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  • Data Rescue can recover any type of file and can even work if a drive only partially operates. It could be especially useful if you need to recover digital pictures from a camera memory card even after it has been erased or reformatted.

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  • Price and need for an external hard drive aside, Data Rescue 4 remains your best hope for recovering data from a physically functional drive without having to send it to a dedicated outfit where technicians in clean rooms will replace drive components in clean rooms for hundreds—or thousands—of dollars. Data Rescue 4’s recovery functions may not be the most exciting thing to watch, but it proves that your data can be resurrected even when you thought your hard drive was dead. It also shows that slow and steady—or as long as the task needs to be done well—can still win the race.

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  • Data Rescue offers a nice set of features in an accessible package. The free trial version lets you scan your computer and recover one file of 10MB or less, or you can purchase the full program for $99. While the requirement for a separate physical drive may give you an extra step in your first scan, this issue is easily overcome in most cases.

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  • Data Recovery PC is one of the best data rescue tools out there today. Especially for those users that have a problem where Windows is unable to run, this recovery tool is excellent. An easy to access to tool with some advanced features, deservedly of the second place in the best data recovery software review of 2014.

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  • Data Rescue PC can save your data from receding into oblivion. This data recovery software can greatly relieve you from the stress involved with recovering critical lost files. It makes extremely difficult and frustrating tasks as simple as possible. It is an excellent choice for those who know nothing or little about data recovery.

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  • We really like how Data Rescue PC3 automatically sorts out discovered files based on file type. The emergency boot CD is a nice touch, though a bootable USB may be more useful as optical drives continue to be phased out. Overall, Data Rescue PC3 is a polished piece of software that works as advertised. And at a price of just $99, it is certainly a worthwhile tool to keep in your small business IT arsenal.

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  • Highly effective and easy-to-use data recovery application, worth buying in advance for any non-professional who uses multiple computers.

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    High-powered Mac recovery tool. If this app can't recover your files, you'll need to send the disk to a recovery lab.

    Scans disk sectors to recover files from damaged Mac disks, or deleted files from healthy disks. Clones failings disks so that files can be recovered from the clone copy.
    Built-in file previewer is clumsy to use and doesn't use QuickLook preview functions that may be available on the host system.

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  • Data Rescue PC can help you to avoid complete disaster by helping you to recover your lost and deleted files. If your system will not boot, this recovery software can be invaluable to you. While the application would benefit from a few more features, such as file-sorting options and live chat support, this application will help you recover lost data with as little fuss and frustration as possible.

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  • Data Rescue 3 impressed me with its easy-to-use interface and its ability to deliver the goods. It recovered data from a bad drive when no other method at my disposal worked. I was also glad that Prosoft Engineering chose to provide Data Rescue on a bootable DVD, which will be very handy for the many Mac users who only have a single drive built into their Macs. It would be nice to see the app distributed on a bootable USB flash drive as well, making it truly universal out of the box for Intel-based Macs. Creating a bootable drive isn’t that difficult, however.

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