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Avira Professional Security will make networks safe as houses. Thanks to the award-winning Avira anti-virus protection for PCs, file and Exchange servers with additional AntiSpam. Includes Avira Management Console efficient management.

Businesses that need to guarantee security for their PCs and their file servers and email communications will find the Avira Business Security Suite to be the perfect choice.

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  • Business Antivirus with Email and Web Protection
  • Time-Saving Central Management
  • Simple. Scalable. Silent
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Critic Reviews

  • 79

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  • Avira Professional Security is an anti-virus protection program.


    • Low memory usage.
    • Nice design.
    • High repair quality.


    • None.

  • Although not a total replacement for a full-out firewall, Avira Professional Security is a stand-out network protection tool nevertheless.


    • Very efficient
    • Protection against antispyware and antirootkit
    • Low system requirements
    • Different settings


    • Few differences between it and the Premium version

  • If you are looking for one of the best AntiVirus solutions available, don't pass up Avira AntiVir Professional. It's business-ready protection that is easy enough to use for the average user, but offers enough features and options to satisfy even those higher-up on the administrative food chain.

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User Reviews

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  • User review from

    emily josh

    I own this big company, which I am not going to specify over here, and I am very cautious about my security. All the finance is handled through one laptop, and it is under my use. I am extremely sure not to give anyone access to it, and it is secure with me wherever I go.

    So what is the point here is that I require the best of the best when it comes to any antivirus or internet security, and Avira does come neck and neck with them. It has already eliminated all threats that I face online. What is really here to applaud is the performance upgrades I had. The Internet Security Suite is not a bargain at merely $58, but it is a great deal considering the other two packages, i.e., the Antivirus service and the speed up service are priced at $44.99 and $31.99 each, and it contains both the services.
    I always considered any antivirus to be overpowering on the processor, but Avira doesn't seem to suck up so much power from it. I noticed my battery life to be largely improving too, and while I worked on my laptop, it ran nearly 20% more provided the same usage from my end.

    On the security front, I have faced a considerable relief as the online statistics suggest it has a good enough stature over there with the detection rate and the curing rate as well so I don't think there would be too many doubts, and I don't see any out of the blue financial errors to this point either, so that's a plus. I believe my ratings are fairly justified.

    Pros :

    • Is not a strain on the Laptop.
    • Does not drain too much energy, in fact, it seems to have boosted laptop battery life.
    • Good malware detection and removal.

    Cons :

    • The customer support team deals us with priority, yes, but it is rather not completely knowledgeable about the solutions.
    • Yes, the price seems a tad high.

    • June 27, 2016
  • User review from

    Christian Scarlett

    Avira has everything you'll likely want from a modern day antivirus software and in the past has consistently topped the charts when put through testing, benchmarking, and product comparison trials. A lot of these tests you can find on electronic magazine sites focused around PC software and component building by doing a quick Google search. Personally, after having used the residential software for several years, I can certainly say it lives up to its record.

    It includes the usual real-time detection capabilities, scanning procedures, a basic firewall, and some administration based features such as a reports tool, events table, a scheduler, and a malware/virus quarantine zone. Support for mobile devices also exists which is a nice addition that is more common now but not universal to all providers. The configuration interface in the Avira client is quite comprehensive too and gives you control over most aspects of the program that you might want to change or tweak.

    The premium version adds even more functionality in the form of browser protection, malicious email protection, and a game mode that adjusts the Avira rules for those playing games. Many of the extra premium tools you get access to are not really completely necessary for protection but are perhaps welcomed by those who find them useful and not bloat-ware. To name but a few of these they have created: Avira Price Comparison, Network Tracking Protection, PUA shield, Safe Search Plus (Chrome browser add-on), and Android Pro. Some of these are even actually free and don’t require the subscription model payments, which are explained and described in detail on the official Avira website.

    The premium plan subscriptions for the commercial version of Avira seem to stack up well against its competitors. Following the traditional licensing system for client machines, and a package that works similarly for the specialised server software they have available.

    All in all, if you are looking for a reputable fresh antivirus platform that gets the job done and has the extra security orientated software available upon payment. Then you really can’t go wrong with Avira in its current state.

    Pros :

    • Rates high on performance comparisons and metrics.
    • Has all features you could expect from an Antivirus.
    • Has less inbuilt advertising on the free versions than its competitors (currently).
    • Commercial versions of the software that look promising are available for business customers.
    • The documentation and support resources area very thorough plus practical.

    Cons :

    • Not all aspects of Avira are perfect - malware blocking tests and phishing website detection could be better
    • The premium security software/add-ons are not essential and arguably unnecessary in order to stay safe, but are the main selling point of the premium plans...
    • As time goes on the free versions seem to become increasingly more advertisement based.

    • March 17, 2016
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