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  • TradeGecko is comprehensive inventory management software with nearly every feature we look for. Its intuitive interface and thorough knowledgebase make it easy to learn the basics quickly, while its ability to interact with other programs gives you room to grow your business. It's the best invoice program for businesses, especially those with an online store.

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  • With this tool, you can simplify inventory and order operations in your growing business. Its inventory management software program automates time-consuming as well as error-prone business processes, giving you more capacity and time to focus on issues that matter.

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  • A very beautiful and powerful cloud-based inventory management platform, TradeGecko has been the choice for smart and successful business managers, SME wholesalers, and distributors. With TradeGecko, all sale and supply processes are easy, fact, and detailed.

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  • You get what you pay for...

    Tradegecko has a lot of serious control issues and should not be used by companies with hundreds or thousands of different variants. We have not be able to rely on the accuracy and completeness of the reporting and therefore can not rely on it for control purposes at all. Also, the reporting capabilities are very minimal. You can only run a small handful of canned reports. Also, unless you are subscribed to the most expensive version (other than enterprise) you are only provided with email support, not phone support. Therefore if you have to clarify something or have a problem your daily activities are either put on hold or you have to track manually while you wait. It only integrates with two accounting softwares (xero and quickbooks online) so for enterprises running a hosted version of quickbooks or a more advanced ERP system all inventory transactions have to be manually entered into the ERP system. User access controls are non existent in the small business version so it is impossible to set up any type of work flows or segregation of duties.

    Pros : This product is much cheaper than most inventory systems so it is better than tracking inevntory in excel.

    Cons : Reporting, inventory management, ERP system integration, accuracy and completeness, not intuitive, not organized.

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    90% of my sales are through consignment. In searching for consignment software, Tradegecko came out on top. Not because they specialise in this area, but because there seemed to be a distinct lack of consignment software out there that suited my needs (fashion industry). We worked for over 9 months to get a consignment work-around up and running, and overall I'm happy with the results.

    Pros : The team was great to work with while establishing the consignment work-around and I appreciated that they worked with us so directly in order to establish the needs of consignment clients. One thing I really like about this software is that it looks good, and is easy to navigate.

    Cons : It's expensive; about NZD $130p/month. That's a lot more than other software, for example my accounting software Xero is NZD $60p/month. I would have appreciated reimbursement for the 7 months set-up time; during this time I was not able to use the software for my consignment needs. A client of mine in NZ took 7 months to get fully set up and running with Vend software for her retail store, and Vend fully refunded her for the 9 months. I would also appreciate such an acknowledgement of the set

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    Trade Gecko works well and is getting better everyday

    From the time I started working with Trade Gecko, they have made a lot of efforts to improve their system. My business is 65 years old, at first I got the feeling that the developers knew nothing about proper business practices. Although it took some time, their customer service reps have finally figured out that I know what I'm talking about. I tested many different inventory companies before settling with Trade Gecko. TradeGecko was the best option.

    Pros : Mostly anything can be done through csv. Supports multiple price lists (selling and cost) Supports multiple currencies Able to sync with multiple sales channels Able to sync different price lists to different sales channels (initial setup has to be done by TG to get this to work) ie you can have Wholesale and retail websites with different prices and manage it from TG Syncs sales and PO's with QBO Canada

    Cons : For $200 per month, I would like to have phone support, not just email support. If I want to make changes in bulk, I have to download the entire database, make changes to the bulk SKU's and then re-upload it. Working with the entire database in csv is very dangerous and has caused problems for me. I would like to see them improve this feature. Only allows one supplier per item. Most tasks are easy to do and learn. For advanced users, there are several little hidden features / obstacles that wer

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  • TradeGecko is a great option for anyone with a small- to medium-sized business looking to manage inventory and sales more easily. The software has a ton of great features but is still very easy to use thanks to its slick, simple interface. Because it's cloud-based, you can access your data anywhere and know it's always stored securely; this also makes it a great way to work with your team and ensure that everyone's on the same page because of the real-time syncing of orders, inventory adjustments and other information. The integration with Shopify and other apps lets you manage everything from inventory to sales to customer relationships right from your TradeGecko account.

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