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Best TradeGecko Inventory Management Alternatives

Whether you’re selling items the old fashioned way in a store or through your website, you need software to ensure that your inventory management is immediately updated and, when shipping is necessary, that the process goes as smoothly as possible. While you may have favored Tradegecko for this job, you should know that a number of other options exist too. Let’s look at the 10 best right now.

1. Stitch Labs

If you’re looking for an alternative to Tradegecko, Stitch Labs is an incredibly easy one to recommend. There’s a lot to love about this platform which is why so many people swear by it and probably won’t ever consider another option. This online tracking tool makes getting a grasp on your orders and inventory as easy as possible. All the sales channels you own are funneled into one centralized location. Through this one channel, then, you can easily take a look at all the different ways you sell, both online and offline. Most companies have a number of sales channels going at once, so this can make a big difference in terms of convenience and overall efficiency. That’s far from all Stitch Labs can do though. It really is a one-stop shop for inventory management. The platform also makes it a breeze to automate invoicing, packing slips and line sheets. You can even use the software to track your expenses, a task that every organization must stay on top of or risk going out of business. In case you’re still not convinced that this is the ultimate inventory management system, let’s take a look at some of their very impressive clientele. The list includes Shopify, eBay, Amazon, Magento, Square and many more. Chances are if these huge organizations can trust Stitch Labs with their needs, your company can too. Overall, the company is responsible for syncing some 200,000 orders every single day. Right now, your company may be getting ideal results and maybe there aren’t any major problems where your inventory is concerned either. However, unless you properly leverage something like Stitch Labs, rest assured you’re most likely wasting time, which means throwing away money. Utilize Stitch Labs and you’ll soon be getting back both in huge quantities.

2. Vend

Another really good way to see results without spending the money on Tradegecko would be Vend. The name pretty much says it all. If you’re a vendor, Vend is going to be right up your alley. Any problem you’re currently seeing can most likely be taken care of by this amazing point of sale platform. Users love that this is such a friendly option. Basically, “out of the box”, it’s ready to start helping you dominate your inventory needs. It can work on just about any type of device too, so whether you prefer a keyboard and mouse or touch-based option, you’ll love what Vend can do. This even includes your iPad. Their free POS app is available in the App Store and will make it possible to track sales and inventory wherever you are in the world. Speaking of being user-friendly, Quick Keys is incredible for allowing you to customize your software’s sell screen. You can also create point-of-sale buttons that make access to any of your most popular products a breeze. Go ahead and arrange them any way you like by adding tabs, colors and all kinds of pages. Furthermore, you can easily create templates to use by other stores as well. Pick as many as you like. Lastly, you can customize receipts too. Adding your company logo to them is a nice touch, though you can also put your website on there, email address and/or any other message you’d like to use. Print the receipt out or send a copy to your customer’s email. Obviously, you can do both as well. Right now, PayPal has over 100 million users and that number is only going to continue going up in the future. Vend makes your store available to them around the clock. Customers can even shop with you right from their mobile phone.

3. iMagic Inventory Software

If one of the reasons you stayed away from Tradegecko is because of the costs, then you’ll be very happy when you see the price tag that comes with iMagic Inventory Software. Aside from the free trial—which is always appreciated—it will cost you just $249. That’s it. That’s not a monthly subscription, that’s literally the only cost you need to worry about. For two users, it’s $478; for three users, it’s $707; four users will cost you $936; five users would be $1,165 and $1,394 will get you six users. If you’re interested in a site license for iMagic, you can contact the company directly. The actual features of iMagic Inventory Software go above and beyond as well. You’ll love not only being able to keep an eye on your inventory, but also being able to quickly create invoices as well. Maintain your client database with ease and do so automatically whenever you need it done. No one wants to run into the problem where they have customers, but no inventory to meet their demands. That’s why iMagic offers stock balance features and even reorder management services. You’ll never have to worry about your inventory falling under a given level ever again. All kinds of interactive reporting systems are available too which go a long way toward keeping you in the know as far as your inventory is concerned. Barcode reader support is another really cool option that makes life so much easier. No matter what size your company is, you can operate just like one of the big boys with this awesome feature available. Finally, it doesn’t get much more expansive than iMagic. You can easily connect to MS Word, Excel or Access, which cuts down on a whole lot of unnecessary delays when trying to keep track of all your products.

4. Fishbowl Inventory

For a lot of you, inventory management software isn’t the first of its kind you’ve considered. You probably use a number of platforms in order to help your business run as smoothly as possible and keep customers happy all year long. This is why so many prefer Fishbowl Inventory over Tradegecko. A lot of their customers utilize this platform along with other popular accounting platforms they already use like QuickBooks or something similar. Many use Fishbowl Inventory all by itself for managing their inventory. Among them are the U.S. Army, Boeing and even NASA. If Fishbowl Inventory can get the job done for them, it most likely won’t disappoint you either. Don’t let that intimidate you, though. Fishbowl Inventory is well known for being extremely easy to get implemented. You’ll also love its affordability. Take two weeks to try the software out before spending a dime. If you do decide to go forward with purchasing this inventory management title, there are a number of pricing plans—almost too many to count—which allows the company to provide the perfect solution to organizations of every size. Once again, if all of this sounds too good to be true, consider that Fishbowl Inventory can integrate with a number of your company’s most relied upon tools. We’re talking QuickBooks, SalesForce, FedEx, UPS, Dropbox and may more. You won’t lack for ways to get your inventory out to as many customers as humanly possible. Of course, this platform will also update that inventory as customers order. Whatever you show in stock will be accurate to what is represented in your warehouse as well. You can even use bar codes. Scan them and Fishbowl Inventory will go ahead and make sure your inventory reflects as much too.

5. Ordoro

Like every company selling something through an online presence, yours most likely uses a shopping cart platform and some kind of marketplace software as well. The result may be near perfect, but it’s not quite there, is it? That’s why many business owners in your shoes leverage Ordoro. It perfectly fills in the gap you’re currently struggling with at the moment. Ordoro makes it easy to print shipping labels, either by themselves or in batches. Any major carrier’s labels are available too, so don’t worry that you’ll have to switch things up or otherwise rely on a second-tier company for getting your packages where they need to go. You can even have the tracking numbers automatically sent back to your customers so they know when to expect them. Many of you probably use multiple channels to get your products out. eBay and Amazon have always been popular, but you may have also begun relying on Etsy as well. While these sites definitely don’t lack for an audience, the problem is that they can also make it a real headache to manage your inventory. Enter: Ordoro. This software makes it simpler than ever to manage the entirety of your inventory across all channels. Sync them up to make this process as easy as possible and never again worry about your seller rating taking a hit for some simple mistake. Any dropshippers out there? You’re definitely going to love Ordoro too. That’s because it allows you to automate the process of routing your order to the supplying companies for dropshipment. Ordoro can manage the entire process as well as any other back-office needs you have. With all that out of the way, you’re free to focus on the truly sensitive priorities that really demand your attention on a regular basis. Enjoy a free trial before committing to Ordoro and you’ll see why so many are using it instead of Tradegecko.

6. NCR Counterpoint

Retail businesses, by and large, love NCR Counterpoint, so it should come as no surprise that so many of them love it over Tradegecko. The company behind NCR Counterpoint doesn’t just produce amazing software. They also provide hardware services to just about every type of retail business imaginable. Furthermore, they have expert consultation services as well, which helps explain why they know so much about this industry and continue to prove themselves ahead of the market’s demands. Whether it’s food, drug and mass merchandise, petroleum and convenience retail, specialty retail or wholesale distribution, NCR Counterpoint has your needs taken care of. However, while these are the industries they are known for, there are countless others they can assist you with. On top of that, any company of any size can use NCR Counterpoint. It’s not just for the major players with enterprise-level needs. Plenty of small businesses have been able to flex their muscle and fend off larger competitors thanks to this platform. NCR Counterpoint does a great job of letting all of their customers customize the way in which they track their inventory. You can record everything about your merchandise any way you want. Group your products by category and add subcategories as necessary. You can use SKU to track apparel and serial numbers to keep an eye on big-ticket items, if you like. There are also all kinds of ways you could go about managing your inventory, no matter what kind it is or what size it is. Print labels on demand and get them out the door as soon as an order comes through. Lastly, here’s a great feature just about everyone will love. Go ahead and assign multiple prices to each item. You can provide as many as six for each so you’re able to offer all kinds of bargains to your market. This won’t just keep customers happy; it will keep them coming back too.

7. inFlow Inventory

Let’s get the major selling point of inflow Inventory right out of the way because, for many of you, it’s really all you’ll need to hear to decide that this is the platform for your company. inFlow Inventory is 100% free. You can use this version of the product for as long as you want and never worry about the demo period coming to an end. Even if you decide that one of the other alternatives to Tradegecko is better, you may want to take advantage of this offer first before going away with a final decision. The free version will give you access to 100 products, plus customers. You’ll get 13 reports at your disposal, a multi-user mode (however, it’s read-only) and a ton of other really great features like bar-coding, track payments owning, multiple locations, custom fields and even automatic backups. As you can see, inFlow Inventory offers a ton of great options at absolutely no charge whatsoever. That being said, you may want to get your hands on other features like customizable documents and separate logins for individual users. If you want that, plus unlimited users, 25 reports and a multi-user mode that supports both reading and writing, it will cost you $399, but that’s not a monthly charge. Pay it once and you’re good to go. Then there’s the premium package. That comes with all the regular version has to offer, except you’ll get 30 reports. You can also restrict access to only some users, work orders, count sheets, serial numbers and world-class support. The platinum package weighs in at a one-time payment of $799. Now, while those prices look plenty attractive, it actually gets even better. Inflow Inventory offers a 45-day guarantee on any of their paid packages. It’s tough to pass up an offer like that.

8. OrderHarmony

You should also think about all the features OrderHarmony brings to the table. The team behind this option has a lot to be proud of. They’ve only been in business for four years but have created quite the buzz since then. In just their first year, the team graduated from the top startup accelerator program in the United Kingdom, Ignite100. That should give you a good idea of the kind of ingenuity OrderHarmony brings to the table. A lot of people absolutely love that it runs through the cloud. Obviously, this makes it great for those of us who are constantly on the go. You can always keep an eye on your inventory no matter where you are on the planet. It also means that the typical IT headaches that may currently be an issue at your organization are now a thing of the past. Speaking of getting rid of pain points, OrderHarmony offers amazing support as a standard feature for all their plans. While you may need a little help at the beginning when you’re getting comfortable with the platform, in the future, if you ever have any problems, support will be there for you. OrderHarmony is also extremely affordable. You can sign up for their basic plan and only pay $31 a month. This will give you three users and will work with a warehouse. However, for just $48, you can support an unlimited amount of users and up to 10 warehouses. In either case, you have the option of saving 10% by switching to an annual payment instead.

9. Inventory.com

The name pretty much says it all with this one. Inventory.com has carved out a pretty large piece of the market for themselves. This platform is used and loved by companies all around the world, which explains why they have headquarters in London, New York and Tallinn. This SaaS platform is meant for commercial retail inventory as well as ecommerce companies. If your company needs to manage data across actual storefronts, online stores and even your warehouse, Inventory.com has you covered. Real-time dashboards populated with relevant data are just a few clicks away at any one time. Obviously, this platform is great for point-of-sale purposes, but the software works just as well for your inventory and ecommerce purposes too. Don’t take our word for it, though. The actual software, called Erply, has won a couple of very impressive awards. It was named one of the winners of Seed camp in 2009 and the Wall Street Journal and RWW called it a startup to watch the following year. Since then, the company has managed to only gather more momentum and, of course, fans. In fact, they’re snowballing so fast that they pick up enough customers to show 20% growth every month. Currently, they have more than 100,000 customers who comprise some 120,000 users across the planet. That second number could be a lot larger, though, when you consider that the software integrates so well with other platforms. Their API makes it possible for other users to benefit from the software without actually using it. These other platforms include options like Xero, QuickBooks, Prestashop, Magento, Google Base, eBay and Amazon.com, just to name a handful.

10. Shopseen

Finally, let’s look at one more option that makes a good alternative to Tradegecko. Shopseen is another popular piece of software designed to give the customer a unified platform from which they can manage all of their products from just about any location. With Shopseen, you can even sell your products from Instagram without having to worry about your inventory getting messed up in the process. Obviously, all the other features you look for in this type of software are there too. You can expect plenty in the way of social channels, POS, email marketing, ecommerce and shipping as well. Connect all of these elements and you’ll have a much easier time managing your company’s web presence. Like many of the other platforms we listed above, Shopseen can sync with major ecommerce brands you may already depend on like eBay, Shopify, Square, Etsy, Woocommerce, Storenvy and Bigcommerce. Best of all, you just have to create your retail listing once in Shopseen and then you can list it across all of these platforms and others. Plus, whenever you go to make an update in Shopseen, that update will show up everywhere else too. You’re also never more than a few clicks away from promoting any of your products across the social media platforms you use as well. Everyone knows that selling over social media is more important than ever and now it’s easier than ever too. Although Tradegecko has a lot to offer, hopefully, the above has shown you that there are at least 10 really good alternatives out there worth considering as well. It’s important you give each of them some thought before making a final decision.  

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