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Avast EasyPass is a handy application designed to store and encrypt all your passwords and other basic personal information you want to protect.

The most characteristic feature of the program is that you can access it from anywhere, and completely forget worrying about not remembering your password when you are using a PC other than the usual. Avast! EasyPass stores login credentials (username and password) in encrypted files called Passcards, that will only be unlocked with the use of a master password.

To synchronize all your passwords with multiple devices, Avast! EasyPass uses a powerful cryptographic protocol that provides secure communication for data file transfers between your PC and EasyPass's online servers. The information is sent in private and you'll manage it all by using a single master key.

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    Luca Campanelli

    These days IT security has become a primary requirement to use a client or device without problems and especially to prevent the spread of sensitive data by malicious hackers. Avast is certainly known to be one of the most successful software companies in terms of IT safety and EasyPass is its solution password manager and form filler. Can be downloaded to try it immediately and use it for free. Once you have downloaded and executed the installer, from the official website Avast.com, you can start to set it.

    Pros :

    • The strength of EasyPass, as most password managers, is to be able to store and to be able to independently manage the different passwords of a user and also some additional information (such as personal information and data usually required by the form of websites, to allow the automatic compilation).
    • EasyPass is able to manage many passwords of different accounts, in addition to saving the passwords to prevent continuous typing of the same (which now all browsers make available) also includes a decrypting algorithm (for both the passwords and for personal data ). It does not require any special configuration (except the first saving of your data) and can be used by any user.
    • The user interface is quite attractive and is very simple and straightforward, on the left there are the types of information that could be saved so that the EasyPass can manage on its own.
    • Under Logins (this is the real password manager function) you can be set for each account a password and a username. you can then interact with bookmarks, Applications, Identities (with multiple possible information as personal Information like address, passport, credit card d, Business, Contacts, etc.).
    • Once finished saving the data that you want to keep in EasyPass, all these data will then be stored and then be re-used within the various form and will be automatically compiled when they are required by sites.

    Cons :

    • It has no particular points against.

    • March 1, 2016
  • User review from


    When we install Avast EasyPass, we install RoboForm. There are the same software, rebranded. New Avast version (2016) feature an integrate password handling, hopefully, compatible with EasyPass.

    Pros :

    • Same as RoboForm.

    Cons :

    • Same as RoboForm It's brand is confusing people.
    • Some RoboForm owners have bought EasyPass too, thinking they are different products.

    • December 16, 2015
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