy:

    • The Features - GoDaddy uses "cPanel" - in other words, their own customized version of cPanel. If this is your first time when you're signing up for hosting, I don't think you will care since you're going to get used to it so fast. I tried the standard cPanel, but I find that I actually liked GoDaddy's version much better. It looks much organized to me and easier to find things.
    • Support - this is the one thing that GoDaddy was not up to my standards on. The representatives do not seem to know much about web hosting. As a web hosting newbie, I learned most, if not all, about hosting, WP, SQL databases, etc. from Google or YouTube. I would recommend using Google and YouTube when you have a question. Most likely, you will find your answers faster than waiting for GoDaddy's support line to help you.

    After the two-year contract was up, I had no intention of allowing the website to continue, so I clicked the do, not auto renew button and ignored all the e-mails that they sent asking if I wanted to renew my contract. The deadline came and to my amazement, I got an e-mail from PayPal that one of my accounts had been charged around $90. I was annoyed and very frustrated. I called the GoDaddy support line, and they stated that they could not charge my PayPal unless I authorized it. However, this account was set up about a year after the GoDaddy account was set up and was never connected to that account.

    GoDaddy did fully refund my money after I called two times and asked for the manager. I contacted Pay Pal with a false charge, and they canceled the charge after I explained what happened.

    • April 19, 2016
  • User review from

    Tommy Boucher

    Not sure why GoDaddy is in the cloudswave list since it’s not really a software, but, GoDaddy is my favorite Domain and Certificate providers. I give them thousands of dollars every year, I hope they like my as well. So, Why GoDaddy? Pricing is competitive, and the feature list is huge. The first service I used from GoDaddy was the Certificates, they were half the price of others. Then, it was the only question of time before I moved my domains since you do not want to log on many websites to manage the different parts of your site. The DNS service is very easy to use, with a clean, but effective UI. If you have many entries to change for multiple domains, it becomes a little ineffective, but overall, it is a lot WYSIWYG. One of the cool features is the redirection, you can have a name pointing to a URL instead of IP. I use it all the time to redirect the .net, .org, .info and .biz to my .com. The integration with major other providers (like Office 365) make it easy to manage, having good wizard, tutorials or documentation on how to do it using GoDaddy. You get notifications when domain is to expire, including auto-renewal features. You can pre-order domains when new extensions are announced. You can also sell domain, let say you find a cool name, and you know that someone will want it later, go ahead, and wait. At this point, I own 25 domain names. Not all my domains are from GoDaddy. The certificate can be a little confusing. You need to load the Intermediate and chain certificates to have your domain working. Some outdated computer may don’t trust some of the GoDaddy authorities. What does it mean? You may have visitors that receive warning or error regarding your site's security that may lower their trust. In my case, I don’t have any issues with the certificate, been using them for a long time. At this point, I own 14 SSL Certificates (some are Wildcard). All my certificates are from GoDaddy. GoDaddy offers a lot of other services, from Virtual Private Servers or Dedicated Servers to SEO, Email Marketing, Microsoft Office, etc. I did try the site builder once, it works fine.

    Pros :

    • Integration with Office 365 All in one service.
    • Good pricing.

    Cons :

    • Navigation between services is not easy.
    • The UI is sometimes more “designed” than “effective”.

    • December 24, 2015
  • User review from

    Raviraj Raikar

    As of today, it is the Market Leader amongst the Domain Registration and Hosting Service Provider Business. The services it provides is up to the mark. It has quite a lucrative offer, with lesser domain registration charges, and lots of freebies and discount coupon codes for the new customers. The process of domain registration and vouching for hosting service provider is quite a simple process. The website is quite user-friendly. There are tons of other services that GoDaddy provides which are sometimes free and sometimes comes at a bundled price. Features like email id, subdomain, control panel, etc., come with the package, additional features like SSL Certificates, making domain private, etc. are on chargeable basis.

    Pros :

    • It provides you assistance in domain selling through one its services. It also has website builder service which one can avail to create their business site.
    • There are various flexible hosting plans available based on the OS, Database, No of email ids, sub domains, amount of web space required and other features.
    • For web security, they provide you SSL Certificates, Code Signing certificate and helps in removing malware if any.
    • It is not easy for the hackers, to hack through their security layers For marketing your service or product,
    • GoDaddy helps in Search Engine Optimization techniques and Email Marketing through Godaddy.
    • Their online support is good enough and has 24 * 7 assistance available.
    • One also has a provision to just buy a domain and host somewhere else, or if you already possess a domain, then you can host your website through GoDaddy.

    Cons :

    • The domain renewal charges i.e. for the repeating customers are on the higher side.
    • There are no good discount coupons available when one needs to do renewal.
    • For only new customer there are a lot of attractive discount coupons available.
    • For domain registration for 1st year, the registration fee is bare minimum, while on subsequent year when one renews it, the charges are 7 times higher.

    • December 19, 2015
  • User review from

    angelina olsin

    GoDaddy helped me build easy, beautiful and functional site. GoDaddy is the largest domain name registrar in the world, with very fine domain specification. GoDaddy provides us with the very friendly user interface, it helped me build a very attractive website because of the amazing features it offers. with its drag and drop features we can reposition the content in any way we want. we can change the fonts, fill color adds pictures. it is very easy and fun to use, with over 300 professional looking templates. the website pages are fairly customizable. .GoDaddy is one of the best web hosting service providers with Linux and Windows servers. domains interface is localized to may languages, along the have domain managing, where emails are sent to remind us about the domain expiration. .Discounts are also offered if you buy product packs. your personal information is secured with the website.

    Pros :

    • 24/7 support is available.
    • User friendly.
    • backup of content,

    Cons :

    • Once you change the themes, you lost everything.
    • There are so many options available, so it makes quite hard to know which one to use when.
    • Sometimes, email doesn't send through their hosting.
    • We have to pay even for privacy concern quite expensive.

    • November 15, 2015
  • User review from


    GoDaddy first drew my attention through their marketing efforts. Their TV commercials and advertising methods are hilarious, but they work! I used GoDaddy a lot during an internship I held over the summer, where their main website was run through GoDaddy and I have to say, I was extremely impressed.

    GoDaddy was extremely user-friendly with a ton of template options. All of the template options were extremely professional looking, which I know spoke to a lot the message the company I was working for was trying to convey, as they were in the healthcare field. Within the templates, all of the features were drag and drop, which is so extremely user-friendly. All you had to do was drag an image from your desktop to where you wanted it, there was no uploading or clicking through multiple windows to get things where you wanted them. The template came with filler text included which was nice too, as you could see what the text would look like laid out rather than a guessing game of typing out your content and seeing what it looks like on the page. This was awesome for the blog portion of their website, which is something I worked with daily. Producing and publishing was seamless and easy. Formatting was never an issue.

    GoDaddy also offered online and call help 24/7 which was nice. They were always extremely helpful and responsive. From a small business standpoint, it was also nice because they hosted my companies domain name as well as offered a product that allowed employees to have company emails through GoDaddy.

    With GoDaddy, you were also able to create backups of your website and the content on the website, so if something ever were to happen, you don't lose all of the work you've put in. I overall was extremely pleased with how easy GoDaddy's sign up and building/maintaining process was. It was fairly seamless start to finish and allowed the company I worked for to have an extremely professional looking website, company emails, and a blog that was easy to build on and maintain.

    Pros :

    • Great online support. Super helpful and responsive.
    • GoDaddy hosts domain names and has company emails available if you would like.
    • Tons of professional templates to choose from. - Easy to use drag and drop for pictures and content.

    Cons :

    • Can be pricey.

    • November 11, 2015
  • User review from

    Joseph Rounds

    Godaddy is well known and its name is all it has going for it well they have 24/7 support which you well constantly need. I have had virtual instance not work right after setup.

    Pros :

    • Cheap.
    • 24/7 support.

    Cons :

    • Buggy servers constantly freeze and lock you out.

    • October 27, 2015
  • User review from

    Harry Lee

    I have used GoDaddy for over 4 years including in this time 3 company and 2 personal websites. Over that time, there have been important improvements to the services including mobile ready sites and SEO support. Having never built or tried to build a site before the website builder was easy to use, edit, create and personalise with many themed sites and templates to get you started. Support has been good with no trouble encountered publishing and downtime. The SEO support was good for the first site, and once I had the skills, I could replicate so it is worth the money for your first site to learn how to maximise SEO. The look and feel of the sites may are that of professionally designed sites giving small companies a much-improved image and in doing so attracting a wider and more regular customer base. Being a non-technical person, it was an enjoyable experience and one that I thought I would dread and have gone on to develop more sites. The associated email and extended options as you scale the site work well and so you can start off with a personal 3-page site and then build out as you get more experience and business. You do not need a huge build day one and can even start with one page if you desire.

    Pros :

    Easy yo use Mobile ready SEO support Multiple themes Constant development and new features Little to zero downtime Easy DNS manager. Good SEO and Social plugs with advertising. All third party applications have worked and analytic reports easy to make sense of for a beginner to set up and monitor. Mobile site is free whereas others charge a lot for this alone.

    Cons :

    The occasional challenge with Social plugins and blogs but quickly sorted. Limited stock images and could benefit fro having more modern themes, images and icons.

    • October 13, 2015
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FAQs for GoDaddy

GoDaddy.com continues to be a popular option for individuals and businesses that are setting up websites. The following are some of the most commonly asked questions about the site and their offerings.

Question: Do They Have a Money-Back Guarantee?

Yes, GoDaddy offers a 45-day money-back guarantee. If you don't like the options and features, you can easily get a refund.

Question: What Types of Hosting Options Are Offered?

With GoDaddy.com, you can choose from many different options including shared or dedicated servers, VPS, a GoDaddy hosted site, and a hosted WordPress blog.

Question: Does the Company Offer a Website Builder?

For those who are new to building websites, having a site builder can make the process much simpler. Fortunately, they do offer this tool, and it has some great features. However, it will add a small additional cost to your plan each month.

Is GoDaddy.com the Right Choice for You?

One of the things to remember when you are choosing your web hosting plan is that there really is a wide range of different options out there. You will find that some of the other company's web hosting plans out there may offer additional features or better pricing. However, they don't all have the reputation of GoDaddy.com. It is always important to look at all of the options and features from the different companies, and to look into their reputation and customer service before choosing a plan. Also, make sure that any plan you do choose comes with a money-back guarantee, just in case you aren't happy with the results.

GoDaddy has plenty of benefits, but the pricing and all of the additions that you may need could become a turn off for some. This is particularly true of those who are on a budget. Given the options and benefits it offers though, it is certainly worth considering. It has all of the tools and options that you need for hosting and to launch a successful website. Those who are just starting out and who may need to have a lot of help with getting things up and running will be able to rely on the robust customer support features as well.

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Detailed comparison of the 10 best Shopping Cart softwares