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Genie Backup Manager Pro is a strong software application that allows you to backup your important data and keep it open or locked up. You can also protect you computer from loss of data by integrating our seamless system recovery that backs up all system files, user data, system state, and programme files.

Genie Backup Manager Pro allow you to store your data in an offsite backup location, it also give you the ability to backup to any device. The software has many features into it like secure military-grade protection, access backups without the need for the software, and full control over your backup procedure.

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  • Genie Backup Manager Pro 9.0 is powerful, simple, flexible, and reliable. That's all we ask for a file backup program, and we don't think you need much more. we would have liked to have USB 4.0 support , and we would have liked a little more automated help in setting up backup destinations for multiple versions. Backup should be as straightforward and simple as possible, and GBM Pro 9.0 comes close to that ideal.

  • The program runs on a moderate amount of system resources, has a good response time, and includes user documentation. Genie Backup Manager Pro ran smoothly during our tests, as it did not hang, crash or pop up error dialogs. Thanks to the wizard-like interface, first-time users can quickly set up a backup operation, while more experienced users can tinker with the advanced settings supplied by the app.

  • It’s hard to find such an easy and straight forward tool. An in-experienced person should be able to master this program with out too much difficulty. Advanced users will like the extra features while people who just want to quickly set an auto backup up will have no issues diving right in. Although the price and the installation size may put some off, Genie Backup Manager has a lot of nice features that are seriously worth looking into.

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