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  • With Yesware, you can save and reuse the messages you regularly use and send out to maximize productivity and effectiveness.

    Overall, you will sell smarter and it will allows you to track emails and work more efficiently, right from your Outlook or Gmail inbox.

    Pros :

    Cons :

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  • Yesware, a great email tracking tools and cool dashboards for the techy saavy Sales Professional.

    Yesware Use Cases and Deployment ScopeWe are using yewsare to help sales write emails to clients and logging data in Salesforce.  Additionally the insights on how email communications go, was a big initiative for 2015.  Yesware solved these problems for us.  Yesware is only used by our Sales Team.

    Pros : Email tracking, good reports on whether the email has been read, etc.Good tracking into SFDC, allows some neat dashboards.Good email templates, lets the team know what is working for their peers.

    Cons : Outlook connector is glitchy and hard to administer.Gmail connector sometimes glitches out and requires you to remove and add the plugin.

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    Yes to Yesware!!

    Yesware Use Cases and Deployment ScopeI am an office manager in the greater Chicago area. I have been using Yesware for email tracking as well as email templates for many of my job duties. Our HR team loves being able to track applicant's emails! Our management team uses it a lot to make sure staff is reviewing important emails that are sent company wide. We take the tracking information and change things in our processes to make emails more exciting for our team! I also send many of the same emails to new and current team members, so the email templates make my life so much easier! 

    Pros : Email tracking: Find out how many people are opening and reading your emails!Email templates: Don't waste time typing up the same emails over and over again!

    Cons : Templates: Sometimes my templates disappear. That's a real bummer because I rely on them to get my job done.Pop-ups on different devices: I don't like that Yesware asks me to install on all my devices. It's a bit annoying having that pop up every time I sign into my email from a new computer or incognito window.Everything else is really great!

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    Yesware makes reporting and tracking easy

    Yesware Use Cases and Deployment ScopeYesware is used between the sales and marketing departments primarily to track open and click through rates of individual emails sent directly from sales reps. We also use the teams function to set up various templates for group emails sent from the sales reps to their specific groups. 

    Pros : It's easy to set up and use.Managing team members is easy.It integrates very easily with Gmail.

    Cons : It could be nice for it to integrate with HubSpot.I haven't ran into any issues with the functionality with Yesware.

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  • Great Sales Tool

    My team has been using Yesware for quite a while now and we are benefiting greatly from it. The quickness and accuracy of the email tracking gives us instant insight into our prospects and customers activity. They have added many new features that function smoothly and I know that they will continue to improve the product even further.

    Pros : Email tracking Ease of Use Sync with SalesForce

    Cons : Mass reporting on emails tracked / links clicked over time could be improved

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    Yesware helps me do a better job!

    This is an absolute must for anyone who is serious about sales!

    Pros : The possibility to have so many templates have saved my life and so much time! This totally rocks! For a salesperson this is exactly what you need for big sendouts. It's so easy to create/amend/categorize your templates.

    Cons : I've had issues with stats loading in Firefox but was not able to replicate the same problem in Chrome so it might be down to a browser selection.

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    For efficient and co-ordinated sales efforts via email, Yesware is your answer

    I first discovered Yesware about a year ago, and it has helped improving email correspondance. I now have my whole sales team using it. Yesware is a great tool to know what happens after you've sent your email out into the world's datasphere. It enables you to see when emails are opened, by who, on what device, and helps you to more efficiently know when to re-engage with someone.

    Pros : - Great email templates tool, helps you understand which ones are working - Built-in reminder and follow-up system - Discretely stored inside Gmail - Its cheap!

    Cons : - There is a lag time between when an email you send appears in the database of "emails sent". - The history inside the "email sent" doesn't go back very far - Notifications can be annoying (you can also turn them off), but I need them

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  • Yesware is really a valuable tool, because it will also tell you if you need to follow up, particularly in cases when people have not responded yet to your email . We’ve been using it for over a year now, and find it a great tool in our business tool box.

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  • In short: I can’t believe this tool is free. I mean, there are paid versions – but I can’t believe the free version is free. And even though 90% of my time spent doing SEO is not on link building, I am what you’d call a “heavy user” of email. I know a promising tool when I see it.

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  • What do you like best?

    The advanced understanding I gain from this Gmail add-on is outstanding. It's no exaggeration to say that this is my favorite new business tool I've used over the past year, and I've used a lot. It fundamentally reshapes the way I communicate with client, both current and prospective.

    What do you dislike?

    Formatting within their templates is a bit tricky, and takes the patience of Buddha to deal with properly, it seems.

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    What do you like best?

    The ability to save multiple pre-formatted templates is huge time saver. Not only that, each email gets tracked so you get a feedback on your performances.

    What do you dislike?

    It is not yet compatible with Gmail's new "compose experience". So for now I have to keep using the standard composing method if I want to the templates I saved in my yesware account.

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    What do you like best?

    I have been using yesware for a little while. Mainly for when I contact companies from my personal account. Its great to be able to track from gmail.

    What do you dislike?

    Nothing so far. They are integrating to Outlook - so I can use my corporate account too

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  • With multiple features for email management and integration, Yesware makes a good solution if you are looking to improve your email management and lead generation. However, with only email support and many features that are only for Gmail users, the B2B software is not for everyone.

    Pros :

    Cons :

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