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  • Users may decide for themselves whether they want the av utility to be quick or thorough, as well as to pick speed over resources usage or the other way around. When it comes to malware detection ratio and scanning speed, Internet Security does not disappoint. Overall, users probably find the app's extra layers of security to their liking.

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  • AVG has stepped up its game with a new, Windows 8-friendly interface and features that help enhance its identity and information security; however, poor showings in independent testing and a frustrating emphasis on upselling keep it from reaching the top. If you are looking for good security without a bunch of extra features, AVG might work for you.

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  • AVG Internet Security is not one of the top 10 products in terms of protection from malware. Nevertheless, although some competitors have more features, AVG has features absent from some of the best internet security software: a data safe that protects files behind a password, as well as a file shredder that permanently removes deleted files. If you are content with the feature set, there is no reason to shy away from the product due to performance considerations. It does better than average at protecting against threats, and it slows down its host computer less than average.

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  • AVG Internet Security 2015 displayed almost no impact on system performance, but that's not enough reason to buy it. Antivirus protection is just OK, and the spam filter missed a lot. You can do better.


    -Tiniest performance impact.
    -Tough, no-hassle firewall.
    -Data Safe file encryption.
    -Website reputation rating.
    -Do Not Track.
    -Highly configurable spam filter.


    -Just passable scores from independent testing labs.
    -Low score in our own hands-on malware blocking test.
    -Phishing protection bested by Chrome and Firefox.
    -Spam filter missed a lot.

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  • AVG Internet Security 2014 offers good protection, but it’s perhaps most suitable for power users who want a lot of advanced options at their fingertips.


    • Touchscreen friendly main screen


    • Advanced Settings are overwhelming
    • Trailed the best-performing suites in blocking malware
    • Rather expensive for one year/one PC coverage

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  • Its antiphishing module is a little disappointing, and maybe the new interface won't appeal to everyone, but otherwise AVG Internet Security 2013 improves everywhere that matters: it's simpler, faster, smarter, more accurate and lightweight, and that's enough for a cautious thumbs up from us.

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  • AVG Internet Security 2011 can't brag that it has the best interface, or the greatest repository of features. What it does have is a wicked-fast virus scanning engine, a solid record of effectiveness against malware, and an all-around focus on system performance that outshines most competitors. In our intensive performance tests, AVG Internet Security finished 5th out of 15 products in terms of overall system impact. Intermediate and advanced computer users are the ones most likely to appreciate AVG's speed, effectiveness, and advanced configuration options.

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  • It's good to know that AVG continues to provide above-average protection in real-time. However, it would be better if AVG could improve the detection rate to compete with antivirus programs that can offer up to 98% of protection. That said, you should take advantage of all the features in AVG Internet Security 2011 to add extra protection while you browse the Internet and visit online bank or social-networking websites.

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  • There's a lot we like about AVG Internet Security 2015. AVG's overall virus protection has improved significantly (which that counts for a lot), and they've done it while also putting a lighter load on your PC. AVG Internet Security 2015 does a good job of PC protection, we just wish the tech support were better and easier to get to.

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  • The AVG Internet Security 2015 is a comprehensive, complex and professional tool and service. Its main features are the antivirus, anti-spyware and malware capabilities. Support services are also well-regarded by the ever-increasing community. These two features make up for the lack of integrated parental controls, especially given that you can purchase them for a steal separately.

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